Wind Energy Plants in the USA - MT & WY
Campbell Hill
Location: WY
Operator: Duke Energy Generation Services
Configuration: 66 X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: GE
Quick facts: Campbell Hill is near Casper Converse Co. The project was commissioned on 1 Dec 2009 and has a 20yr PPA with Rocky Mountain Power.

Photograph courtesy of Duke Energy
Posted 31 Oct 2010

Happy Jack
Location: WY
Operator: Duke Energy Generation Services
Configuration: 14 X 2.1-MW S-88
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Suzlon
Quick facts: Happy Jack is in Laramie Co and went commercial on 3 Sep 2008. Output is purchased by Cheyenne Light Fuel & Power under a 20yr PPA.

Photograph courtesy of Duke Energy
Posted 31 Oct 2010

Judith Gap
Location: MT
Operator: Invenergy LLC
Configuration: 90 X 1.5-MW SLE
Operation: 2005-2006
WTG supplier: GE Wind Energy
EPC: D H Blattner Co
Quick facts: This $150mn project was the first large-scale wind park in Montana and is located on 14,300ac in Wheatland County. The owners have a 20yr PPA with NorthWestern Energy delivered via the Great Falls- Broadview 230kV line that traverses the project site. Judith Gap originated with a local farmer who formed WindPark Solutions America and began the original siting work.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 18 May 2008

Medicine Bow
Location: WY
Operator: Platte River Power Authority
Configuration: 2 X 600-kW V42, 7 X 660-kW V47
Operation: 1998-2000
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: Platte River took ownership of all assets at the Medicine Bow Wind Project site and began delivering wind energy to Fort Collins Utilities in the spring of 1998. In the fall of 1999 and the summer of 2000, additional turbines were built to supply Estes Park Light & Power, Longmont Power & Communications and Loveland Water and Power. In 2005, Platte River leased land to Clipper Windpower for a 2.5 MW prototype turbine, the Liberty I. All energy generated by the Clipper turbine is purchased by Platte River.

Photograph by Greg Goebel
Posted 15 Oct 2006

Location: MT
Operator: Goldwind USA
Configuration: 14 X 1.5-MW GW87
Operation: 2012
WTG supplier: Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology Co
Quick facts: This 4,300ac wind park is in Wheatland Co. It was developed by Volkswind. Construction started on 13 Aug 2012 completed 16 Nov 2012. The project has two 10-MW PPAs with NorthWestern Energy and connects to the 100kV line at a new switchyard between Broadview and Harlowton substations.

Photograph courtesy of Goldwind
Posted 23 Mar 2013

Top of the World
Location: WY
Operator: Duke Energy Generation Services
Configuration: 66 X 1.5-MW, 44 X  2.3 MW
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: GE, Siemens
EPC: Wanzek
Quick facts: Top of the World is near Glenrock in Converse Co. The facility has a 20yr PPA with PacifiCorp and was commissioned on 11 Oct 2010. The wind park connects to the Windstar Substation.

Photograph courtesy of Duke Energy
Posted 13 Oct 2010

Location: WY
Operator: FPL Energy
Configuration: 80 X 1.8-MW V80
Operation: 2004
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: This plant in southwest Wyoming is on land owned by local ranchers and the State of Wyoming. Roads are on federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The project is connected to the transmission lines of PacifiCorp and PPM owns all of the output.

Photograph courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Posted 14 May 2005<


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