Gas- and Oil-Fired Plants in Australia & Oceania
Location: Guam
Owner: Guam Power Authority
Configuration: 2 X 66 MW steam, 2 X 40 MW 12K80MC-S engines
Operation: 1974-1996
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: B&W
E/G supplier: MAN B&W, Hanjung
EPC: Merz, Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd
Quick facts: This is the largest power plant on Guam. Operations at the plant were turned over to private contractors under Performance Management Contracts (PMC). In 2003, Taiwan Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services was awarded the PMC for Cabras 1&2 and in 2005 Doosan Engine was awarded the contract for Cabras 3&4, thereby completing the management privatization of all of GPA’s baseload power plants. The diesel engines run in combined cycle with a 1.6-MW steam set from Peter Brotherhood. Unit-4, the second DPP, was heavily damaged by a fire on 31 Aug 2015 and Unit-3 was also damaged. In Feb 2016, Unit-4 was declared a total loss with cost estimates of $40mn to repair Unit-3 and shared structures.

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Location: Australia (VIC)
Operator: Ecogen Energy
Configuration: 1 X 510 MW
Operation: 1980
Fuel: natural gas, distillate oil
Boiler supplier: ICL
T/G supplier: BBC
EPC: International Combustion Australia Ltd
Quick facts: Newport was sold by the State of Victoria to AES Corp in 1999 and, with other assets, sold on to Babcock & Brown in 2006. In 2008, B&B sold its stake to co-shareholder Industry Funds Management (now IFM Investors). Newport-D was the largest oil and gas-fired conventional unit ever built in Australia. The stack is 183m tall.

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Posted 9 Oct 2004

Location: Papua New Guinea
Owner: Bougainville Copper Ltd (BCL)
Configuration: 3 X 45 MW
Operation: 1971
Fuel: heavy oil
Boiler supplier: Babcock-Hitachi
T/G supplier: Toshiba
Quick facts: This power station on Anewha Bay was built to supply electricity for the massive BCL copper mine in the mountains 28km road miles southwest of the coastal facilities. In addition to the steam sets, there were two John Brown 6001B combustion turbines installed in 1984. In Nov 1988, BCL facilities were attacked and damaged as part of generalized civil unrest in Bougainville and there were further attacks in Apr and May 1989 leading to BCL’s withdrawal from the island in Mar 1990. Arrangements were made with local contractors for the care and surveillance of BCL’s assets on the island but this arrangement proved untenable and the Loloho power station ran out of fuel and closed on 1 Jun 1990. There have been intermittent discussions on re-opening the mine, but thus far without result.

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Posted 12 Apr 2008

New Plymouth
Location: New Zealand
Operator: Contact Energy Ltd
Configuration: 5 X 120 MW
Operation: 1974-1975 (ret)
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: ICL
T/G supplier: Parsons
EPC: New Zealand Public Works Dept, Downer & Co
Quick facts: Construction at new Plymouth began in 1968 and the station was designed to use natural gas from the Maui and TAW gas fields. In 2005, the plant was modified to allow for fuel oil usage in emergencies. When completed in 1972, the 198m stack was the tallest manmade structure in New Zealand. It consists of a 90ft diameter reinforced concrete windshield and five 11f diameter brick flues with almost a 1mn bricks in total The stack designer was Karrena Feuerungsbau. New Plymouth was retired in 2007 and sold to Port Taranaki in 2013 for NZ$15.5mn. Demolition began in Feb 2014. The 165m long, 20-story turbine hall will be gutted, but the structure will remian intact and repurposed for bulk storage. The chimney will remain in place.

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Posted 13 Oct 2010

Location: New Zealand
Operator: Mighty River Power
Configuration: 2 X 120 MW
Operation: 1967 (ret)
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Babcock & Wilcox Canada
T/G supplier: AEG
Quick facts: The EPC work for Marsden-A was a joint venture between Fletcher Construction Co, Downer & Co, and Wilkins and Davis Ltd. The project began in 1965. The "A" plant was demolished ca 1997. Photo is from 1976 showing the Marsden-B unit under construction in the foreground.

Photograph courtesy of The Fletcher Trust
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Location: New Zealand
Operator: Mighty River Power
Configuration: 1 X 250 MW
Operation: 1979 (completed, never operated)
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
Quick facts: In Nov 2004, Mighty River Power filed a "Resource Consent Applications and Assessment of Environmental Effects" as part of a public consultation process to repower the Marsden-B, a 250-MW oil-fired unit completed in 1979, but never commissioned. The site has the required transmission and cooling system infrastructure and a deepwater port on Bream Bay. The Marsden-B stack was demolished in Oct 1997 along with fuel storage tanks and the main "A" power station components. In Mar 2007, Mighty River terminated the Marsden-B repowering effort. In Sep 2009, it was reported that the main equipment had been sold to an Indian company for NZ$20.4mn for planned dismantling and removal overseas.

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Posted 23 Oct 2010

Location: Guam
Owner: Pruvient Energy Guam LLC
Configuration: 2 X 26.5 MW
Operation: 1971-1973
Fuel: FO No 6
Boiler supplier: CE
E/G supplier: GE
EPC: Black & Veatch
Quick facts: This PS is in Barrigada, Dededo. In Sep 1996, GPA contracted plant management to HEI Power Corp. Mirant then ran the plant from 2002-2003 and thereafter Pruvient Power took over the job.In Nov 2014, GPA filed to terminate the contract, which was costing $550,000/mo for continuous operation. Tanguisson will then be mothballed or closed.

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Posted 25 Jul 2015

Torrens Island
Location: Australia (SA)
Operator: CLP Power Australia
Configuration: 4 X 120 MW, 4 X 200 MW
Operation: 1967-1981
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: Carves, Dodds, BPL
T/G supplier: Parsons
Quick facts: Torrens Island was for years Australia's single largest end-user of natural gas. In May 2000, the station was leased by TXU Australia for a 100yr term. The asset was sold to Singapore Power Intl in 2004 and sold again to CLP in May 2005.

Photograph courtesy of TXU Australia
Posted 9 Oct 2004


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