Wind Energy Plants in the USA - NY & New England
Berkshire Wind
Location: MA
Operator: Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corp
Configuration: 10 X 1.5 MW
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: GE Wind Energy
Quick facts: This $65mn project is on Brodie Mountain in Hancock, at an elevation of 2,500ft. BWCC is owned by Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Co and the municipal utilities in Ashburnham, Boylston, Groton, Holden, Hull, Ipswich, Marblehead, Paxton, Peabody, Shrewsbury, Sterling, Templeton, Wakefield, and West Boylston.

Photograph courtesy of Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corp
Posted 9 Mar 2011

Block Island
Location: RI
Operator: Deepwater Wind
Configuration: 5 X 6-MW Haliade 150
Operation: 2016
WTG supplier: Alstom
EPC: Deepwater Wind
Quick facts: This is America's first offshore wind park and is sited 3.8mi southeast of Block Island. Work began in Apr 2015, 7yrs after the project wa first proposed. Staging and construction was done at four Rhode Island ports, at Block Island, Galilee, Quonset Point and the Port of Providence. Each turbine tower consists of three sections, with a total height of 270ft, and a total weight of 440t, once assembled. A 21mi subsea cable from the site makes landfalll north of Scarborough Beach in Narragansett. in Mar 2015, Deepwater Wind secured $290mn in financing from lead arrangers Societe Generale and KeyBank National Association. Construction was completed in Aug 2016.

Photograph courtesy of Deepwater Wind
Posted 24 Aug 2016

Groton Wind
Location: NH
Operator: Iberdrola Renewables LLC
Configuration: 24 X 2-MW G87
Operation: 2012
WTG supplier: Gamesa
EPC: AJ Coleman
Quick facts: Groton Wind Farm comprises 78m WTGs situated along two ridge features in Grafton County. Both ridges are northeast/southwest oriented and range in peak elevation from 1,850 to 2,300ft feet. The site is located entirely on private timber land parcels and the plant came online in Dec 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Iberdrola
Posted 2 Jun 2013

Location: MA
Operator: Hull Municipal Light Plant
Configuration: 1 X 660 kW V47
Operation: 2001
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: This was the first commercial WTG on the U.S. East Coast shoreline. A 1.8-MW Vestas machine was added in 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Hull Municipal Light Plant
Posted 17 May 2006

Kibby Wind
Location: ME
Operator: Helix Generation LLC
Configuration: 44 X 3-MW V90
Operation: 2009-2010
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: James W Sewall Co, TRC Co, Reed & Reed
Quick facts: This was New England's lagest WPP at completion. In Nov 2016, LS Power affiliate Helix Generation LLC agreed to buy Kibby and three other generating assets from TransCanada and the sale closed on 5 Jun 2007.

Photograph courtesy of TransCanada
Posted 17 Jun 2017

Maple Ridge
Location: NY
Operator: Avangrid Renewables
Configuration: 195 X 1.65-MW V82
Operation: 2006
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: This poject was developed as a 50:50 partnership with PPM Energy. The site comprises 21,000ac on Tug Hill in central New York at an average elevation of 1,600-1,800ft.

Photograph courtesy of Horizon Wind Energy LLC
Posted 11 Oct 2006

Location: MA
Operator: Mark Richey Woodworking
Configuration: 1 X 600 kW
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: Elecon Engineering
Quick facts: Mark Richey Woodworking received a $474,000 Large Onsite Renewables Initiative (LORI) grant through the Massachusett Renewable Energy Trust that partially paid for this $1.6mn project at the company's factory location.

Photograph by Mark Kavanagh
Posted 11 Mar 2009

Sears Mountain
Location: VT
Operator: Green Mountain Power Corp
Configuration: 11 X 550 kW
Operation: 1997
WTG supplier: Zond
Quick facts: This was one of the first large-scale wind plants in the eastern USA.

Photograph courtesy of Enron Wind Corp
Posted 25 Oct 2001

Steel Winds
Location: NY
Operator: BQ Energy LLC
Configuration: 8 X 2.5 MW Liberty
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: Clipper
Quick facts: This was the launch order for the Clipper 2.5 Liberty series of wind turbines. The project is a joint venture of BQ Energy and UPC Wind and was built on a brownfield site formerly housing a Bethlehem Steel mill on the shores of Lake Erie in Lackawanna. The project was supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Photograph courtesy of BQ Energy LLC
Posted 20 Jun 2007


Location: ME
Operator: First Wind LLC
Configuration: 38 X 1.5 MW
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: GE Wind
EPC: Reed & Reed
Quick facts: Stetson was declared commercial on 22 Jan 2009 after a year of construction and testing and thereby became Maine's largest wind energy plant. Production is expected to be about 167 GWH/yr.

Photograph courtesy of First Wind LLC
Posted 27 Feb 2009


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Updated 17-Jun-2017