WTE Plants in Belgium
Location: West Flanders
Operator: Electrawinds NV
Configuration: 1 X 17.9 MW CHP
Operation: 2009
Fuel: RDF, wood, biomass
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Standardkessel Baumgarte
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Standardkessel Baumgarte
Quick facts: In Sep 2009, Electrawinds took over the Biosteam power station in Oostende. The project cost 90mn and took about 27mos to build. Annual throughput is about 135,000t. IOK/Ivarem from Geel has a 15yr contract to deliver 34,000 tpy of fuel and Van Gansewinkel and Shanks will also supply waste.

Photograph courtesy of Electrawinds
Posted 18 Jul 2010

Location: Bruxelles
Operator: Bruxelles-Energie
Configuration: steam only
Operation: 1984
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Martin
T/G supplier: n/a
Quick facts: Design on this 3-line project in Neder-over-Heembeek began in 1977 and construction was from 1981-1984. The operating company is a 60:40 JV of Agence Bruxelles Proprete and SUEZ. Throughput is about 500,000 tpy of MSW. The incinerator has ESPs, a sodium hydroxide scrubber, activated carbon injection, and an SCR, this back-fit in Dec 2005. Steam is supplied to Electrabel's Schaerbeek power staton (3 X 17 MW).

Photograph courtesy of IBH
Posted 15 Jun 2015

Location: Antwerp
Operator: Indaver nv
Configuration: 1 X 3.3 MW, 1 X 18 MW, 1 X 34 MW CHP
Operation: 1991-2006
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: DTI, Seghers, Lurgi
T/G supplier: ABB
EPC: Lurgi, Seghers, Strabag
Quick facts: In Jun 2006, Indaver commissioned a 34-MW fluidized bed extension at the Doel-Beveren WTE. The extension was built by SLECO NV, a joint venture of Indaver and Sita, to consume MSW as well as wastewater sludge. Dutch multiutility Delta owns a 75% stake in Indaver.

Photograph courtesy of Indaver nv
Posted 17 Aug 2004

Location: East Flanders
Operator: IVM ov
Configuration: 1 X 8.45 MW
Operation: 2004
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Volund
T/G supplier: Siemens, Alstom ACEC
EPC: This plant is in Eeklo, East Flanders. Incinerator construction began in 1981. APC retrofits were completed in 1996 and again in 1999/2000. In 2003/04, the steam T/G set was added along with deNox catalysts and a cooling tower. The 2-train plant is permitted to treat 100,000 tpy of MSW. About half of this comes from the 19 municipalities that formed IVM.

Photograph courtesy of IVM ov
Posted 21 Jul 2010

Location: West Flanders
Operator: IVOO
Configuration: 1 X 5.6 MW
Operation: 1983
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Seghers, Denaeyer
T/G supplier: ACEC
Quick facts: The two furnaces can burn 5.5 tph of refuse. Alstom supplied a spray-dry gas scrubber and SCR.

Photograph courtesy of IVOO
Posted 13 Nov 2004

Location: Hainaut
Operator: ICDI
Configuration: 1 X 1.3 MW, 1 X 4.4 MW
Operation: 1978-1988
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Laurent Bouillet Ingénierie
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: This plant on the Sambre is at the site where the first modern Belgian MSW incinerator was built in 1954 adjacent to Electrabel's Monceau power station A new, two-line plant was built in 1978 and the original incinerator was demolished in 1983. A third incinerator line with an LBI oscillating kiln and turbogenerator was added in 1988. The first line was shutdown in 1999 and the seeond closed for rehabilitation in 2005. Throughput is about 138,000 tpy of MSW.

Photograph by cebont (Panoramio)
Posted 21 Jul 2010

Location: Hainaut
Operator: IPALLE - Intercommunale de Gestion de l’Environnement
Configuration: 1 X 3.2 MW, 1 X 21 MW
Operation: 1985-2009
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: CNIM
T/G supplier: Thermodyn
Quick facts: IPALLE was formed in 1976 and serves 30 municipalities with over 400,000 inhabitants. Thumaide is a 4-line plant with throughput of up to 1,6000 tpd of MSW. Power production is about 314 GWh/yr. Thumaide has been extensively modified over the years with new and expanded APC systems and ash handing equipment.

Photograph courtesy of IBH
Posted 15 Jun 2015

Location: Liege
Operator: Intradel
Configuration: 1 X 30 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: refuse, wastewater sludge
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Von Roll, CMI
T/G supplier: Thermodyn
EPC: IBH, Von Roll, Gallery SA, Eiffage Benelux SA
Quick facts: Intradel serves 72 communes with over 950,000 inhabitants. This 2-line plant can burn about 320,000 tpy of MSW.

Photograph courtesy of IBH
Posted 15 Jun 2015

Location: Walloon Brabant
Operator: IBW - Intercommunale du Brabant Wallon scrl
Configuration: 1 X 5 MW, 1 X 4 MW
Operation: ?? - 2004
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Stiefel
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: IBW was created in 1967 and serves about 360,000 people in 27 municipalities. Waste incineration began in 1973. 2013 MSW throughput at the 2-line IBW plant was 85,000t.

Photograph courtesy of IBW - Intercommunale du Brabant Wallon scrl
Posted 31 May 2015


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