Other Fossil-Fueled Plants in the Middle East - other countries
Location: Syria
Operator: Public Estab for Electricity Generation & Trans (PEEGT)
Configuration: 5 X 213 MW
Operation: 1997-1998
Fuel: natural gas, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Westinghouse
EPC: Commonwealth Engineers Co, MHI
Quick facts: In Jan 1994, Syria announced plans for the construction of a 1,000-MW steam-electric power station at a site 20km east of Aleppo. In May 1995, MHI won the award for five 200-MW units at to run on gas or residual oil. Loans were made by the Saudi Fund for Development and Kennedy & Donkin was an engineering consultant. Plant operations were completely disrupted by the Syrian civil war, although an operating agreement beweeen combatants was finally arranged in Dec 2014.

Photograph courtesy of www.aljazeera.net
Posted 25 Jun 2015

Location: Syria
Operator: Public Estab for Electricity Generation & Trans (PEEGT)
Configuration: 3 X 220 MW
Operation: 2000
Fuel: natural gas, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
EPC: Mott McDonald, Commonwealth Engineers Co, MHI, TOEC
Quick facts: In Mar 1996, the Syrian government advertised for a steam-electric plant at Al-Zara 25km north of Homs and in the center of the Syrian grid. The original scheme called for five 200-MW units to be built in two stages of 600 MW and 400 MW, respectively, but in the end, only three units were built. Construction started in Apr 1997. The Japanese government provided a soft loan of $462mn to help finance the project, which includes a 230/66kV substation and feeder lines linking the new station to the grid. Due to limited access to freshwater, the units have EGI dry cooling towers 125m high, about twice the height of conventional towers for this size plant. The stacks are 150m tall.

Photograph courtesy of EGI Contracting/Engineering Co Ltd
Posted 20 Jan 2008

Az-Zour South
Location: Kuwait
Operator: Ministry of Electricity and Water
Configuration: 8 X 300 MW
Operation: 1987-198
Fuel: crude oil, HFO, natural gas
Boiler supplier: Deutsche Babcock
T/G supplier: Toshiba
EPC: Commonwealth Engineers Co Ltd , Mitsui, UB Engineering, China International Water & Electric Corp
Quick facts: This site is 80km south of Kuwait City.

Photograph coutesy of Ministry of Electricity and Water
Posted 24 Jul 2013

Location: Jordan
Operator: Central Electricity Generating Co
Configuration: 5 X 130 MW
Operation: 1986-1999
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI, ABB
T/G supplier: Tosi, ABB

Photograph courtesy of Central Electricity Gen Co
Posted 22 Apr 2001

Location: Syria
Operator: Public Estab for Electricity Generation & Trans (PEEGT)
Configuration: 4 X 170 MW
Operation: 1981-1989
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Boiler supplier: Ansaldo, MHI
T/G supplier: Ansaldo, MHI, Melco
EPC: Ansaldo, Nuova Cimimontubi, Commonwealth Engineers Co Ltd
Quick facts: This plant was built in two phases, the first two units with loans from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the World Bank and the second two with financing from Japan. The coastal site is south of Banias city near the Banias Oil Refinery. In Jun 2007, a joint venture of Azarab Industries Co and local firms finished a full-scope, 18mo overhaul on one of the 170-MW units. In addition to repairs on the boiler, turbine and generator, a completely new control system was installed. The total cost was $18mn, of which $11mn was financed by the Export Development Bank of Iran and the balance by the Syrian government.

Photograph courtesy of Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Posted 19 Jan 2008

Doha West
Location: Kuwait
Operator: Ministry of Electricity and Water
Configuration: 8 X 300 MW
Operation: 1983-1984
Fuel: natural gas, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Deutsche Babcock
T/G supplier: MHI, MELCO
EPC: Lahmeyer, Hyundai
Quick facts: Doha is 15km west of Kuwait City and this baseload power station can produce 110 migd/day of potable water in addition to electric power. Natural gas comes from Kuwait Oil Co and fuel oil from the Mina Al Ahmedi refinery. The boilers can be operated to supply the distillers without the turbines in operation.

Photograph by Ahmad Alhashemi (flickr)
Posted 7 Sep 2005

Location: Israel
Operator: Israel Electric Corp
Configuration: 3 X 50 MW, 2 X 72 MW, 4 X 228 MW
Operation: 1958-1974
Fuel: natural gas, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: KSG, B&W
T/G supplier: AEG, GE, Parsons
Quick facts: Eshkol's 228-MW units were converted to dual fuel capability by Babcock Borsig and began firing natural gas in early 2004.

Photograph courtesy of Israel Electric Corp
Posted 20 Feb 2002

Layaah Steam
Location: Sharjah
Operator: Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (SEWA)
Configuration: 4 X 33-MW, 4 X 75-MW desalination
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1977-1980
Boiler supplier: Biro, Breda
T/G supplier: Siemens, Ansaldo, Elin
EPC: Biro, Borsig, Ashok Pithwalla BoB Jashmin Ltd
Quick facts: Units 5&6 are each coupled to a 5 MGD desalination chain. These generating sets were updated with Emerson control systems in 2007.

Photograph courtesy of stedentip.files.wordpress.com
Posted 26 Dec 2016

Al Taweelah-B
Location: Abu Dhabi
Operator: Taweelah Asia Power Co
Configuration: 6 X 123-MW, desalination
Fuel: natural gas
Operation: 1995-1996
Boiler supplier: Babcock Lentjes Industriekessel
T/G supplier: ABB
EPC: Tractebel, Sadelmi
Quick facts: The Al Taweelah site is 80km north of Abu Dhabi City. TAPCO is owned by Taweelah United Power Co (60%) and AGP Holding Co (40%). In turn, TUP is owned by TAQA (90%) and ADWEA (10%), while AGP is owned by Marubeni (35%), BTU Power (25%), Powertek (25%), and JGC (10%). The electricity and water output of the B Plant is sold on a long-term basis to the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Co.

Photograph courtesy of Taweelah Asia Power Co
Posted 7 Sep 2014

  Zouk Mikhail
Location: Lebanon
Operator: Electricite du Liban
Configuration: 3 X 145 MW, 1 X 172 MW
Operation: 1984-1987
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Breda, Stein
T/G supplier: Ansaldo, Marelli, Ahlstom
EPC: Stein
Quick facts: This is the largest power station in Lebanon.

Photograph courtesy of Electricite du Liban
Posted 22 Jul 2005



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