Gas- and Oil-fired Plants in Hungary

Location: Pest
Operator: Dunamenti Eromu Rt
Configuration: 1 X 24.5 MW, 1 X 17 MW, 1 X 40 MW, 1 X 60 MW, 3 X 150 MW, 6 X 215 MW CHP
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1974-1976
Boiler supplier: Deutsche Babcock
T/G supplier: Lang, Ganz
Quick facts: Construction on the first phase of Dunamenti started in 1963 and was completed in 1969. In addition to electricity, thermal energy is supplied to Százhalombatta Oil Refinery. In 1974, the first units at the plant extension went online and in 1991, a 415-MW CCGT block was added. In 1995, the plant was bought by Powerfin-Tractebel. The three 150-MW sets were retired in 2005.

Photograph courtesy of Power Consult Ltd
Posted 25 Feb 2007

ISD Power
Location: Fejer
Operator: ISD Power Kft
Configuration: 1 X 4.5 MW, 1 X 8.5 MW, 1 X 16 MW, 2 X 20 MW CHP
Fuel: BFG, COG, natural gas, oil
Operation: 1953-1990
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Lang
Quick facts: This power station is associated with the Dunaferr steelworks. It serves the industrial site and the local municipality with electricity and heat and alos operates in parallel with the national network. Plant ownership was restructured in Mar 1991 and it was sold to EMA-Power, a JV including El Paso Corp, in Jul 1997. The JV was liquidated in Jan 2005 and the power station repurchased by Dunaferr . EMA-Power became ISD Power in Aug 2007.

Photograph courtesy of ISD Power Kft
Posted 16 Feb 2013

Location: Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen
Operator: Tisza Erőmű Kft
Configuration: 4 X 215 MW
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1972-1978
Boiler supplier: Tlmace
T/G supplier: Lang, Ganz
Quick facts: If natural gas supply is curtailed, the plant can use fuel oil delivered to the plant through pipeline from the Tisza Refinery of MOL Rt. Tisza-2 has a 220kV substation for Units 1&2 and a 400kV substation for Units 3&4. The stack is 250m high. Tisza-II has been mothballed.The plant was acquired by AES Corp in 1996 and sold on to a local investor group in 2012.

Photograph courtesy of AES Tisza Eromu Kft
Posted 19 Jan 2004


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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