Coal-Fired Plants in Poland - other voivodeship
Location: Lodzkie
Operator: PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna SA
Configuration: 12 X 370 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1982-1988
Boiler supplier: Sulzer, Rafako
T/G supplier: BBC, Zamech, Dolmel
EPC: Energoprojekt-Warszawa, Energomontaz-Polnoc
Quick facts: Belchatow produced 31.1 TWh in 2011, almost 60% of the country's lignite-based power production. The plant is based on large lignite depostis first discovered in Dec 1960. In Jan 1975, the decision was made to build the power station and the first unit was synchronized on 29 Dec 1981. The last unit was commissioned on 12 Oct 1988. The units have been uprated by about 10 MW each by modernization of the turbine LP stages and further upgrades are underway. Units 3-12 have been retrofit with wet FGD scrubbers. The stacks are 300m tall.

Photograph courtesy of Ministerstwo Środowiska
Posted 26 Feb 2012

Location: Lodzkie
Operator: PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna SA
Configuration: 1 X 858 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 2011
Boiler supplier: Alstom, Rafako
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Alstom
Quick facts: At completion, this advanced supercritical unit was the largest generating unit in Poland. The project company was registered in Sep 1996 to build the plant and is 100% owned by PGE. The unit cost about €1.6bn. The unit synchronized on 10 Jun 2011 and was declared commercial on 4 Aug 2011. Maximum output of 910 MW has been recorded.

Photograph courtesy of PGE
Posted 26 Feb 2012

Dolna Odra
Location: Zachodnio-Pomorskie
Operator: PGE Zespól Elektrowni Dolna Odra SA
Configuration: 8 X 215 MW
Operation: 1974-1977
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Zamech, LMZ, Dolmel, Electrosila
Quick facts: Dolna Odra is one of three power plants owned by Zespol Elektrowni Dolna Odra and is the only large plant in northwest Poland. In 1993, Dolna Odra began extensive modernization activities at its plants and in 2000, acquired new controls systems from Pavilion Technologies and ABB for Units 7&8.

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Posted 17 Aug 2005

Lubin Copper Mine
Location: Dolnoslaskie
Operator: Energetyka Sp zoo
Configuration: 3 X 10 MW CHP
Operation: 1969-1973
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Rafako, Fakop
T/G supplier: Jugo, Dolmel

Photograph courtesy of Energetyka Sp zoo
Posted 20 Aug 2005

Location: Podkarpackie
Operator: Elektrocieplownia Mielec Spolka zoo
Configuration: 1 X 4 MW, 1 X 6 MW, 1 X 20 MW CHP
Operation: 1963-2004
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Kaluga
Quick facts: This CHP plant is located in the EURO-PARK Mielec Special Economic Zone and supplies Mielec and local industries with power and heat. In 2001, 85.37% shares of the company were acquired by EETEK Ltd representing DEXIA-FondElec Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Found LP investment fund.

Photograph courtesy of Elektrocieplownia Mielec Spolka zoo
Posted 8 Oct 2006

Location: Opolskie
Operator: PGE Elektrownia Opole SA
Configuration: 4 X 370 MW CHP
Operation: 1993-1997
Fuel: hard coal
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: ABB Zamech, ABB Dolmel
Quick facts: This plant is 275km southwest of Warsaw on a 470ha site just north of Opole and near the Odra River. Fuel is bituminous coal from mines about 100km away in Upper Silesia. In addition to electricity, Opole power station provides heat for a local housing estate and commercial buildings nearby. Wet limestone scrubbers built by Germany's Klockner-INA and SHL supply gypsum to an adjacent wallboard plant. A Power Plant Trading Card was made for this plant.

Photograph courtesy of Elektrownia Opole SA
Posted 26 Feb 2012

Location: Swietokrzyskie
Operator: Electrabel Polaniec SA
Configuration: 8 X 225 MW
Operation: 1979-1983
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Taganrog
T/G supplier: Zamech, Dolmel, Electrosila
Quick facts: In 1998, Units 5-8 were retrofit with FGD scrubbers. In 2000 and 2003, Electrabel acquired the entire ownership of the plant from the State Treasury. In the fall of 2004, an €8mn joint venture with forest products group Metso Paper got underway to supply and prepare biomass for co-combustion at Polaniec.

Photograph courtesy of Electrabel Polaniec SA
Posted 14 Sep 2004

Location: Zachodnio-Pomorskie
Operator: PGE Zespol Elektrowni Dolna Odra SA
Configuration: 2 X 60 MW CHP
Operation: 1960
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Babcock RFN
T/G supplier: AEG
Quick facts: The precipitator on Unit-2 was changed out in 2002 by Balcke-Rurr Rothemuhle Polska.

Photograph courtesy of PGE
Re-posted 17 Oct 2015

Location: Podlaskie
Operator: PEC w Suwalkach Sp zoo
Configuration: 1 X 12 MW CHP
Fuel: coal
Operation: 2008
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Ekol Energy, AVK
Quick facts: This heating company was formed in 1976 and transformed into a limited liability company in Jul 1997. It remains 100% owned by City of Suwalki and covers about 50% of the municipality's heat requirement from two plants with a total capacity of 139.5 MWt. The new CHP electricity unit was commissioned in Dec 2008.

Photograph courtesy of PEC w Suwalkach Sp zoo
Posted 26 Jan 2011

Location: Dolnoslaskie
Operator: PGE Elektrownia Turow SA
Configuration: 3 X 235 MW, 3 X 261 MW, 3 X 206 MW
Operation: 1962-1971
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: FW, EVT, Rafako
T/G supplier: Alstom, Zamech, Dolmel, Elektrotiazm, Electrosila, LMZ
Quick facts: Six of Turow's units have been retrofit with CFB boilers by Foster Wheeler.

Photograph courtesy of Elektrownia Turow SA
Re-posted 21 Oct 2006

Location: Zachodniopomorskie
Operator: OZEN PLUS Sp zoo
Configuration: 1 X 7.2 MW CHP
Operation: 2010
Fuel: coal, straw
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Awbud
Quick facts: In Jan 2008, AWBUD Design & Build began work on this CHP plant. In addition to power and heat, the facility is used for charcoal production. About 20,000 tpy of straw will be used along with wood chips. The plant is a project of BBI Zeneris investment fund.

Photograph courtesy of BBI Zeneris
Posted 19 Feb 2011

Location: Lodzkie
Operator: Energetyka Boruta Sp zoo
Configuration: 1 X 16.7 MW, 1 X 19.6 MW CHP
Fuel: lignite, peat
Operation: 2010
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: Lang, GANZ
Quick facts This DHS company was formed in 1998 and is now controlled by ELBIS. The power station had its genesis about 50yrs ago as part of the industrial concern Zakadów Przemysu Barwników Boruta SA.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 24 Jul 2010

Zielona Gora
Location: Lubusz
Operator: Elektrocieplownia Zielona Góra SA
Configuration: 2 X 12 MW CHP
Fuel: coal
Operation: 1976-1996
Boiler supplier: Fakop
T/G supplier: Jutoturbina, Dolmel, ABB
Quick facts: Unit-1 is now used for emergencies only.

Photograph courtesy of Elektrocieplownia Zielona Góra SA
Posted 24 Jan 2011


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