Wind Energy Plants in Sweden
Location: Gotland
Operator: E.ON Vindenergi AB
Configuration: 3 X 180 kW
Operation: 1988
WTG supplier: Danwin
Quick facts: One of Sweden's early wind plants, on Gotland Island.

Photograph by Hans Blomberg and courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 27 Dec 2006

Location: Vastra Gotaland
Operator: Vindkompaniet i Hemse AB
Configuration: 5 X 550-kW W-3700
Operation: 1998
WTG supplier: Windworld

Photograph courtesy of NEG Micon
Posted 20 Mar 2004

Location: Halland
Operator: Ventosum
Configuration: 10 X 660 kW V47
Operation: 1998
WTG supplier: Vestas

Photograph courtesy of Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Posted 8 Jun 2001

Location: Jamtland
Operator: Jamtkraft AB
Configuration: 5 X 2 MW V90
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: Nordisk Vindkraft
Quick facts: This wind plant was built at the abandoned Kimheden Mine near the village of Aspliden village, Mal municipality, Västerbotten County. Work started in May 2006 and the wind farm was handed over in April 2007.

Photograph courtesy of Jamtkraft AB
Posted 3 Sep 2010

Huds Moar
Location: Vastra Gotaland
Operator: Rabbaldshedde Kraft AB
Configuration: 6 X 2.5 MW N90
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Nordex
Quick facts: This site is north of Gothenburg.

Photograph courtesy of Rabbaldshedde Kraft AB
Posted 6 Aug 2008

Location: Skane
Operator: Klågerup Kraft AB
Configuration: 3 X 2.05 MW MM92
Operation: 2011
WTG supplier: REPower
EPC: HS Kraft
Quick facts: This wind plant is in Svedala municipality and is expected to produce 17 GWh/yr. HS Kraft has an O&M contract for the wind plant. Hub height is 80m, rotor diamer is 92m.

Photograph courtesy of HS Kraft AB
Posted 7 Jul 2012

Location: Skane
Operator: E.ON Vindenergi AB
Configuration: 12 X 600 kW V42
Operation: 1996
WTG supplier: Vestas

Photograph by Perry Nordeng and courtesy of E.ON
Posted 27 Dec 2006

Location: Skane
Operator: Vattenfall Wind
Configuration: 48 X 2.3-MW SWT2.3/93
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: Siemens Wind
Quick facts: This is the first turbine at Lillgrund, which is in Öresund, offshore Malmö, on Sweden's south coast. The first phase is expected to supply about 300 GWh/yr. The turbines are a variable-speed version of the standard SWT2.3-82 machine, with a larger rotor for moderate wind speed sites. The order was placed in Feb 2006 and the Siemens scope includesdturbine delivery, electrical infrastructure, installation, and a 5yr service and maintenance agreement. Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution provided equipment for the project's 33kV and 138kV offshore transformer station.

Photograph by Hans Blomberg and courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 10 Oct 2007

Nasudden Matilda
Location: Gotland
Operator: Vattenfall Wind
Configuration: 1 X 3 MW WTS 80
Operation: 1993
WTG supplier: Kvaerner Turbin
Quick facts: This two-blade, prototype machine was one of the world's largest wind turbines at commissioning on 1 Jun 1993. The hub height was 78m and rotor diameter was 80.5m. Nasudden Matilda (also known as Nasudden-II) was shutdown on 9 Jan 2007 after having supplied 61 GWh in 61,469hrs of operation. The massive concrete structure was demolished in Jun 2008.

Photograph by Hans Blomberg and courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 7 Jun 2008

Location: Jamtland
Operator: Statkraft SCA Vind AB
Configuration: 26 X 2.3 kW SWT-2.3-113
Operation: 2013
WTG supplier: Siemens

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft SCA Vind AB
Posted 25 Oct 2013

Location: Västerbotten
Operator: Vattenfall
Configuration: 30 X 2-MW V90, 10 X 1.8-MW V90
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: Annual production from this wind park is expected to be about 240 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 8 Jan 2014

Yttre Stengrund
Location: Kalmar
Operator: Vattenfall
Configuration: 5 X 2-MW NM72
Operation: 2001 (ret)
WTG supplier: Micon
Quick facts: This facility in Kalmarsound was one of the world's first offshore wind plants. After a series of gearbox issues, and facing a lack of spare parts, Vattenfall closed the plant in 2014. In Apr 2015, contractor Svensk Sjöentreprenad began preparations for dismantling the machines and removing the foundations to the seabed level. This work started in Nov 2015 and completed in Jan 2016. The power comapny also will remove cables and sell these with the turbines and towers for scrap. The job represented the first full decomissioning of an offshore wind plant.

Photograph courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 25 Jan 2016


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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