Wind Power Plants in Germany - offshore
Alpha Ventus
Location: NI
Operator: Renerco
Configuration: 6 X 5-MW Multibrid M5000, 6 X 5-MW 5M
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: Areva, REpower Systems
EPC: Areva, Deutsche Offshore-Testfeld und Infrastruktur Gesellschaft
Quick facts: This was Germany's first full-scale offshore wind plant. The site is 45km from the coast of Borkum in 30m of water. M5000 hub height is 90m and rotor diameter is 116m, while 5M hub height is 92m and rotor diameter is 126m. The Areva machines stand on tripods and the REpower turbines are mounted on jacket foundations. The project is invested by EWE AG (47.5%), E.ON Climate & Renewables Central Europe GmbH (26.25%), and Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH (26.25%).

Photograph courtesy of Areva
Posted 10 Jul 2011

Location: MV
Operator: EnBW
Configuration: 21 X 2.3 MW SWT-2.3-93
Operation: 2011
WTG supplier: Siemens
EPC: WIND-projekt Ingenieur- und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
Quick facts: In Apr 2011, the first WTG at EnBW's Baltic-1 was connected to the grid, making it the first commercial wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The site is 16km north of the Darss/Zingst peninsula in MW.

Photograph by Matthias Ibeler © and courtesy of EnBW
Re-posted 19 Jul 2015

BARD Offshore-1
Location: NI
Operator: BARD Engineering GmbH
Configuration: 80 X 5-MW BARD VM
Operation: 2010-2013
WTG supplier: BARD
Quick facts: This project covers around 60 sq km 90km northwest of Borkum Island. The water depth here is around 40m. Installation began in Mar 2010 and the first wind converters were connected to the grid in Nov 2010.

Photograph courtesy of BARD Engineering GmbH
Posted 1 May 2013

Borkum Riffgrund-I
Location: NI
Operator: Dong Energy
Configuration: 78 X 4-MW SWT-4.0-120
Operation: 2015
WTG supplier: Siemens
EPC: GeoSea
Quick facts: The Borkum Riffgrund partmnrs are DONG Energy, the LEGO Group and William Demant The wind farm is located 37km north of Borkum Island and 54km from the German coast. These were the launch examples ot the 4-MW upgrade to the SWT-3.6 design. The photo shows the offshore substation in the foreground.

Photograph courtesy of Dong Energy
Posted 9 Oct 2015

Borkum West-II
Location: NI
Operator: Trianel GmbH
Configuration: 40 X 5-MW M5000
Operation: 2015
WTG supplier: Areva
EPC: Areva
Quick facts: The Borkum site is 45km from the coast of Borkum in 28-33m of water. The first phase plus infrastructure for the second phase cost over €1bn. The FID was made in Dec 2010, construction began in mid-2011, and the first grid connection was on 3 Feb 2015, delayed about 6mos by lack of a grid connection. AKER WAYFARER was chartered to install the turbines. The ownership consortium includes Trianel and 33 municipal utilities and regional suppliers from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Photograph courtesy of Trianel GmbH
Posted 14 Feb 2015

Meerwind Süd | Ost
Location: SH
Operator: WindMW GmbH
Configuration: 80 X 3.6 MW SWT-3.6-120
Operation: 2014
WTG supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens, AMBAU, Seajacks, Seaway Heavy Lift, Boskalis
Quick facts: WindMW GmbH is a JV of Blackstone Energy Partners and Windland Energieerzeugungs GmbH. The last turbine was installed on 4 Apr 2014 along with the 3,500t offshore substation. in the North Sea project area 23km offshore, north of Helgoland, Construction of the €1.2bn scheme began in 2012 and was completed on schedule within 18mos.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 15 Nov 2014

Location: NI
Operator: RWE
Configuration: 48 X 6.2-MW M126
Operation: 2015
WTG supplier: Senvion
EPC: Essent, OLC GmbH, Aker Verdal, Siemens
Quick facts: The €1bn+ Norsee-Ost wind farm was officially inaugurated on 5 Nov 2015. The ┬ásite is about 35 km north of Heligoland and covers about. 24 sq km with water depths up to 25m. The WTGs are 160m from sea level to the blade tip with 350t nacelles. Each 60m blade weighs 23t. The project required over 60km of underwater cable

Photograph courtesy of RWE
Posted 8 Nov 2015

Location: NI
Operator: Sandbank Offshore
Configuration: 72 X 4-MW SWT-4.0-130
Operation: 2017
WTG supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens, Bilfinger Berger, MPI Offshore BV
Quick facts: This WPP is located 90km offshore Sylt of island. The €1.2bn project was a 51:49 jv of Vattenfall and Stadtwerke Munchen. Sandbank was officially inaugurated on 25 Jul 2017.

Photograph by Jan Oelkerand and courtesy of Vattenfall
Posted 26 Jul 2017

Veja Mate
Location: MI
Operator: Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH
Configuration: 67 X 6-MW SWT-6.0-154
Operation: 2017
WTG supplier: Siemens
EPC: Volker Stevin International, Royal Boskalis Westminster, Smulders
Quick facts: This WPP is 95km NW of Borkum Island in the German Exclusive Economic Zone. Water depth is 39-41m. The wind park is jointly-invested by Highland Group, Siemens Financial Services, and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. Veja Mate completed construction on 25 May 2017, after less than 14mos of construction and 23mos aftr financial close. The cost was about €1.9bn. The wind farm connects to the power grid through the BorWin 2 offshore substation.

Photograph courtesy of Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH
Posted 3 Jun 2017


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