Gas- and Oil-Fired Plants in the Caribbean
Location: Aruba
Operator: WEB Aruba NV
Configuration: 2 X 7.5 MW, 4 X 33 MW
Operation: 1958-2000
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: B&W, CE
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: The Balashi plant supplies both electricity and desalinated water for Aruba. Plant output is sold to Elmar, an affiliated company that is the local power retailer. Both are owned by the Aruba government.

Photograph courtesy of WEB Aruba NV
Posted 9 Jul 2003

Carlos Cespedes
Location: Cuba
Operator: Union Electrica
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW, 2 X 50 MW, 2 X 169 MW
Operation: 1955-1975
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Tlmace, Skoda, Hitachi
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: Although it is Cuba’s smallest province, Cienfuegos is a major industrial center with oil- and sugar refineries, cement factories, and major port operations. In 2001, Unit-1 was extensively renovated.

Posted 19 Jan 2004

Old Harbour
Location: Jamaica
Operator: Jamaica Public Service Co Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 33 MW, 1 X 60 MW, 2 X 68.5 MW
Fuel: HFO
Operation: 1968-1973
Boiler supplier: Tosi, MHI, FW
T/G supplier: Tosi, Ansaldo, Hitachi, GE
Quick facts: This is the main JPS thermal power station. It is on Old Harbour Bay in St Catherines Parish, about 40km from Kingston.

Photograph by carrus10 (Panoramio)
Posted 13 Apr 2014

Port of Spain
Location: Trinidad & Tobago
Operator: PowerGen Co of Trinidad & Tobagoo
Configuration: 2 X 50 MW, 2 X 80 MW
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 1976-1985 (ret)
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: Parsons, GE
Quick facts: The Port of Spain power station also has two 24-MW Olympus gas turbines installed in 1984. The burner management system on Unit-4 was changed out in 2006. Port of Spain was closed 14 Jan 2015. The site had been used for power generation since 1895.

Photograph courtesy of Power Generation Co of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd
Posted 28 Apr 2010

Rio Haina
Location: Dominican Republic
Operator: EGE Haina
Configuration: 2 X 54 MW, 2 X 85 MW
Fuel: HFO
Operation: 1968-1977
Boiler supplier: CE, B&W
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: This coastal plant in in San Cristobal province, adjacent to the southwest districts of Santo Domingo. A 100-MW Siemens combustion turbine was added in 1998.

Photograph courtesy of EGE Haina
Posted 20 Jul 2016

San Pedro Haina
Location: Dominican Republic
Operator: EGE Haina
Configuration: 1 X 33 MW
Fuel: No 6 oil, bagasse, barbojo
Operation: 1990
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: MHI
Quick facts: This near the mouth of the Rio Higuama in La Punta Pescadora across the river from San Pedro Marcoris.

Photograph courtesy of EGE Haina
Posted 20 Jul 2016


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 20-Jul-2016