Gas- and Oil-Fired Plants in Portugal
Location: Setubal
Operator: EDP
Configuration: 2 X 32 MW
Operation: 1978-1979 (ret)
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: Stein
T/G supplier: AEG, Sorefame
Quick facts: Barreiro in Lavarido was closed in 2009.

Photograph courtesy of EDP
Posted 5 May 2004

Location: Lisboa
Operator: EDP
Configuration: 6 X 125 MW
Operation: 1968-1976 (ret)
Fuel: heavy oil, natural gas
Boiler supplier: Foster Wheeler, Mague, International Combustion, British Thompson Houston
T/G supplier: BBC, Parsons
Quick facts: Carregado in Alenquer near Lisbon was closed in 2011.

Photograph courtesy of EDP
Posted 5 May 2004

Location: Setibal
Operator: EDP
Configuration: 4 X 250 MW
Operation: 1979-1983 (ret)
Fuel: heavy oil, orimulsion
Boiler supplier: Mague
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: This power station is on the bank of the Sado Estuary east of Setubal town about 40km south of Lisbon. The plant used low-sulfur HFO and, in 1994, Units 3&4 were modified to burn orimulsion. This fuel is no longer avaiable Waste heat from the station was used in a horticulture project to re-vegetate Parc National da Arrabida which was damaged by quarrying. The stackas are about 200m tall. Setubal PS was closed in 2013.

Photograph courtesy of EDP
Re-posted 15 Apr 2007


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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