Wind Energy Plants in Minnesota & Wisconsin
Location: MN
Operator: Juhl Wind Inc
Configuration: 12 X 1.65-MW ECO 86
Operation: 2011
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Juhl Wind, Alstom
Quick facts: On 9 Mar 2011, the Adams and Danielson wind farms in Meeker County were declared in commercial operation. The two sister projects represent an investment of about $60 and were financed by JPM Capital Corp, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Photograph courtesy of Alstom
Posted 10 Apr 2011

Chandler Hills
Location: MN
Operator: Great River Energy
Configuration: 9 X 660-kW
Operation: 1999-2001
T/G supplier: Vestas
EPC: enXco

Photograph by Great River Energy
Posted 9 Jan 2002
Lake Benton-2
Location: MN
Operator: NextEra Energy
Configuration: 138 X 750-kW Z-750
Operation: 1999
T/G supplier: Zond

Photograph courtesy of Enron Wind Corp
Posted 15 Dec 2001

Location: WI
Operator: FPL Energy
Configuration: 20 X 1.5-kW 1.5s
Operation: 2001
T/G supplier: Enron Wind Corp
Quick facts: In Apr 2001, Alliant Energy announced an agreement with FPL Energy to purchase wind generation from the Montfort wind farm in Iowa County. This is the largest wind facility in Wisconsin with 215ft wind turbines. These occupy 2ac of a 3,200ac site.

Photograph courtesy of Alliant Energy
Posted 7 Oct 2006

Nobles County
Location: MN
Operator: Xcel Energy
Configuration: 134 X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2010
T/G supplier: GE Wind
EPC: enXco, Mortenson
Quick facts:Nobles is the second wind farm in Minnesota owned by Xcel Energy, and was the third largest wind project in Minnesota at completion. The project spans a stretch of farm fields approximately 6mi long and 8mi in southern Minnesotanear the cities of Worthington and Reading. The wind turbines are equipped with variable pitch blades and cold-weather tolerant equipment to enable operation in below-zero temperatures.

Photograph courtesy of Xcel Energy
Posted 9 Oct Apr 2011

Location: MN
Operator: Danmar & Associates
Configuration: 6 X 1.25-MW S64
Operation: 2004
T/G supplier: Suzlon

Photograph courtesy of Suzlon Wind Energy
Posted 5 Feb 2006

Redwood Falls
Location: MN
Operator: Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
Configuration: 2 X 950-kW NM54
Operation: 2003
T/G supplier: Micon
Quick facts: The project cost about $2.1mn.

Photograph courtesy of Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
Posted 9 Jul 2005

Trimont Area
Location: MN
Operator: PPM Energy
Configuration: 67 X 1.5 MW 1.5s
Operation: 2005
WTG supplier: GE Wind Energy
EPC: Keith Cos
Quick facts: The TAWF is one of the United States' first commercial-scale, community-developed wind farms. It is situated on 8,900ac of farm land and was launched by a coalition of 43 landowners in Jackson and Martin counties responding to a 2003 Great River Energy RFP. Landowners benefit from revenue participation, as well as from traditional easement payments and production tax revenues for Jackson and Martin counties are expected to range from $350,000-$400,000 annually.

Photograph courtesy of ScottishPower
Posted 22 Dec 2006

Location: MN
Operator: Uilk WInd Farm LLC
Configuration: 3 X 1.5 MW GW77
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: Goldwind
Quick facts: This was the first Goldwind wind farm in the USA. The developer was Southwest Wind Consulting LLC. The direct-drive WTGs are installed near Pipestone MN.

Photograph courtesy of Goldwind
Posted 27 Apr 2014


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 27-Apr-2014