Coal-and Lignite-Fired Plants in Russia
Northern Caucasus FD
Location: Krasnodar Krai
Operator: TGK-13
Configuration: 12 MW CHP
Operation: ??
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Part of TGC-13

Photograph courtesy of TGC-13
Posted 20 Sep 2006

Location: Rostov
Operator: OGK-6
Configuration: 6 X 300 MW
Operation: 1965-1972
Fuel: coal, natural gas, oil
Boiler supplier: Taganrog
T/G supplier: Kharkov
EPC: SEP-Electric
Quick facts: The decision to build this plant was made in 1952. The initial configuration was 3 X 100 MW, then 4 X 150 MW, and then 3 X 200 MW. Finally, the designers settled on building six 300-MW sets using supercritical technology, only the second such power station in the Soviet Union. Construction got underway in Mar 1956 and commissioning of Unit-1 began in Dec 1964. This took just over 6 months as final design and construction issues were resolved and Unit-1 went commercial on 30 Jun 1965.

Photograph courtesy of Novocherkassk GRES
Posted 28 Jun 2006


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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