Coal-Fired Plants in Tamil Nadu
Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Madras Cements
Configuration: 2 X 18 MW
Operation: 2005
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Thermax
T/G supplier: TD Power Systems
EPC: Thermax
Ouick facts: CFB boilers. Constructed in 16 months.

Photograph courtesy of Thermax
Posted 12 Oct 2005

Cuddalore ILFS
Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: IL&FS Energy Development Co (IEDC)
Configuration: 2 X 600 MW
Operation: 2015-2016
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Harbin
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: Sepco No 3
Quick facts: In Sep 2008, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS) tendered for an EPC contractor for this merchant power station in Cuddalore district fueled with imported coal. Financial close was in Dec 2009 and the project received environmental clearance in 2010. China Datang supplied the FGD system. Unit-1 went commercial in Sep 2015.

Photograph courtesy of China Datang Corp
Posted 21 Feb 2016

Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Configuration: 2 X 60 MW, 3 X 110 MW
Operation: 1970-1975
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Brno, BHEL
T/G supplier: BHEL, Skoda
Quick facts: Coal for Ennore is supplied by Coal India from fields in Odisha and West Bengal. From Ennore Port, the material is transported by rail to the power station. Unit-5 was overhauled by Skoda in 2002.

Photograph courtesy of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Posted 23 Jul 2008

Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Coastal Energen Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 600 MW
Operation: 2014-2016
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Harbin
T/G supplier: Harbin
EPC: Northeast Electric Power Design Institute, Gammon is the lead construction contractor
Quick facts: In May 2008, Coastal Energen went out for bids for a 1,200-MW coal-fired power plant at Ottapidaram in Tuticorin district. In Feb 2009, the developer, a company of Dubai-based Coal and Oil Co LLC, signed a BTG agreement with Harbin for two 600-MW units for the Rs5,000cr project. Indonesian coal is the design fuel and about half of the output is sold to Tata Trading. Unit-1 went to full load in Dec 2014 and Unit-2 in Jan 2016.

Photograph courtesy of Harbin
Posted 5 Feb 2016

Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Configuration: 6 X 50 MW, 2 X 100 MW
Operation: 1962-1970
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: Taganrog
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: Neyveli operates the largest opencast lignite mines in India with annual production of about 24mn tons. The Neyveli plants were the first minemouth power stations in India.

Photograph courtesy of Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Posted 11 Jul 2007

Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Configuration: 7 X 210 MW
Operation: 1986-1993
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: Ganz-Danubius, EVT, BHEL
T/G supplier: Tosi, Marelli, BHEL
EPC: Development Consultants Private Ltd
Quick facts: These were the first tower-type, single-pass boilers in India. Power is sold to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry UT.

Photograph courtesy of Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Re-posted 11 Jul 2007

Neyveli-II Expansion
Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 250 MW
Operation: 2012-2013
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: BHEL
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: Tata Consulting Engineers, BHEL, EDAC Engineering
Quick facts: The main plant order to BHEL was placed on 19 Aug 2005 and Unit-1 was originally scheduled for service in Feb 2009. Actual COD was 4 Feb 2012. These are the launch examples of 250-MW CFB boilers in India. Original sanctioned cost was Rs 2030.78Cr. Also known as Nevyveli-III.

Photograph courtesy of Edison Edward Antony
Posted 9 Feb 2013

Neyveli Zero
Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: Taqa Neyveli Power Co Pvt Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 250 MW
Operation: 2002
Fuel: lignite
Boiler supplier: Austrian Energy
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Alstom
Quick facts: In Aug 1998. the $300mn, Neyveli Zero unit sponsored by CMS Energy received a government counter-guarantee. CMS held a 50% interest in the project with ABB Energy Ventures holding the balance. The project has a 30yr PPA with TNEB and financial close was in Nov 1999. Sargent & Lundy was owner’s engineer and the unit went commercial in Dec 2002. In Februay 2007, CMS and ABB agreed to sell Neyveli Zero and other power assets worth $1.39bn to Abu Dhabi National Energy Co PJSC (TAQA).

Photograph courtesy of Taqa
Posted 6 Jun 2014

Tuticorin NLC
Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: NLC Tamil Nadu Power Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 500 MW
Operation: 2015
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Boiler supplier: BHEL
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: Mecon, BHEL
Quick facts: In Nov 2005, NTPL submitted a proposal to the central government for approval to construct a 1,000-MW extension to TNEB’s existing Tuticorin TPS. The Rs4,500mn project is a joint venture of Neyveli Lignite Co and TNEB with NLC holding 89% of the equity. Investment approval was obtained in May 2008 and, in Jan 2009, NTPL placed the BTG order with BHEL. Coal linkage for about 4.6mn tpy of coal was secured from Mahanadi Coalfields in Odisha. The fuel mix is about 70% Mahanadhi Coal and 30% imported coal. Civil works started in late 2009, but construction was slowed by disputes over the allocation of project output. Unit-1 COD was 18 Jun 2015 and Unit-2 COD was 29 Aug 2015. The cooling towers are 147.7m tall and the stack is 275m tall.

Photograph courtesy of Neyveli Lignite Corp Ltd
Posted 13 Jan 2016

Location: Tamil Nadu
Operator: NTPC-Tamil Nadu Energy Co Ltd
Configuration: 3 X 500 MW
Operation: 2012-2014
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: BHEL
T/G supplier: BHEL
EPC: BHEL, Gammon
Quick facts: In Jul 2007, NTECL received investment approval for Vallur Phase-II, a pair of 500-MW units in Thiruvallur district not far from Enore TPS. In Aug 2007, NTECL awarded the Rs1,990cr BTG contract to BHEL for two units and in Sep 2009 added a third unit to the scope under a separate Rs1,300cr contract. In May 2008, REC sanctioned a Rs3796cr loan for the project. The plant connects to the 400kV gird. NTECL is a 50:50 joint venture of NTECL and TNEB established in May 2003 for power development. Unit-1 went commercial 28 Mar 2012.

Photograph by VtTN (wikimedia)
Re-posted 22 Dec 2014


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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