Wind Energy Plants in Norway
Location: Vest-Agder
Operator: Agder Energi Produksjon
Configuration: 5 X 750 kW
Operation: 1998
WTG supplier: WindWorld
Quick facts: This was one of the early wind plants in Norway. The 48m rotors are on 50m towers. Annual output is 8-10 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Agder Energi Produksjon
Posted 28 Jan 2008

Location: Troms
Operator: Norsk Miljokraf
Configuration: 16 X 2.5 MW N80
Operation: 2002
WTG supplier: Nordex

Photograph courtesy of Nordex
Posted 16 Nov 2003

Location: Nord-Trondelag
Operator: Nord-Trondelag Elektrisitetsverk (NTE)
Configuration: 1 X 3-MW 3000DL
Operation: 2003
WTG supplier: ScanWind, Siemens
Quick facts: This is a demonstration machine with a direct-drive generator.

Photograph courtesy of ScanWind Group AS
Posted 17 Dec 2005

Location: Sor-Trondelag
Operator: Statkraft
Configuration: 24 X 2.3 MW
Operation: 2004
WTG supplier: Bonus

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft
Posted 25 Mar 2005

Location: Sogn og Fjordane
Operator: Kvalheim Kraft AS
Configuration: 5 X 850 kW V52
Operation: 2001
WTG supplier: Vestas

Photograph courtesy of Vestas
Posted 15 May 2005

Location: More og Romsdal
Operator: Statkraft
Configuration: 20 X 2 MW, 48 X 2.3 MW
Operation: 2002-2005
WTG supplier: Bonus, Siemens
Quick facts: In Oct 2001, Statkraft won a concession to build a 150-MW, NOK 1.4bn wind farm on Smola Island west of Trondheim. 40 MW went online in September 2002 and a second phase was completed in Aug 2005 making this the largest Norwegian wind park by far. A new 66kV line and substation were required to connect to the grid.

Photograph courtesy of Statkraft
Posted 17 Sep 2005


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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