Coal-Fired Plants in Sweden
Location: Vastmanland
Operator: Malarenergi AB
Configuration: 2 X 75 MW, 2 X 250 MW
Operation: 1963-1973
Fuel: tall oil pitch, wood, peat, coal, oil
Boiler supplier: Motala, Sulzer
T/G supplier: Stal, Asea, Siemens
Quick facts: AB Aroskraft was created in 1966 to build Units 3&4. Prior to 1 Jan 2006, Fortum had become the principal owner of AB Aroskraft. At that time, Mälarenergi took over the Fortum stake and on 13 Oct 2006, AB Aroskraft was merged into Mälarenergi. This is the largst CHP plant in Sweden. Unit-3 is oil-fired only and used sparingly. A fifth boiler supplies steam to T/G No 4. This is a CFB installation dating to 2000 and has the 120m stack to the left of the photograph. Fuel burn is approximately 40% wood, biomass, and tall oil pitch 32% coal and oil, and 28% peat.

Photograph by Lasse Fredriksson and courtesy of Mälarenergi AB
Re-posted 3 Jun 2009

Location: Ostergotland
Operator: Tekniska Verken i Linkoping AB
Configuration: 2 X 31 MW, 1 X 41 MW CHP
Operation: 1964-1971
Fuel: coal, wood, oil
Boiler supplier: Svenska Maskinverken
T/G supplier: Stal, Asea

Photograph courtesy of Tekniska Verken i Linkoping AB
Posted 13 May 2006

Location: Stockholm
Operator: Fortum Generation AB
Configuration: 1 X 220 MW (conventional oil), 1 X 120 MW steam, 2 X 17 MW GT35B gas turbines (PFBC)
Operation: 1976-1990
Fuel: bituminous coal, heavy oil
Boiler supplier: Gotaverken, Biro
T/G supplier: Stal, ABB
Quick facts: This was the world's first commercial pressurized fluidized bed (PFBC) power plant. It supplies much of Stockholm's district heating load.

Photograph courtesy of National Energy Technology Laboratory
Posted 24 Oct 2004


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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