Wind Energy Plants - Central America & the Caribbean
Location: Nicaragua
Operator: Grupo Centrans
Configuration: 30 X 2.1-MW S87
Operation: 2009-2010
WTG supplier: Suzlon
EPC: Socoin, Wavewind
Quick facts: This WPP is in Rivas province on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, along the Inter-American Highway. The first phase started operations in Mar 2009 and the second phase the following year.

Photograph courtesy of Grupo Centrans
Posted 11 May 2016

Cerro de Hula
Location: Honduras
Operator: Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy (Wind) Ltd
Configuration: 51 X 2-MW G87
Operation: 2012
WTG supplier: Gamesa
EPC: Iberinco
Quick facts: This is the first wind farm in Honduras and increased the country's total installed capacity by 10%. President Porfirio Lobo Sousa laid the foundation stone at the end of January 2011 and the plant was started up almost exactly 1yr later. Cerro de Hula cost $200mn.

Photograph courtesy of Iberinco
Posted 11 Feb 2012

Eolo de Nicaragua
Location: Nicaragua
Operator: Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy (Wind) Ltd
Configuration: 22 X 2-MW G90
Operation: 2012
WTG supplier: Gamesa
EPC: Gamesa
Quick facts: This WPP is in Rivas province on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, 123km south of Managua. Electricity is sold through two 20r PPAs to Distribuidora Electricidad de Sur SA (DISSUR) and Distribuidora Electricidad de Norte SA (DISNORTE), both subsidiaries of TSK Melfosur. The park started commercial operations in Dec 2012.

Photograph courtesy of Globeleq
Posted 22 Nov 2015

Over Yonder Cay
Location: Bahamas
Operator: Over Yonder Cay Resort
Configuration: 2 X 100-kW
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: Northern Power Systems
EPC: Northern Power Systems, Optimal Power Solutions
Quick facts: These WTGs took a direct hit from Hurricane Irene in Aug 2011 and returned to normal operaiton the following day. The machines were commissioned in Apr 2010 as part of a renewable energy-based microgrid with PV, wind, and diesel sources and energy storage facilities under the control of OPS Hybrid Power Conditioner (HPC) central inverters.

Photograph courtesy of Northern Power Systems
Posted 16 Sep 2012

Peter Island
Location: British VIrgin Islands
Operator: Peter Island Resort
Configuration: 2 X 250-kW
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: Wind Energy Solutions
EPC: URS Corp, Wolverine Power Systems
Quick facts: As part of the Peter Island wind project, three new 550-kW diesel engines were installed nearby at Stoney Bay to upgrade the island’s electricity infrastructure.

Photograph courtesy of Peter Island Resort
Posted 11 Aug 2012

Quilvio Cabrera
Location: Dominican Republic
Operator: Consorcio Energetico Punta Cana-Macao SA
Configuration: 5 X 1.658-MW V90
Operation: 2011
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: Vestas
Quick facts: This WPP and the adjacent Los Coscos project were the frst full-size wind energy plants in the DR. Project development began in 2002The site are on the border between Barahona and Pedernales provinces in the southwestern corner of the country. EGE Haina had to build a substation and a 54km tie-line to the grid. This project proved complex and time-consuming.

Photograph courtesy of EGE Haina
Posted 14 Dec 2013

San Marcos
Location: Honduras
Operator: Vientos de Electrotecnia SA (Vesa)
Configuration: 25 X 2-MW G90
Operation: 2015
WTG supplier: Gamesa
EPC: Iberinco
Quick facts: In February 2015, Grupo Terra company Vientos de Electrotecnia SA (Vesa) inaugurated this WPP in San Marcos de Colon, Choluteca department, 190km south of the capital.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 29 Jun 2016

Location: Jamaica
Operator: Petroleum Corp of Jamaica
Configuration: 23 X 900 kW
Operation: 2004
WTG supplier: Micon
Quick facts: Wigton was Jamaica's first commercial wind farm and was built by RES with support from the Jamaican and Netherlands governments.

Photograph courtesy of Renewable Energy Systems
Posted 31 Jul 2004


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 29-Jun-2016