Coal-Fired Plants in Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland
Location: SL
Operator: KW Bexbach VWG MbH
Configuration: 1 X 773 MW
Operation: 1983
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: EVT
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: This is the largest generating unit in Saarland.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG AG
Posted 24 Aug 2005

Ensdorf 1/3
Location: SL
Operator: VSE AG
Configuration: 1 X 120 MW (ret), 1 X 310 MW
Operation: 1964-19711971
Fuel: bituminous coal, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Steinmuller
T/G supplier: MAN, BBC
Quick facts: Ensdorf Unit-3 has a cyclone furnace and has trial-burned small quantities of sewage sludge and animal meal.

Photograph courtesy of RWE
Re-posted 1 May 2010

Location: RP
Operator: Pfalzwerke AG
Configuration: ??
Operation: ??
Fuel: coal (?)
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: Pfalzwerke was formed in Dec 1912 by the cities of Ludwigshafen, Homburg and Frankenthal along with the Rheini Schuckert transportation concern. The shareholders contributed three power stations to the new enterprise, Ludwigshafen (3.5 MW), Edenkoben (1.2 MW), and Homburg (370 kW). By Jun 1913, 36 municipalities with 210,000 inhabitants were connected to the Pfalzwerke distribution system and sales were 15,000 MWh. Today the company has sales of about 7 TWh to 1.6 consumers. The power plant shown is probably in Ludwigshafen and the photo was taken in 1915. Additional plant details are missing.

Photograph courtesy of Pfalzwerke AG
Posted 28 Dec 2007

Location: SL
Operator: Electrabel Deutschland
Configuration: 1 X 56 MW, 1 X 20 MW steam, 1 X 42 MW LM6000PD gas turbine CHP
Operation: 1967-2004
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: GEC-Alsthom, GE, Brush
Quick facts: This is an extensively updated, 50yr old CHP plant with new gas and steam turbines added along with a new CFB boiler and a supplementary HRSG. The plant is operated as a joint venture with Stadtwerke Saarbrucken and located near a Roman bridge site dating back 2,000yrs. A variety of artists have created special pieces for the power plant and environs.

Photograph courtesy of Electrabel Deutschland
Posted 12 Oct 2008

Volklingen-Fenne B&C
Location: SL
Operator: STEAG AG
Configuration: 1 X 195 MW, 1 X 212 MW CHP
Operation: 1982-1989
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Deutsche Babcock
T/G supplier: Siemens
Quick facts: Fludized-bed boilers.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG AG
Posted 29 Sep 2005

Location: SL
Operator: Saarenergie GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 707 MW CHP
Operation: 1976
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Steinmuller
T/G supplier: BBC
Quick facts: In Feb 2004, a start-up optimization package developed by ABB was used for the first time at this unit, the first known application of a non-linear, model-predictive multi-variable control system in the power plant sector.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG AG
Posted 15 Aug 2005



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