Wind Energy Plants Elsewhere
Ascension Island
Location: Ascension Island
Operator: U.S. Air Force
Configuration: 4 X 225 kW M700, 2 X 900 kW
Operation: 1995-2004
WTG supplier: Micon
EPC: enXco, INL
Quick facts: Ascension Island is in the north-central South Atlantic Ocean and was uninhabited until 1815. The wind plant operates in parallel with a diesel power station and both supply the local population and a USAF airfield and tracking station.

Photograph courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory
Posted 10 May 2006

Location: Crimea
Operator: EnergoAtom
Configuration: 101 X 100-kW
Operation: 1992
WTG supplier: Kenetech
EPC: CNF Constructors Inc
Quick facts: In Mar 1993, Kenetech Corp announced the formation of Windenergo Ltd, a joint venture with Krimenergo, to develop a 500-MW wind plant on the Crimean Peninsula. One of the project’s goals was to use wind turbine generators (WTG) made in Ukraine. In the event, only 7.7 MW was in operation at the site near Evapatoria near Donuzlav Lake by Mar 1996.

Photograph courtesy of EnergoAtom
Posted 12 Sep 2015

Location: Iran
Operator: Mapna Renewable Energies Generation Co
Configuration: 7 X 2.5-MW
Operation: 2015
WTG supplier: Furhlander
EPC: Mapna
Quick facts: This BOO project is in Esfarvarin, Takestan, Qazvin province. The WPP was inaugurated on 11 Aug 2015. The tower height is 85m and rotor diameter is 104m. Mapna has licensed the Furhlander design for future indigenous production.

Photograph courtesy of Mapna
Posted 10 Jul 2016

Mawson Station
Location: Antarctica
Operator: Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)
Configuration: 2 X 300-kW E-30
Operation: 2002
WTG supplier: Enercon
EPC: Powercorp Operations
Quick facts: This was the first installation of large wind turbines in Antarctica and required installation machinery far heavier than anything previously delivered. Each foundation consisted of 60m³ of concrete anchored to granite bedrock with 64.3m deep ground anchors. The wind turbines were modified with extra insulation and special steels in castings and tower sections were required to meet the high average wind speeds and cold temperatures (which drop as low as -36 °C). Because of the dry atmosphere, blade icing is not an issue and the turbines can safely operate at up to 125 km/h. The wind plant is connected to the station 415V ring-main grid.

Photograph courtesy of Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Posted 4 Nov 2007

Princess Elisabeth Station
Location: Antarctica
Operator: International Polar Foundation
Configuration: 8 X 6-kW Proven 6
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Proven Energy
Quick facts: These small WTGs join a 20-kW PV installation to make Princess Elisabeth independent of other electricity sources under normal circumstances. Average wind speeds at the site are 53mph with winter gusts up to 200mph.

Photograph courtesy of Proven Energy
Posted 14 Feb 2009

Location: Mongolia
Operator: Newcom LLC
Configuration: 31 X 1.6-MW
Operation: 2013
WTG supplier: GE
EPC: Sgurr Energy
Quick facts: In Jun 2013, Mongolia’s first full-size wind energy project was commissioned in Darkhan-Uu aimag about 65km southeast of Ulaanbaatar. Debt and equity funding was provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and FMO.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 14 Sep 2016

Location: Russia
Operator: Sakhaenergo JSC
Configuration: 1 X 250 kW
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: ??
Quick facts: Tiksi is a port settlement in Bulunsky Ulus of the Sakha Republic. This machine was put online in Sep 2007.

Photograph courtesy of Sakhaenergo JSC
Posted 14 Sep 2013

Location: Russia
Operator: OOO Bashkir Generation Co
Configuration: 4 X 550 kW T-550/41
Operation: 2001
WTG supplier: Hanseatische AG
Quick facts: This WPP in Tujmanzinsky district was one of the largest in Russia when completed. HAG was never a major WTG supplier and was liquidated in 2010 aftr a 13yr legal effort.

Photograph courtesy of OOO Bashkir Generation Co
Posted 24 May 2015


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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