Waste-to-Energy Plants in Asia - other countries
Busan WTE
Location: South Korea
Operator: POSCO Energy
Configuration: 1 X 25 MW
Operation: 2013
Fuel: RDF
Boiler/incinerator supplier: AE&E
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: POSCO Energy spent a total of 245 billion won (US$232 million) on the construction of the power plant, with some 130 billion won funded by the local government. Design throughput is 900 tpd. Construction began in Oct 2010 and the plant competed in Sep 2013.

Photograph courtesy of yonhapnews.co.kr
Posted 5 Mar 2014

JITF Ecopolis
Location: India
Operator: Timarpur Okhla Waste Management Co Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 20.9 MW
Operation: 2012
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Hangzhou Boiler
Turbine supplier: Siemens
Quick Facts: This was India's first WTE plant at this scale. The foundation stone was laid in Jun 2010 and first MSW burn was in Jan 2012.

Photograph courtesy of JITF Urban Infrastructure Ltd
Posted 17 May 2014

Location: Malaysia
Operator: Recycle Energy Sdn Bhd
Configuration: 1 X 8.9 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: RDF
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Maxitherm
Turbine supplier: Shin Nipon, AVK
EPC: Worley
Quick Facts: This facility is in Semenyih 13km from Kuala Lumpur adnd the only operational WTE plant in Malaysia. Throughput is approx 1,100 tpd of MSW, processed into fluff at the facility. About 5 MW is available for export to the grid. Main equipment for the plant was sourced from China (baghouse), France (CEMs), Germany (generator), India (controls, condenser, and panels), Indonesia (bolier, to DanBolier design), Japan (turbine), Malaysia (blowers and fans, BOP), and the US (governor).

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 10 Dec 2010

Phuket WTE
Location: Thailand
Operator: PJT Technology Co Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 7 MW
Operation: 2013
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: In 2010, Phuket Municipality awarded IRIS Corp subsidiary PJT a 15yr BOT contract for a WTE plant in Muang's Wichit Sub-District. Work started in mid-2010 and the new plant commissioned in Nov 2012. The 2-line plant can process up to 350 tpd of MSW and sells electricity to PEA under their VSPP program. In Nov 2015, IRIS sold its entire 75% stake in PJT to Yunnan Water (HK) Co Ltd for RM103.15mn. Sanfeng Covanta is the O&M Contractor.

Photograph courtesy of IRIS Corp Bhd
Posted 5 Mar 2016

Location: India
Operator: Selco International Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 6.6 MW
Operation: 2003
Fuel: RDF
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Walchandnagar
Turbine supplier: Triveni, BHEL
EPC: Keppel Seghers
Quick Facts: This facility in Andhra Pradesh is the only operational WTE plant in India. Selco has a 20yr PPA with APTRANSCO at Rs3.48/kWh and connects to the grid through a 33/11kV substation. The plant went commercial in Nov 2003.

Photograph courtesy of Selco International Ltd
Posted 14 Nov 2010

Location: Singapore
Operator: Keppel Seghers
Configuration: 1 X 30 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: Keppel Seghers, Shanghai
Turbine supplier: Siemens
EPC: Keppel Seghers, Jurong Engineering, SEPCO No 3
Quick Facts: In Oct 2006, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for Singapore's fifth WTE plant, a design-build-operate 22-MW project undertaken by Keppel Seghers. Design through-put is 800 tpd of MSW, about 48% of Singapore's waste output. The plant went commercial in Nov 2009.

Photograph courtesy of Keppel Seghers
Posted 27 Jan 2010

Tuas South
Location: Singapore
Operator: National Environment Agency
Configuration: 2 X 23 MW
Operation: 1986
Fuel: refuse
Boiler/incinerator system supplier: MHI
Turbine supplier: MHI, Meidensha
EPC: Mitsubishi, Commonwealth Engineers Co Ltd, JDC Corp

Image courtesy of JDC Corp
Posted 27 Jan 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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