Wind Energy Plants - South America (other)

Location: Colombia
Operator: Empresa Publicas Medellin (EPM)
Configuration: 15 X 1.3 MW N60
Operation: 2004
WTG supplier: Nordex

Photograph courtesy of Nordex
Posted 28 Apr 2004

Location: Venezuela
Operator: PDVSA Wind
Configuration: 76 X 1.32-MW AE1/1.32
Operation: 2012
WTG supplier: Gamesa
EPC: Gamesa
Quick facts: In Dec 2008, Gamesa won a €116mn contract from PDVSA to build Venezuela's first wind farm, the Paraguana project between the towns of Amuay and Los Taques, Falcon state. The first WTG components arrived in Venezuela in Apr 2010, but plant completion was delayed until 2012.

Photograph by AleCuartin (panoramio)
Posted 15 Apr 2012

Location: Bolivia
Operator: Empresa Electrica Corani SA
Configuration: 2 X 1.5-MW GW-77 WTG
Operation: 2014
WTG supplier: Goldwind
EPC: Hydrochina
Quick facts: From 2010 and 2012, Corani sponsored a study of the wind energy resources in the Qollpana area. A competitive bidding process for a wind park was held in 2012, and work began in Mar 2013 to implement Bolivia’s first wind project in Pocona municipality, Carrasco province, Cochabamba department. Financing was provided by Sinomach.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 31 Jul 2015

San Cristobal
Location: Ecuador
Operator: Elecgalapagos SA
Configuration: 3 X 800 kW AE59
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: MADE
Quick facts: The San Cristobal Wind Project in the Galapagos was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and American Electric Power (AEP) on behalf of the e8 Group. The new WTGs went commercial on 1 Oct 2007 and run as a hybrid system with 3 X 650kW diesel gensets and two 6kW PV panels. The project is expected to reduce the use of diesel fuel on the island by about 50%. The site continues to be used as pastureland.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 28 Jan 2009

Location: Ecuador
Operator: CELEC - Corp Electrica del Ecuador EP
Configuration: 11 X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2013
WTG supplier: Goldwind
EPC: Goldwind
Quick facts: This is the first windpark in Ecuador and can cover almost 70% of the demand currently handled by Empresa Eléctrica Regional Sur, the utility that provides power to the provinces of Loja, Zamora, and sections of Morona Santiago. The WPP cost about $40mn and links to the Loja S/S. It is situated at an altitude of 2,700m.

Photograph by franzpc (Flickr)
Posted 26 Jun 2013


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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