WTE Plants in the Netherlands
AVI Amsterdam HR Centrale
Location: NH
Operator: Afval Energie Bedrijf
Configuration: 1 X 74 MW CHP
Operation: 2007
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier:Martin, NEM
T/G supplier: DDIT, Siemens
EPC: DHV, Ballast Nedam, Ingenieurs Combinatie Fichtner Cumae
Quick Facts: In Mar 2004, Demag Delaval Industrial TurbomachineryAEB extened the existing plant at the AVI Amsterdam WTE. The new unit was completed in 2007 with a design throughput of 530,000 tpy of MSW and at a cost of about €370mn. The full AVI plant can supply about 1 TWh/yr of electricity, sufficient to supply about three-quarters of Amsterdam’s electricity demand, as well as about 500,000 GJ of heat. AVI Amsterdam is the largest WTE power station in the world.

Photograph courtesy of DHV Group
Posted 16 Jan 2013

AVR Rozenburg
Location: ZH
Operator: AVR Holding
Configuration: 54.7 MW
Operation: 1972
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: Durr
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Comprimo
Quick Facts: Standardkessel added a 22-MW extension to the Rozenbrug plant.

Photograph courtesy of AVR Holding
Re-posted 9 Dec 2007

Location: GR
Operator: EEW Energy from Waste GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 11 MW CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: AE&E Inova
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Envi Con & Plant Engineering GmbH, Heitkamp
Quick Facts: Delfzjil started construction in Oct 2007. The €165mn project is in the Oosterhorn industrial park of Groningen. There are two lines with a total design water throughput of 275,000 tpy of MSW. Up to 140 tph of process steam can be supplied to 5 neighboring industrial companies.

Photograph courtesy of E.ON Energy from Waste
Posted 6 Mar 2011

Location: OV
Operator: Twence bv
Configuration: 1 X 26 MW
Operation: 1997
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: Stork
T/G supplier: Austrian Energy, Holec
Quick Facts: The plant is owned by Regio Twente (81.9%), Vuilverwerkingsbedrijf Noord-Groningen (3.1%), and Essent (15%).

Photograph by Fotostudio Peter Venema
and courtesy of Twence bv
Posted 24 Mar 2001

REC Harlingen
Location: FR
Operator: Afvalsturing Friesland NV (Omrin)
Configuration: 1 X 17 MW CHP
Operation: 2011
Fuel: refuse, natural gas
Boiler supplier: AE&E Lentjes
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Lentjes, Siemens, Cegelec
Quick Facts: Omrin is an association of 31 municipalities. In Mar 2010, Siemens contracted Cegelec to assist in building this WTE plant. Commissioning began in Mar 2011 and the €150mn plant was turned over on 6 Jun 2011. Design MSW throughput is 230,000 tpy, Up to 90 MWt of steam is supplied to thermal host is Frisia Zout.

Photograph courtesy of Lentjes
Posted 16 Oct 2011

SITA ReEnergy Roosendaal
Location: NB
Operator: SITA Nederland
Configuration: 1 X 32 MW CHP
Operation: 2011
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: Hitachi-Zosen Inova
T/G supplier: GE, Jeumont
EPC: Hitachi-Zosen Inova, BAM
Quick Facts: The BAVIRO unit was built at the existing Roosendaal heat-only incinerator near Antwerp. HZI supplied the grate furnace and boiler system along with the air pollution control system. Heat is extracted for nearby greenhouses. Design MSW throughput is about 290,000 tpy.

Photograph courtesy of Hitachi-Zosen Inova
Posted 9 Jan 2013

EM Wijster
Location: DR
Operator: Essent Milieu
Configuration: 3 X 16 MW
Operation: 1996
Fuel: refuse
Boiler supplier: Lurgi
T/G supplier: Delaval
EPC: Lurgi
Quick Facts: The plant has three incineration lines, each with a water-cooled reciprocating grate, ESP, spray dryer, baghouse, two-stage scrubber, and two-stage oxidation catalyst. The plant is a zero water discharge facility.

Photograph courtesy of Essent Milieu
Re-posted 2 Dec 2007


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