Coal-Fired Power Plants in England - South
Location: London
Operator: County of London Electricity Supply Board, later British Electricity Authority, CEGB
Configuration: ??
Fuel: coal
Operation: A plant 1925-1929, B Plant 1933-1940, C Plant ??-1954, plant closed by 2000
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Photo ca 1950. Reputed to be the largest power station in the world at various times in its development.

Photograph courtesy of Borough of Barking & Dagenham
Posted 16 Apr 2005

Location: Enfield (London)
Operator: North Metropolitan Electric Power Supply Co, later CEGB
Configuration: ??
Fuel: coal
Operation: A plant 1904 (ret 1976), B Plant 1932 (ret 1976)
Boiler supplier: Mitchell Engineering
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Said to be the only British example of the Loeffler boiler system. Site reused for 400-MW Enfield CCGT plant.

Photograph by Peter Land (geographa)
Posted 1 Jun 2008

Brunwick Wharf
Location: London
Operator: CEGB
Configuration: 4 X 55 MW, 2 X 60 MW
Operation: 1951-1952 (ret 1984)
Fuel: coal, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Clarke Chapman, John Brown
T/G supplier: Metropolitan Vickers
EPC: Illingworth, L G Mouchel & Partners, Marples Ridgeway, Farmer & Dark, Peter Lind & Co
Quick facts: This plant was first proposed in 1939 and designed during the war, but construction did not get underway until 1947 on a 16.5ac site acquired from Poplar Borough Council.  were building contractors. In Apr 1948, responsibility for completion of Brunswick Wharf passed to the British Electricity Authority after nationalization. The station was officially opened on 6 Oct 1954 by Lord Citrine, BEA Chairman. At completion, the estimated cost was 5.5mn. The design is reminiscent of the monumental appearance used at Battersea and elsewhere. The main building was 740ft long and the stacks stood 300ft tall. In 1970/71, the plant was converted to oil firing. Brunswick Wharf ceased generating in Mar 1984 and closed in Oct 1984. The site was sold in 1987 for redevelopment and the power station was demolished in 1988/89.

Photograph by Ian M (geograph)
Posted 31 May 2008

Location: Oxfordshire
Operator: RWE Innogy
Configuration: 4 X 500 MW
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas
Operation: 1972-1973 (ret)
Boiler supplier: BPL
T/G supplier: Parsons
Quick facts: Didcot-A was cosed in Mar 2013.

Photograph by Christopher Bell
Posted 22 Jan 2003

Location: Devon
Operator: Exeter City Corp
Configuration: 15.35 MW
Fuel: coal
Operation: 1903-? (ret 1960)
Boiler supplier: Babcock & Wilcox
T/G supplier: Bellis & Morcom, British Westinghouse

Photograph courtesy of South Western Electricity Historical Soc
Posted 25 Nov 2003

Location: Kent
Operator: E.ON UK plc
Configuration: 4 X 500 MW
Fuel: bituminous coal
Operation: 1970-1973 (ret)
Boiler supplier: ICL
T/G supplier: GEC
EPC: Kier
Quick facts: For a time, E.ON was planning to replace the existing units at Kingsnorth with a pair of 800-MW supercritical coal-fired units. The plant was closed on 17 Dec 2012.

Photograph courtesy of E.ON UK
Re-posted 17 Apr 2010

Lots Road New
Location: London
Operator: London Underground Ltd
Configuration: 6 X 30 MW
Fuel: coal, oil
Operation: 1965-1968 (ret 2002)
Boiler supplier: Babcock & Wilcox Ltd
T/G supplier: Parsons

Photograph courtesy of London's Transport Museum
Posted 12 Jan 2003

Location: Berkshire
Operator: Scottish and Southern Energy plc
Configuration: 1 X 9 MW, 2 X 15 MW, 1 X 8 MW, 1 X 30 MW, 1 X 29 MW GT
Fuel: coal, natural gas, refuse, paper waste, biomass
Operation: 1954-2002
Boiler supplier: Foster Wheeler
T/G supplier: JBE, Siemens, Brush, Peter Brotherhood
Quick facts: Slough Heat & Power Ltd was the utilities subsidiary of Slough Estates plc, a major property investment and development company. SHP was acquired by SSE in Jan 2008. It supplies electricity and heat from a multfuel CHP plant to about 800 industrial properties and 2,000 nearby domestic and commercial properties. The power station has been in existence since the Slough Trading Estate was created in the 1920s.

Photograph courtesy of Slough Heat & Power Ltd
Posted 16 Apr 2005

West Ham B
Location: London
Operator: CEGB
Configuration: 4 X 30 MW
Operation: 1949-1952 (ret 1983)
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: John Thompson
T/G supplier: English Electric
EPC: Illingworth, L G Mouchel & Partners, Marples Ridgeway, Farmer & Dark, Peter Lind & Co
Quick facts: The West Ham site is on Bow Creek (the tidal mouth of the River Lea) at Canning Town, east London. The first power station at Canning Town was opened by the municipal council in 1904, in part to supply traction power. The station was extended several times between 1904 and 1930. In Sep 1940, the West Ham plant was damaged in a bombing raid. The power station was taken over by London Electricity Board in 1947, whcih built the B plant south of the existing site.

Photograph by Peter Land (wikimedia)
Posted 1 Jun 2008


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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