Wind Energy Plants in Australia - South Australia
Location: SA
Operator: GDF SUEZ Energy Australia
Configuration: 23 X 2-MW V80
Operation: 2005
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: Wind Prospect Pty Ltd, Leighton Contractors
Quick facts: Canunda was opened by SA Premier Mike Rann on 31 March 2005, on-time and on-budget. Canunda (formerly named Lake Bonney Central) is located on grazing land 6km west of Tantanoola. The A$92.5mn wind park was under development by Wind Prospect Pty Ltd for about 5yrs and is connected to the grid by a 16km, 33kV double-circuit distribution line to a substation at Snuggery.

Photograph courtesy of GDF SUEZ
Re-posted 19 Mar 2014

Cathderal Rocks
Location: SA
Operator: Roaring 40s
Configuration: 33 X 2-MW V80
Operation: 2005
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: Cathedral Rocks cost about A$100mn and was developed by a joint venture of Hydro Tasmania and EHN (now Acciona Energy). The site is on private farmland near the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula 30km southwest of Port Lincoln. It covers 29kmē with a coastal exposure of nearly 11km. Construction began in Jul 2004. The 80m WTGs are on 60m towers. In Oct 2005, CLP invested A$110mn for a a 50% share of Roaring 40s, Hydro Tasmania's wind energy company.

Photograph courtesy of CLP Group
Posted 24 Dec 2006

Location: SA
Operator: Palisade Investment Partners
Configuration: 34 X 2.1-MW S88
Operation: 2007-2008
WTG supplier: Suzlon
EPC: Suzlon
Quick facts: A single turbine was erected at Hallett-1 in advance of the main project. The plant is also known as Brown Hill.

Photograph courtesy of AGL Energy
Posted 17 May 2008

Location: SA
Operator: Neoen Australia Pty Ltd
Configuration: 32 X 3.2-MW SWT-3.2-113
Operation: 2016
WTG supplier: Siemens
Quick facts: This WPP morth of Jamestown went online in Nov 2016. It connects to the regional 275kV grid.

Photograph courtesy of Neoen
Posted 7 May 2017

Lake Bonney
Location: SA
Operator: Babcock & Brown Wind Partners
Configuration: 46 X 1.75 MW-V66
Operation: 2005
WTG supplier: Vestas
EPC: Leighton Contractors
Quick facts: This plant cost about A$92mn. Electricity is purchased by AGL.

Photograph courtesy of Vestas
Posted 1 Jun 2006

Mt Millar
Location: SA
Operator: Tarong Energy Corp Ltd
Configuration: 35 X 2-MW E66
Operation: 2006
WTG supplier: Enercon
EPC: Powercorp Operations
Quick facts: Construction on the A$130mn project started in Oct 2004, the plant was completed in Dec 2005, and first electricity was supplied in Feb 2006. A Demag CC2800 (600t capacity) started the erection and a Liebherr 500t crane was added later.

Photograph courtesy of Tarong Energy
Posted 20 Oct 2007

Location: SA
Operator: TrustPower Ltd
Configuration: 47 X 2.1-MW S88
Operation: 2008
WTG supplier: Suzlon
EPC: Suzlon, Built Environs
Quick facts: Snowtown received planning approval in Jan 2004 for up to 130 turbines. The site stretches across 30km of ridgeline within the Hummocks and Barunga Ranges, northwest of Lochiel in the Wakefield Regional Council area, 140km north of Adelaide. First electricity was produced in Dec 2007 and the official opening was in Nov 2008. The plant cost about A$200mn.

Photograph courtesy of Suzlon
Posted 17 Aug 2009

Starfish Hill
Location: SA
Operator: Tarong Energy Corp Ltd
Configuration: 23 X 1.5-MW
Operation: 2003
WTG supplier: Micon
EPC: Micon
Quick facts: This was South Australia's first large-scale wind farm.

Photograph courtesy of Tarong Energy
Posted 3 Nov 2004

Waterloo Wind
Location: SA
Operator: Palisade Investment Partners
Configuration: 37 X 3-MW V90, 6 X 3.3-MW V117
Operation: 2010-2016
WTG supplier: Vestas
WTG supplier: Vestas, CAT Projects
Quick facts: The first phase of this WPP 9km east of Manoora was developed and built by Roaring 40s Energy Pty Ltd and acquired by Energy Australia. In May 2013, EA reached agreement to sell a majority shareholding to alisade Investment Partners and Northleaf Capital Partners. The first phase It went commercial in Oct 2010 and was extended in 2016. Waterloo sells 100% of its power generation to EnergyAustralia and Hydro Tasmania under long term PPAs. Palisade Investment has a 74% ownership stake. EnergyAustralia operates the wind farm and provide asset management services.

Photograph courtesy of Palisade Investment Partners
Posted 2 Nov 2016


Wattle Point
Location: SA
Operator: Southern Hydro Pty Ltd
Configuration: 55 X 1.65-MW V82
Operation: 2005
WTG supplier: Vestas
Quick facts: At completion this became the largest wind farm in Australia. The site on the Yorke Peninsula is 11.5 sq km and directly connected to the Electranet 132kV grid. Average annual output is expected to be 312 GWh. Hub height is 67m.

Photograph courtesy of Southern Hydro Pty Ltd
Posted 17 Sep 2005


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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