Waste-to-Energy Plants in Finland
Location: Etela-Suomen
Operator: Kotkan Energia Oy
Configuration: 1 X 8.6 MW CHP
Operation: 2008
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Seghers
T/G supplier: MAN, Turbomach
EPC: Seghers, Enprima
Quick Facts: Development of this project began in Spring 2002 and in Jul 2006, Keppel Seghers was awarded a $30mn equipment and services contract. It is the first purpose-built WTE plant in Finland. The plant has an air-cooled grate system and is designed to handle 300 tpd of MSW. Alstom supplied a baghouse and NID scrubber system. SNCR is also installed. First fire with MSW was in Oct 2008.

Photograph courtesy of Kotkan Energia Oy
Posted 18 Mar 2009

Location: Etela-Suomen
Operator: Vantaa Energia
Configuration: 1 X 55 MW CHP
Operation: 2014
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: HZI, Metso
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Poyry
Quick Facts: This project commissioned as the largest EfW plant in Finland. Estimated annual production is 600 GWh of electricity and 920 GWh of heat. Physical construction started in autumn 2011, the foundation stone was laid in May 2012, and the topping-out ceremony was held in May 2013. The trial run of the plant started in Mar 2014, completed to schedule and budget. Vantaa Energia is ownd by Vantaa City and Helsinki City. Mixed MSW from Helsinki is delivered to the plant by HSY - Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority and, from the Uusimaa region west of Helsinki, by Rosk'n Roll Oy Ab. This firm was founded in 1993 by the municipalties of Hanko, Inkoo, Karkkila, Lohja, Raasepori, Siuntio, and Vihti.

Photograph courtesy of Vantaa Energia
Posted 24 Sep 2014

Location: Ostrobothnia
Operator: Westenergy Oy AB
Configuration: 1 X 15 MW CHP
Operation: 2013
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Hitachi Zosen Inova
T/G supplier: MAN
EPC: Ramboll, Citec Engineering, Lemminkainen Talo Oy, Wasacon Oy
Quick Facts: In 2009, Westenergy Oy Ab was granted the necessary approvals and permits for a new WTE plan near the city of Vaasa. The project company is owned by five municipal waste management companies, Lakeuden Etappi Oy, Ab Stormossen Oy, Vestia Oy, Botniarosk Oy Ab, and Millespakka Oy, which, in total, serve approximately 50 municipalities with over 400,000 inhabitants. The 160m long main building is 42m. The stack is 75m tall. MSW throughput is about 20 000 kg/hr. Vaasan Sähkö Oy uses about 40 MWt of steam to supply a third of the district heating needed in Vaasa. The plant produces about 80 GWh of electricity and 280 GWh of heat per year. Test runs began in July 2012 and commercial operation was on 1 Jan 2013.

Photograph courtesy of Westenergy Oy Ab
Posted 1 Jun 2013

Location: Kanta-Hame
Operator: Ekokem Oy AB
Configuration: 1 X 10 MW CHP
Operation: 2007
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Fisia
T/G supplier: Dresser, Indar
EPC: Enprima
Quick Facts: In Mar 2011, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund was awarded a $35mn contract to supply key equipment for a 36-MWt extension to the Riihimäki plant.

Photograph courtesy of Ekokem Oy AB
Posted 19 Mar 2011

Location: Pohjois-Savo
Operator: Riikinvoima Oy
Configuration: 1 X 18 MW CHP
Operation: 2016
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Andritz
T/G supplier: Kanis, Elin
EPC: Andritz
Quick Facts: Riikinvoima is owned by eight municipal waste management companies and district heatig company Varkauden Aluelampo Oy serving about 640,000 people in east-central Finland. Andritz is the turnkey EPC contractor for the €123.3mn CFB project in Leppavirta. Design througput is 145,000 tpd of MSW with annual enerrgy production of 90 GWe and 180 GWt.

Photograph courtesy of Riikinvoima Oy
Posted 15 May 2016

Location: Tampere Region
Operator: Tammervoima Oy
Configuration: 1 X 12.5-MW CHP
Operation: 2016
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Steinmuller Babcock Environment
T/G supplier: MAN D&T
EPC: AF Consult, YIT Infra Oy, Normek Oy, Parma Oy, Rovakate Oy
Quick Facts: The siting and environmental documents for this EfW project were completed in 2011 and a 3.2ha parcel at an existing waste-treatmen area was selected for the new facility. Tammervoima is owned by Pirkanmaan Jatehuolto Oy and Tampereen Sahkolaitos Oy and serves 17 municipalities with 600,000 inhabitants. Throughput is about 160,000 tph/yr of MSW. The design was by SAFA KVA Arkkitehdit Oy.

Photograph courtesy of Tammervoima Oy
Posted 11 May 2017


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 11-May-2017