Wind Energy Power Plants in the Middle East & Near East

Location: Iran
Operator: Khorasan Regional Electric Power Co
Configuration: 43 X 660 kW S47
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Saba Niroo, Sadid
EPC: Hirbodan Co
Quick facts: This plant was inaugurated on 10 Oct 2008 by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is the first larges-scale wind park built for a regional electricity company in Iran.

Photograph courtesy of Saba Niroo
Posted 8 Feb 2010


Location: Iran
Operator: Ministry of Energy
Configuration: 13 X 300 kW, 5 X 550 kW, 10 X 300 kW, 39 X 660 kW
Operation: 1994-2010
WTG supplier: Micon, Nordtank, Saba Niroo, Sadid
EPC: Sadid
Quick facts: Manjil was Iranís first large-scale wind park and is in Gilan province southeast of the Sefid-Rud Dam. Manjil Town is in the Alborz mountains and was virtually destroyed in a major earthquake in Jun 1990.

Photograph by Ali Madjfar (wikipedia)
Posted 8 Nov 2008

Location: Afghanistan
Operator: Panjshir Province
Configuration: 10 X 7.5-kW Excel-R
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Bergey
EPC: Empower Consultants, Smart Energy
Quick facts: This is Afghanistan's first wind energy plant and supplies electricity to local government offices. Financial support was secured from the Asian Development Bank and the US Army through the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team supplied additional funding and and assisted with security and logistics for the New Zealand based EPC team. The project won a Sustainable Electricity Association Industry Award in Dec 2008. The wind turbines are mounted on 30m guyed towers.

Photograph courtesy of US Army
Posted 21 Feb 2009

Tel Assania
Location: Israel
Operator: Mei Golan Wind Energy Ltd
Configuration: 10 X 600 kW Floda
Operation: 1993
WTG supplier: Villas Wind Technology
Quick facts: This is the first commercial wind park in the Middle East. The turbines are installed on 30m towers at 1,050m elevation and connected to the regional 22kV grid. Since commissioning, the WTGs have had availability in excess of 96%.The original permit for the wind farm restricted the number of turbines at the site to ten turbines and there are plans to repower the site with larger machines.

Photograph by Shulamit Levin
Posted 17 Jan 2008


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 11/20/10