Waste-to-Energy Plants in Europe - other countries
Location: Andorra
Operator: Centre de Tractament de Residus d’Andorra SA
Configuration: 1 X 18.6 MW
Operation: 2006
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Leroux
T/G supplier: Fincantieri
EPC: Vinci, Poyry
Quick facts: Construction started in 2003 on this €45mn plant. It has dry flue-gas treatment, fabric filters, SNCR, and an aid-cooled condenser. Annual fuel burn is about 60,000t. The plant was released for operation in July 2006. CTRA is a joint venture of the Andorran government, FEDA, Cespa Gestion de Residuos, and Novergie.

Photograph courtesy of CTRA
Posted 24 Sep 2008

Location: Iceland
Operator: Kalka hf
Configuration: 1 X 470 kW CHP
Operation: 2004
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick Facts: This plant at Helguvik produces about 4 MWt, but most of the energy goes to heat the facility and for snow melting. A small amount is used for the steam turbine owned by HS Orka hf.

Photograph courtesy of www.vf.is
Posted 14 Nov 2012

Location: Lithuania
Operator: Fortum Heat Lietuva UAB
Configuration: 1 X 20 MW CHP
Operation: 2013
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Fisia Babcock
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: AF-Group, Panevezio Statybos Trestas AB, Litana UAB
Quick Facts: On 15 May 2013 the Presidents of Finland and Lithuania attended the official commissioning this facility, Lithuania’s first WTE plant. Design throughput is 250,000 tonnes of MSW or biofuel, from which the plant can produce up to 380 GWh/yr of heat, about 40% of the local heating load, plus 120 GWh/yr of electricity. Refuse is from Klaipeda, Lithuania’s third largest city, and neighboring municipalities. The plant was co-financed with a €70mn loan from Nordic Investment Bank.

Photograph courtesy of Fortum
Posted 27 May 2013

Location: Luxembourg
Operator: EEW Energy from Waste Leudelange Sarl
Configuration: 1 X 15.3 MW CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Von Roll
T/G supplier: Kanis
EPC: Von Roll, Caliqua
Quick facts: This WTE plant is at a SIDOR site south of Luxembourg City. Annual MSW throughput is about 150,000t collected in the capital and 34 municipalities.

Photograph courtesy of E.ON Energy from Waste AG
Posted 7 Jul 2013

Location: Ireland
Operator: Indaver Ireland
Configuration: 1 X 16 MW
Operation: 2011
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: B&W Volund
T/G supplier: MAN, Elin
EPC: PM Group, MWH, Volund, John Sisk & Son
Quick Facts: In Jul 2001 Indaver received planning permission from the Meath County Council for this new WTE plant. Construction got underway in Sep 2008 at a site in Carranstown, 40km north of Dublin and close to the Dublin-Belfast motorway. The €130mn plant went into operation in Nov 2011 as the first WtE plant in Ireland. LAB built the baghouse and wet scrubber.

Photograph courtesy of B&W Volund
Re-posted 20 Dec 2012

Location: Hungary
Operator: Techcon Environment and Energy Kft
Configuration: 1 X 5.6 MW
Operation: 2007
Fuel: tires, rubber waste
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Standardkessel
T/G supplier: Alstom, GE
EPC: ETV-Eroterv, Energoinstal
Quick facts: In Aug 2003, a new tire-burning WTE project was announced by the municipality of Polgar, Hajdu-Bihar county. In Sep 2006, Techcon laid the cornerstone.

Photograph courtesy of Energoinstal SA
Posted 4 Feb 2015

Location: Hungary
Operator: FKF Rt
Configuration: 1 X 24 MW CHP
Operation: 1981
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: Lurgi Lentjes
T/G supplier: PBS, Skoda
Quick facts: This is the only conventional WTE plant in Hungary with electricity output. The build decision was made in 1976 and construction started the following year. The plant was rebuilt from 2002-2005.

Photograph courtesy of FKF Rt
Posted 14 Nov 2010


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