Wind Power Plants in Belgium
Belwind Phase I
Location: Offshore Zeebrugge
Operator: Belwind NV
Configuration: 55 X 3-MW V90
Operation: 2010
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: Vestas, Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, Ballast Nedam
Quick facts: In Feb 2008, the Belwind offshore wind park received construction and operating permits. The 17km² site is on the Bligh Bank, 46km offshore Zeebrugge. At completion, this was the furthest offshore of any wind park in the world. The project was developed by Belwind NV, a company originally formed by Evelop with shareholders including Groep Colruyt, Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen, Rabo Project Equity and Meewind. In Jul 2009, the EIB said it would lend €300mn for the project and that same month, Vestas was awarded the WTG supply contract. Over a 15mo period, the machines were installed in waters 15-37m in depth. Other financing for the €614mn project was from Dexia (senior), Rabobank (mezzanine), ASN Bank, and EKF. At completion, it was the largest wind farm yet financed on a non-recourse basis.

Photograph by Hans Hillewaert (wikimedia)
Posted 16 Mar 2013

Belwind Demo
Location: Offshore Zeebrugge
Operator: Belwind NV
Configuration: 6-MW Halaide
Operation: 2013
WTG supplier: Alstom
Quick facts: In Nov 2013, Alstom completed the at-sea installation of the second 6-MW direct-drive Haliade 150, the largest offshore wind turbine yet installed in open ocean. The WTG has a 150m diameter. The 61m jacket was set on pillars sunk to a depth exceeding 60m. Then the elements of the 78m tower were gradually assembled on the jacket. In all, the nacelle reaches over 100m above sea level. The overall weight of the turbine and its structure totals 1,500t.

Photograph courtesy of Alstom
Posted 25 Oct 2014

Brugge Pathoekweg
Location: West Flanders
Operator: Aspiravi SA
Configuration: 7 X 600 kW
Operation: 2000
WTG supplier: Turbowinds
Quick facts: This plant is along the Canal Baudouin. The 55m turbines have 48m rotors.

Photograph courtesy of Aspiravi SA
Posted 2 Aug 2006

Location: Namur
Operator: EDF Luminus
Configuration: 6 X 2-MW E82
Operation: 2007
WTG supplier: Enercon
Quick facts: Dinant went online on 20 Aug 2007. The towers are 92m and they have 82m rotors. The grid connection is by underground cable to Dorinne Substation.

Photograph courtesy of SPE-Luminus
Posted 30 Dec 2007

Location: Hainaut
Operator: WindVision Belgium SA
Configuration: 11 X 6-MW E-126
Operation: 2009-2010
WTG supplier: Enercon
EPC: Enercon, S A Wanty, BSolutions, Oehm
Quick facts: This plant is located on the Levant Mons plateau and is expected to supply 187 GWh/yr to the gird. Development began in Mar 2003 with 2-MW WTGs. The site was licensed for 5-6 MW turbines in Jan 2006, construction started in Apr 2008, and the first machine went online in Mar 2009. The 135m towers are 15m in diameter at the base tapering to 4m at the top.

Photograph courtesy of WindVision Belgium
Posted 16 Jan 2010

Location: Limburg
Operator: Aspiravi SA
Configuration: 3 X 400 kW
Operation: 1997-1998
WTG supplier: Turbowinds

Photograph courtesy of Aspiravi SA
Posted 20 Sep 2008

Location: Antwerp
Operator: Electrabel
Configuration: 6 X 2-MW V80
Operation: 2004
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: This € 15mn installation was permitted in Jul 2003. These are 78m towers with 40m blades.

Photograph courtesy of Electrabel
Posted 16 Mar 2013

Location: Antwerp
Operator: ENGIE Electrabel
Configuration: 4 X 3.45-MW
Operation: 2016
WTG supplier: ??
Quick facts: This plant is sitead along the Albertkanaal on the premises of Umicore and Arubis. The project was done by Wind4Flanders, a partnership between Electrabel, Figga, FINGEM, FINILEK, IKA and IBE.

Photograph courtesy of ENGIE
Posted 26 Oct 2016

Location: Walloon Brabant
Operator: Electrawinds SA
Configuration: 4 X 1.5-MW MW77
Operation: 2006
WTG supplier: REPower
Quick facts: This plant was built in cooperation with Aspiravi.

Photograph courtesy of Electrawinds SA
Posted 20 Sep 2008

Thornton Bank
Location: Offshore Zeebrugge
Operator: C-Power NV
Configuration: 6 X 5-MW 5M
Operation: 2009
WTG supplier: REPower
Quick facts: This plant is 27-30km offshore in the North Sea and is connected to the grid by two, 36km, 150kV subsea cables. The first phase with six turbines cost €152.8mn. The towers measure 77m from the attachment to the monopile and carry rotors 126m in diameter.

Photograph courtesy of REPower Systems
Posted 24 Sep 2008

Location: Liege
Operator: EDF Luminus
Configuration: 8 X 1.5-MW MD77
Operation: 2005-2007
WTG supplier: REpower Systems

Photograph courtesy of SPE-Luminus
Posted 30 Dec 2007


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