Wind Energy Plants
in the Midwestern and North Central USA - other states
Fowler Ridge
Location: IN
Operator: BP Wind Energy
Configuration: 182 X 1.65-MW V82, 40 X 2.5-MW C-96
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: Vestas, Clipper
Quick facts: Fowler Ridge Phase I is a joint venture of BP Wind Energy and Dominion Resources. It is the second wind plant in the state. 200 MW of output is sold to AEP and  200 MW is sold through Dominion Marketing. A second 200-MW phase is a JV of BP wind and Sempra.

Photograph courtesy of BP Wind
Posted 13 Jan 2010

Oilver County
Location: ND
Operator: FPL Energy LLC
Configuration: 22 X 2.3-MW, 32  X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2006-2008
T/G supplier: Siemens Wind, GE Wind Energy
EPC: Wanzek Construction
Quick facts: Minnesota Power has a long-term PPA with the two phases of the Oliver County windfarm. Ground was broken on the first phase in Apr 2006 and Phase II was dedicated in Jun 2008, thereby completing the project. The plant is grid-connected at 230kV.

Photograph courtesy of Allete
Posted 29 Jul 2008

Location: SD
Operator: Acciona Energy
Configuration: 120 X 1.5 MW
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Acciona
EPC: Mortensen, Acciona
Quick facts: This wind park was developed by Global Winds Harvest and is on a 14,000ac site in McPherson Co. It was commissioned on 24 Jul 2008, the first installation of Acciona WTGs in the USA. Tatanka is the Lakota Sioux word for buffalo.

Photograph courtesy of Acciona Energia
Posted 6 Jun 2009

Location: ND
Operator: FPL Energy LLC
Configuration: 33 X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2006
T/G supplier: GE Wind Energy
EPC: Wanzek Construction
Quick facts: Groundbreaking was in Sep 2005 and commercial operation was in Jan 2006. At completion, this was the largest wind park in North Dakota. Output is sold to Basin Electric Power Coop.

Photograph courtesy of Basin Electric Power Coop
Posted 2 Aug 2006

University of Toledo
Location: OH
Operator: Constellation Energy
Configuration: 1 X 250 kWp WES 30
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: Wind Energy Solutions BV
EPC: Constellation Energy
Quick facts: This is part of a wind and solar system built by and operated by Constellation Energy at UT's Scott Park Campus of Energy and Innovation. The WES30 is a two-bladed Dutch wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 30m. The mechanical part of the WES30 was designed in 1983 while the electrical components were redesigned in 2005. Over 400 machines have been installed worldwide.

Photograph courtesy of University of Toledo
Posted 1 May 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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