Gas- and Oil-Fired Plants in Southeast Asia
Cilegon KDL
Location: Indonesia
Operator: PT Krakatau Daya Listrik
Configuration: 5 X 80 MW
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Operation: 1979
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Thyssen
Quick facts: This plant at the PT Krakatau steelworks is one of the three largest captive power plants in Indonesia. It was built by PT Krakatau Steel and spun out into subsidiary KDL in Feb 1996. A new CCGT block is planned to sell to the grid.

Photograph courtesy of PT Krakatau Daya Listrik
Posted 11 Apr 2011

Hiep Phuoc
Location: Vietnam
Operator: Hiep Phouc Power Co
Configuration: 3 X 125 MW
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Operation: 1997-1998
Boiler supplier: Harbin
T/G supplier: Harbin
EPC: Shenzhen Energy Engineering/Central Southern China Electric Power Design Inst, Harbin, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd
Quick facts: Hiep Phuoc Power Corporation was established to build the first foreign-owned, large-scale power project in Vietnam. HPPC supplies power to the manufacturers in Tan Thuan EPZ, the residents and companies in New City Center, Saigon South, and manufacturers in Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park. Excess production is transferred to EVN. The investment licens was granted in Sep 1993, ground breaking was in Sep 1994, and Unit-1 was commissioned in Feb 1998. All three units were converted to natual gas firing capability in a project ending in Oct 2009.

Photograph courtesy of Hiep Phuoc Power Co
Posted 10 Sep 2011

Location: Philippines
Operator: STX Marine Services Co Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 300 MW, 1 X 350 MW
Fuel: crude oil, residual oil
Operation: 1975-1979
Boiler supplier: Babcock-Hitachi
T/G supplier: Siemens, Hitachi
EPC: Siemens, TDKL
Quick facts: The Malaya TPP in Pililla, Rizal, was part of National Power Corp for years .It was put into the hands of Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp and was then rehabiliated and operated by Korea Electric Power after international bidding for a rehab and O&M contract. That arrangement expired in 2011 and the O&M contract was taken over by SPC Power in Oct 2011 and renewed in Nov 2012. Unit-1 was overhauled again in 2014/15 by the current plant operator STX Marine Services.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 2 Sep 2015

O Mon Unit-1
Location: Vietnam
Operator: Electricity of Vietnam
Configuration: 1 X 330 MW
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Operation: 2009
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
EPC: Tokyo Electric Power Services, Power Engineering & Consulting Co 2, Toa Corp, Lilama
Quick facts: O Mon is on the Hau River in Cah Tho province. The site is 18km upstream from Can Tho City in the Mekong Delta. A second 330-MW steam unit is in planning, as are 3 X 750 MW CCGT blocks. The first unit cost $555mn, 85% of which was financed by the JBIC with preferential ODA loans. Construction began in Feb 2006.

Photograph courtesy of Vietnam My Country (Panoramio)
Posted 13 Nov 2010

Pulau Seraya
Location: Singapore
Operator: PowerSeraya
Configuration: 9 X 250 MW steam, 2 X 370 CC blocks with V94.3A gas turbines, 2 X 25 MW gas turbine
Fuel: natural gas, oil, orimulsion
Operation: 1986-2002
Boiler/HRSG supplier: IHI, B-H, Mitsui
T/G supplier: Hitachi, Parsons, Siemens
Quick facts: This plant is on Jurong Island. In 2003, PowerSeraya began the conversion of three of the conventional steam plants to Orimulsion. This cost S$200mn and was completed in 2005. Orimulsion exports from Venezuela were later terminated.

Photograph courtesy of PowerSeraya
Posted 4 Oct 2004

Ratchaburi Steam
Location: Thailand
Operator: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding plc
Configuration: 2 X 735 MW
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Operation: 2000
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
Quick facts: These units are the largest in Thailand. They have MHI wet limestone FGD systems for oil firing.

Photograph courtesy of Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding
Posted 13 Sep 2006

Location: Singapore
Operator: Tuas Power Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 600 MW
Operation: 1999
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Boiler supplier: B-H
T/G supplier: Hitachi
EPC: Marubeni, Taihei Dengyo Kaisha
Quick facts: The two blocks to the left rear in the photo are the largest generating units in Singapore. Two additional 600-MW conventional oil- and gas-fired sets were cancelled and the plant built out with four combined-cycle blocks instead (foreground). For a time, two 600-MW coal-fired units were planned. The Tuas steam plant has Yokogawa's CENTUM CS integrated DCS.

Photograph courtesy of Tuas Power Generation Ltd
Re-posted 20 Feb 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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