Gas- and Oil-fired Plants in Brazil



Location: RJ
Operator: Furnas
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW
Operation: 1968
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
Quick facts: The Campos plant was built by Centrais Eletricas Fluminenses and integrated into the Furnas system in 1977.

Photograph courtesy of Furnas
Posted 10 Sep 2003


Location: SP
Operator: Empresa Metropolitana de Aguas e Energia SA
Configuration: 2 X 100 MW, 2 X 136 MW
Operation: 1954-1960
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: GE
Quick facts: Piratininga TPP was conceived in the early 1950s after poor water conditions left the rapidly-industrializing Sao Paulo region short of power. The site is on Canal Pinheiros near Billings reservoir. The first two units went online 15 Nov 1954. In the mid 1980s, the fuel was switched to low-sulfur fuel oil and starting in Aug 2000, the plant began using natural gas. In Jan 2001, EMAE formed a consortium with Petrobras which installed two pairs of Alstom GT11N2 gas turbines in simple cycle in 2002/03. The extension power plant is known as Fernando Gasparian.

Photograph courtesy of EMAE
Posted 11 Jul 2009

Presidente Vargas Steel Mill
Location: RJ
Operator: Cia Siderurgica National (CSN)
Configuration: 2 X 115 MW
Operation: 1999
Fuel: top gas, COG, tar, natural gas, heavy oil
Boiler supplier: Steinmuller
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Sachahin, Sade/Perez Companc
Quick facts: In July 1997, CSN placed an order with Siemens for the new power plant, which provides about half the power needed for the steel works.

Photograph courtesy of Grupo Schahin
Posted 28 Jan 2004

Santa Cruz
Location: RJ
Operator: Furnas
Configuration: 2 X 82 MW, 2 X 218 MW
Operation: 1967-1973
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: B&W, CE
T/G supplier: WH
Quick facts: Cia Hidreletrica do Vale do Paraiba began construction of Santa Cruz. After this company was absorbed by Eletrobras, the plant was transferred to Furnas who completed the two units and added two more. Units 1&2 were repowered with 185-MW SWPC W501F gas turbines in 2002.

Photograph courtesy of Furnas
Posted 10 Sep  2003

Sao Goncalo
Location: RJ
Operator: Furnas
Configuration: 1 X 11 MW, 1 X 22 MW
Operation: 1956-1961
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: B&W
T/G supplier: GE, WH
Quick facts: Sao Goncalo was originally built by Cia Brasileira de Energia Eletrica (CBEE) and is now part of the Furnas system.

Photograph courtesy of Furnas
Posted 22 Mar 2003

Sol Coke Works
Location: ES
Operator: Sol Coqueria Tubarão
Configuration: 2 X 99 MW
Operation: 2007
Fuel: waste heat
HRSG supplier: Kawasaki
T/G supplier: Kawasaki
EPC: Andrade Gutierrez
Quick facts: Sol Coqueria Tubarão, a JV of CST-Arcelor Brasil (62%), Belgo-Arcelor Brasil (37%) and Sun International Coke (1%), built this new 1.55mn tpy coke production plant. In Mar 2005, Kawasaki received a ¥10bn order for a coke oven gas recovery power plant. In addition to the two turbosets and 8 HRSGs behind the coke ovens, Kawasaki supplied the control systems and a flue gas desulfurization system. About 130 MW of capacity is available to produce electricty for the grid.

Photograph courtesy of CST-Arcelor Brasil
Posted 19 Aug 2009


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