Coal-Fired Plants in Colombia

CPR Plant
Location: Boyaca
Operator: Cementos Argos SA
Configuration: 1 X 15 MW
Operation: 2008
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: ??
T/G supplier: SIemens
EPC: Siemens, Constructora Conconcreto
Quick facts: This one of three similar coal-fired captive power plants built for Cementos Argos, the market leader in Colombia for cement, and concrete.

Photograph courtesy of Siemens
Posted 13 Apr 2011

Gecelca-3 No 1
Location: Cordoba
Operator: Gecelca SA ESP
Configuration: 1 X 164 MW
Operation: 2015
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Shanghai
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: China United Engineering Corp, Dongfang Turbine Co Ltd
Quick facts: Gecelca PS is a minemouth PS near Puerto Libertador. The unit was licensed in Apr 2010 and a $236mn EPC contract was signed in Dec 2010. The unit went into operation in Sep 2015 with Colombia's first CFB boiler.

Photograph courtesy of Gecelca
Posted 12 Apr 2016

Location: Guajira
Operator: Gecelca SA ESP
Configuration: 1 X 162 MW, 1 X 168 MW
Operation: 1986-1987
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas
Boiler supplier: MHI
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
EPC: MHI, Asesorías & Construcciones, SADE SA
Quick facts: In April 2006, Gecelca - Generadora y Comercializadora de Energia del Caribe was created and the new company began operations in Feb 2007. Gecelca took over Corelca’s TermoGuajira, the largest coal-fired plant in Colombia, and its stake in the Tebsa CCGT plant.. The site is on the coast in Mingueo district, Dibulla municipality. Termoguajira operated on natural gas for a time due to environmental requirements to change out some of the ash handling system. Gecelca is still government-owned.

Photograph courtesy of Gecelca
Posted 9 Apr 2011

Location: Boyaca
Operator: Sochagota SA
Configuration: 1 X 165 MW
Operation: 1999
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Babcock & Wilcox Espanola
T/G supplier: ABB
EPC: Initec Energia, ABB
Quick facts: After six years of development and construction, this $220mn project was the first overseas power plant planned, financed and built by STEAG. TermoPaipa has a 20yr PPA with regional utility Empresa de Energía de Boyacá SA. The site is at 2,500m altitude.

Photograph courtesy of STEAG AG
Posted 17 Aug 2005

Location: Norte de Santander
Operator: Termotasajero SA ESP
Configuration: 1 X 163 MW
Operation: 1984
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Distral
T/G supplier: MHI, Melco
Quick facts: This unit went commercial on 17 Dec 1984 at a cost of $107mn, the largest investment ever in Norte de Santander department. It was originally operated by ICEL. The plant was sold off in 1996 and in 2007 was acquired by a group of pension and mutual funds.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 6 Apr 2011

Location: Cundinamarca
Operator: EMGESA SA
Configuration: 2 X 32 MW, 3 X 66 MW
Operation: 1964-1981
Fuel: bituminous coal, fuel oil
Boiler supplier: Foster Wheeler, Distral
T/G supplier: GE, Hitachi
Quick facts: Also known as Martin del Corral. Termozipa-1 was retired in 1993.

Photograph courtesy of EMGESA SA
Posted 17 May 2008


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 12-Apr-2016