Waste-to-Energy Plants in Austria
Location: KAE
Operator: Kärntner Restmüllverwertungs GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 7 MW
Operation: 1997
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Martin
T/G supplier: Siemens, AVK
EPC: Martin, Austrian Energy & Environment, Porr
Quick Facts: Plant capacity is 80,000 tpy MSW/yr. The project cost €67mn and was developed in collaboration with Kelag, Verbund, OMV Proterra, Porr Umwelttechnik and Siemens. The plant processes about a third of Carinthia's MSW.

Photograph courtesy of KRV
Posted 24 Nov 2004

Location: OOE
Operator: Linz AG
Configuration: 1 X 12 MW CHP
Operation: 2012
Fuel: RDF, wastewater sludge
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Strabag
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Strabag
Quick Facts: This WTE plant and an associated RDF production facility cost €145mn, of which the EIB loaned €110mn. A 460m long conveyor system moves RDF to the power plant. The BFB boiler supplies 66 MWt in addition to electricity. Groundbreaking was on 25 Jun 2009, first RDF fire was on 6 Oct 2011, and the official opening was 27 Apr 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Linz AG
Posted 21 Feb 2015

Location: STM
Operator: Brigl & Bergmeister
Configuration: 1 X 7.5 MW CHP
Operation: 2003
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Austrian Energy
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens
Quick Facts: The Nikalsdorf WTE plant was built by Energie Steiermark unit ENAGES Energie- und Abfallverwertungs Ges mbH between Mar 2002 and Nov 2003. Steam from this facility is used by an adjacent paper plant of Papierfabrik Brigl & Bergmeister. B&B bought the plant in 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Energie Steiermark
Posted 12 Jul 2009

Location: WIEN
Operator: Wiener Kommunal-Umweltschutzprojektgesellschaft mbH
Configuration: 1 X 14-MW CHP
Operation: 2008
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Von Roll
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Verbund
Quick Facts: WKU is 100% owned by the city of Vienna. MVA Pfaffenau was contracted for in 2005 and construction began in Mar 2006. The 2-line plant went into operation in Sep 2008. Throughput is about 250,000 tpy of MSW. The stack is 80m tall.

Photograph courtesy of Wiener Kommunal-Umweltschutzprojektgesellschaft mbH
Posted 18 Jul 2013

Location: WIEN
Operator: Wienstrom
Configuration: 1 X 8 MW CHP
Operation: 1987
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Biro
T/G supplier: SGP, Elin
Quick Facts: The plant exterior treatments were designed by renowned Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and implemented by Architekten Marchart, Möbius & Partner. The plant handles about 1,200 tpd of MSW with most thermal output used for Vienna's district heating system.

Photograph courtesy of Waagner Biro
Posted 8 Dec 2004

Location: OOE
Operator: AVE Energie AG Umwelt GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 6 MW, 1 X 23 MW CHP
Operation: 1995-2005
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Martin/Rafako
T/G supplier: DDIT
EPC: Caliqua, Alpine Mayreder/Gerstl, VA Tech
Quick Facts: The first set at Wels was built by Wels municipality and went online on 1 Jul 1995. The facility was acquired by Energie AG in 1997. In Jun 2003, the Board agreed an extension to the Wels plant. Construction began in Oct 2003 and the new line went online in Sep 2005.

Photograph courtesy of AVE
Posted 12 Jul 2009

Location: NOE
Operator: ASA Abfall Service Zistersdorf GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 14 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Hitachi-Zosen Inova, AE&E
T/G supplier: Kanis
EPC: Hitachi-Zosen Inova, AE&E
Quick Facts: MVA Zisterdorf is 60km northeast of Vienna and has a design thoughput of 135,000 tpy of MSW. The operator is a subsidiary of Grupo FCC. Commercial operation of the one-line plant was in Apr 2009. About 70% of the plant fuel is delivered by rail.

Photograph courtesy of Hitachi-Zosen Inova
Posted 5 Jun 2013

Location: NOE
Operator: EVN Abfallverwertung Niederösterreich Ges mbH
Configuration: 120 MWt
Operation: 2004
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: AE&E Inova/Alstom
Quick Facts: AVN is a subsidiary of EVN AG and was established in 1994, as a cooperative venture with the state of Niederösterreich to provide comprehensive solid waste services. The WTE plant, Austria’s largest, is equipped with an activated coke filter, baghouse, wet scrubber, and SCR and is designed to handle 500,000mt of refuse per year. All steam output is used in the adjacent Dunrohr steam-electric plant and for the local district heating grid. A third line was completed early in 2010.

Photograph courtesy of AVN
Re-posted 1 Nov 2009


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