Steam-Electric Plants in the UK - Other Fuels
Location: Co Antrim (Northern Ireland)
Operator: AES Ballylumford Holdings Limited
Configuration: 3 X 120 MW (ret 2003), 3 X 200 MW
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1968-1975
Boiler supplier: Babcock Power
T/G supplier: GEC
Quick facts: In 2003, the site was extended with a CCGT plant and the 120-MW sets were decommissioned. In Aug 2010, AES Corp acquired Premier Power Ltd in an all-cash transaction for 102mn.

Photograph courtesy of Premier Power Ltd
Posted 23 Jan 2003

Carolina Port-B
Location: Inverness-shire (Scotland)
Operator: Scottish and Southern Energy plc
Configuration: 2 X 120 MW
Operation: 1965-1966 (ret)
Fuel: HFO
Boiler supplier: BPL, Yarrow
T/G supplier: GEC
EPC: Mitchell Construction
Quick facts: This PS was built by North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board. It did not operate much due to the high cost of oil and closed in 1982. Thse were the most efficinet steam-electric sets in the UK for their first 3yrs of operation. The Dundee site was formerly the location of a thriving jute bag export business for cotton plantations in the Carolinas and elsewhere in America

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Posted 8 Jun 2016

Location: Co Derry (Northern Ireland)
Operator: Northern Ireland Electricity
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW, 5 X 60 MW
Fuel: HFO
Operation: 1960-1967
Boiler supplier: CCL, Babcock Power, Mitchell
T/G supplier: EE, AEI
Quick facts: The first unit at Coolkeeragh in Londonderry was opened by the Pricess Royal in Nov 1960. NIE closed the steam-electric plant in Mar 2005 shortly befoe a new 400-MW CCGT block was opened at the site by Coolkeeragh ESB. NIE appointed Brown and Mason to manage plant edmolition, which began in Jul 2008.

Photograph courtesy of Electricity Board for Northern Ireland
Posted 22 Oct 2014

Location: Kent (England)
Operator: E.ON UK
Configuration: 4 X 660 MW
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1981-1984 (ret)
Boiler supplier: Babcock Power
T/G supplier: GEC
Quick facts: The 244m stack was the second tallest in the UK. E.ON has added new CCGT capacity at Grain.

Photograph courtesy of E.ON
Re-posted 24 Jan 2011

Location: Cheshire (England)
Operator: Powergen plc
Configuration: 2 X 500 MW
Operation: 1984 (ret)
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Boiler supplier: NEI-Clarke Chapan Ltd
T/G supplier: NEI-Parsons
Quick facts: This TPP had a 50ha site on the Manchester Ship Canal near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The plant burned up to 5,200 tpd of fuel oil from the nearby Shell Stanlow Refinery. The stack was 152.5m tall and the prototype, fan-assisted 116m tall natural draft tower could move about four times the circulating water as a single conventional NDT of similar size. Ince-B had two 25-MW Avon gas turbines had a 275kV substation. Construction began in 1974, but the process took longer than usual due to lack of adequate transmission in the area, labor and equipment issues, and upsets in the world oil market. The plant closed in 1997 and was demolished over the next few years.

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Posted 15 Nov 2014

Location: Renfrewshire (Scotland)
Operator: ScottishPower
Configuration: 3 X 676 MW (ret)
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1976-1979
Boiler supplier: Clarke Chapman, John Thompson
T/G supplier: Parsons
Quick facts: Construction at Inverkip began in 1970, two years before the 1973 oil crisis. The plant was completed but never entered full commercial operation and production was stopped for good in Jan 1988. A fourth unit was in the initial design. At one time, there was a proposal to dismantle the plant and ship the major components to India. Demolition prpe work began in Apri 2010, the main boiler room was demoilsiehd in Feb 2013, and the 778ft stack went down in Jul 2013.

Photograph by Christopher Bell
Posted 23 Jan 2003

Location: Hampshire (England)
Operator: RWE npower plc
Configuration: 4 X 500 MW
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1969-1971 (ret)
Boiler supplier: John Thompson
T/G supplier: Parsons
Quick facts: Fawley was closed on 27 Mar 2013.

Photograph courtesy of RWE npower plc
Re-posted 27 Mar 2013

Location: Kent (England)
Operator: RWE npower plc
Configuration: 3 X 660 MW
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1981-1984 (ret)
Boiler supplier: Clarke Chapman
T/G supplier: GEC
Quick facts: Closed 31 Mar 2015 after opting out of LCPD in 2008.

Photograph by Christopher Bell
Posted 26 Jan 2003

Location: Hampshire (England)
Operator: CEGB
Configuration: 8 X 60 MW
Operation: 1955-1959 (ret 1983)
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: John Thompson
T/G supplier: English Electric
Quick facts: On the River Test, ultimately replaced by a large CCGT station. Demolition of the old station was held up for about 5mos when a kestrel nest was found in the building.

Photograph courtesy of Marchwood Power Ltd
Posted 10 Aug 2013

Location: Dyfed (Wales)
Operator: RWE npower plc
Configuration: 4 X 500 MW
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1970-1973 (ret 1998)
Boiler supplier: Clarke Chapman
T/G supplier: Parsons
EPC: Rendel
Quick facts: Plant demolished in 2002. Site reused for a 2-GW CCGT plant

Photograph courtesy of RWE npower
Posted 16 Jan 2007

Location: Aberdeenshire (Scotland)
Operator: Scottish & Southern Energy
Configuration: 2 X 676 MW, 3 X 250 MW V94.3A gas turbines (repower)
Fuel: natural gas, heavy fuel oil
Operation: 1980, 2000
Boiler supplier: Babcock Power, Doosan
T/G supplier: GEC, Siemens
Quick facts: In Feb1998, Siemens received a $270mn turnkey contract for the U.K.’s largest repowering job at Peterhead. Three large gas turbines were used to repower one of the two conventional. The two steam boilers at Peterhead were designed to burn heavy fuel oil, but were later converted to enable the use of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and sour gas. The work included a new gas connection and transmission upgrades and was completed during the summer of 2000.

Photograph courtesy of Siemens AG
Posted 24 Jun 2001

Location: Cheshire (England)
Operator: PDM Group Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 2.5 MW, 1 X 3 MW
Fuel: MBM
Operation: 2000-2004
Boiler supplier: Wykes
T/G supplier: Kuhlne Kopp und Kausch, AEM
Quick facts: This was one of the first purpose-built power plants to use MBM. Steam is supplied by a pair of fluidized-bed boilers of Deltak design.

Photograph courtesy of PDM Group
Posted 14 Oct 2006


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