Other Fossil-Fueled Plants in Africa
Location: Libya
Operator: General Electricity Co of Libya
Configuration: 4 X 350 MW
Operation: 2016-??
Fuel: natural gas, HFO, LFO
Boiler supplier: Doosan
T/G supplier: Hitachi
EPC: Hyundai, Gama, Bechtel
Quick facts: In 1997, offers for equipment and construction services for GECOL’s $1.6bn, 1,200-MW Al-Khaleej CCGT desalination project were first made, but the specifications changed thereafter. In the end, conventional, boilers were ordered for the site 30km west of Sirte. Work began in 2007 on the facility, also known as the Gulf Project, and it was originally due online in 2014. Work stopped in 2011 due to security issues and the site was closed down again in Jun 2015 when radical Islamists took it over. The area was recaptured 1yr later by Misrata-led forces. The Al-Khaleej scheme includes a 1km offshore seater intake for cooling water, a 2km offshore single-point offshore mooring for fuel oil unloading, fuel oil storage tanks, and multi-effect desalination units. Unit-1 was put online on 17 Jul 2016.

Photograph courtesy of www.libyaobserver.ly
Posted 20 Jul 2016

Djarmaya Oil Refinery
Location: Chad
Operator: Djarmaya Oil Refinery
Configuration: 5 X 12 MW
Operation: 2011
Fuel: heavy oil, diesel oil, natural gas, LPG
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: China National Electric Engineering Co Ltd, China Electric Design and Research Institute
Quick facts: In April 2011, the first unit was synchronized at this gird-connected captive power plant. The refinery is a 60:40 JV of China National Petroleum Corp and the GOC . The site is 60km north of N'Djamena. NTFB Combustion Equipment USA put in the custom burner systems for five watertube boliers.

Photograph courtesy of NTFB Combustion Equipment USA
Posted 7 Sep 2016

Location: Nigeria
Operator: Power Holding Co of Nigeria plc
Configuration: 6 X 220 MW
Operation: 1985-1987
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: Babcock-Hitachi
T/G supplier: HItachi
EPC: Marubeni, HItachi, Monenco, Bouygues
Quick facts: Egbin TPP is 40km northeast of Lagos in Ijede LCDA , Ikorodu LGA. It is the largest conventional power station in Nigeria and has historically accounted for about a quater of the country's electricity. Unit-1 went commercial in May 1985 and the station was fully commissioned in Nov 1987on fuel oil. Gas firing bgan in Oct 1988.

Photograph courtesy of Chevron Gas
Posted 28 Jul 2012

El Gaili-4
Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Thermal Power Generation Co
Configuration: 2 X 50 MW
Operation: 2009
Fuel: pet coke
Boiler supplier: China Western Power
T/G supplier: Harbin
EPC: CMEC, Lahmeyer
Quick facts: In 2004, NEC signed a contract with CMEC for two 50-MW, CFB units to extend the El Gaili power plant. In Jun 2006, Mott MacDonald was appointed owner's engineer for the $175mn project.

Photograph courtesy of China Western Power
Posted 8 Jan 2011

Location: Rwanda
Operator: Rwanda Energy Group Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 15 MW
Operation: 2016
Fuel: peat
Boiler suppler: ??
T/G supplier: ??
EPC: Shengli Energy Group, Ruhn Power Group, Punj Llyod
Quick facts: This facility in Rusizi district,southwesterm Rwanda, is the only peat-fired power plant in Afica. The total project cost is $36mn, of which $31mn was secured through an agreement with the Bank of Kigali. WAPCOS was onwers engineer. Construction bgan in 2010 but completion was delayed for several years past the original schedule. The Gishoma peat bog was first exploited in colonial times.

Photograph courtesy of Ruhn Power Group
Re-posted 2 Dec 2016

Location: Morocco
Operator: ONE
Configuration: 4 X 75 MW
Operation: 1979
Fuel: heavy fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Ansaldo
T/G supplier: Ansaldo

Photograph courtesy of ONE
Posted 12 Dec 2004

Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Thermal Power Generation Co
Configuration: 4 X 125 MW
Operation: 2013-2015
Fuel: crude oil
Boiler supplier: BHEL
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: BHEL, MAM Holding
Quick facts: In July 2006, NEC and BHEL signed a BTG and EPC contract for the $457.5mn, Kosti power station. The site is 6km east of Rabak city, White Nile state. Fichtner was owner’s engineer. UNit-4 was synchronized on 20 Jun 2013. and the plant was inaugurated by President El-Basheer on 5 February 2016. Design fuel is local crude oil. The stacks are 120m tall.

Photograph courtesy of Sudanese Thermal Power Generation Co
Posted 1 Jun 2016

Mahmoud Sharif
Location: Sudan
Operator: Sudanese Thermal Power Generation Co
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW, 2 X 60 MW, 2 X 100 MW
Operation: 1985-2015
Fuel: HFO
Boiler supplier: ICL, Biro, Wuhan
T/G supplier: Parsons, ABB, Harbin, Peebles, Alstom
EPC: Rendel, NEI, Ingra, Polnoc, Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute, NPGC, CMEC, Sepco No 3
Quick facts: Also known as Khartoum North.

Photograph courtesy of Sepco No 3 Huafeng
Posted 20 Feb 2016

Marsat El Hadjadj
Location: Algeria
Operator: Sonelgaz Production de l’Electricite
Configuration: 5 X 180 MW
Operation: 1982-1991
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: Breda
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo
Quick facts: These units were rehabilitated in 2004/05 with new ABB automation systems and other improvements. RSW and BCC Services were contractors on the automation project. In 2006, Ansaldo was contracted for a general overhaul of Unit-4. In 2007, 8 GTs were relocated to the site from the Sonelgaz M'Sila power plant.

Photograph courtesy of Sonelgaz
Posted 30 Jan 2010

Location: Libya
Operator: Libyan Iron & Steel Co
Configuration: 6 X 85 MW
Operation: 1989-1990
Fuel: natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: ICL
T/G supplier: Fuji
EPC: Hyundai Engineering
Quick facts: Misurata is a combined power and desalination plant.

Photograph courtesy of Hyundai Engineering Co Ltd
Posted 5 Aug 2004

Location: Tunisia
Operator: Societe Tunisienne de l'Electricite et du Gaz (STEG)
Configuration: 4 X 170 MW
Operation: 1986-1998
Fuel: fuel oil
Boiler supplier: MHI, Ansaldo
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco, Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo, Elettra Progetti

Photograph courtesy of Societe Tunisienne de l'Electricite et du Gaz (STEG)
Posted 2 Jul 2014

Location: Tunisia
Operator: Societe Tunisienne de l'Electricite et du Gaz (STEG)
Configuration: 2 X 160 MW
Operation: 1979
Fuel: fuel oil, natural gas
Boiler supplier: Biro
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens
Quick facts: This plant is in Sidi Abdel Hmid.

Photograph by Habib m'henni (wikimedia)
Posted 2 Jul 2014


Tripoli West
Location: Libya
Operator: General Electricity Co of Libya
Configuration: 5 X 65 MW, 2 X 120 MW
Operation: 1975-1980
Fuel: heavy oil, light oil
Boiler supplier: Stein, BHEL
T/G supplier: Rateau, Alsthom, BHEL

Photograph courtesy of Nomadia General Construction & Electrical Works
Posted 18 Jul 2012


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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