Coal- and Lignite-Fired Plants in Bulgaria
AES Galabovo
Location: Stara Zagora
Operator: AES Bulgaria Holding
Configuration: 2 X 335 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 2011
Boiler supplier: Alstom
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Alstom, TGO Tekfen-Gama Partnership
Quick facts: In Jun 2006, AES broke ground on the company’s first project in Bulgaria. The plant was commissioned on 6 Jun 2011. The $1.3bn AES Galabovro PS (formerly AES Maritza East)  was the largest greenfield investment to that date in southeast Europe and the single largest foreign investment to that date date in Bulgaria’s power sector. Project Finance magazine named AES Maritza "European Power Deal of the Year" for 2005 and 29 international banks were in the financing consortium. Delphos International served as a financial advisor to AES. State-owned company MMI supplies fuel and NEK is contracted for 15yrs to purchase all plant output.

Photograph by Julien81 (wikipedia)
Re-posted 5 Feb 2014

Bobov Dol
Location: Kyustendil
Operator: Consortium Energiya MK
Configuration: 3 X 210 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1973-1975
Boiler supplier: Rafako
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: In a second privatization attempt, this plant was to be sold to PPC from Greece, but the sale was cancelled in May 2007. In Mar 2008, the Bulgarian privatization agency announced that the plant would go back on the market with a starting price of L100mn and the plant was subsequently acquired by a firm controlled by Hristo Kovachki. Unit-2 was deactivated at the end of 2007, but restarted for at time in early 2009 following the Russian-Ukraine gas dispute. All three units have be de-rated to 180 MW.

Photograph by Boby Dimitrov (wikipedia)
Posted 17 Jan 2009

Maritza East-2
Location: Stara Zagora
Operator: Maritsa East-2 TPP plc
Configuration: 4 X 150, 2 X 210 MW, 2 X 215 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1969-1996
Boiler supplier: Podoloski
T/G supplier: Kharkov, LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: This is the largest thermal power plant in Bulgaria and one of three power plants in the Maritsa East complex in the southeastern part of the country. The plant has a 512ha site near Radetski Villare and Lake Ovcharitsa 60km from the town of Stara Zagora. Units 7&8 are scrubbed and Units 1-6 are in the midst of major rehabilitation and scrubber retrofits. The two 325m stacks are the tallest structures in Bulgaria.

Photograph courtesy of Maritza East-2 TPP
Re-posted 1 Mar 2008

Maritza East-3
Location: Stara Zagora
Operator: Maritza East III Power Company AD
Configuration: 4 X 210 MW
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1978-1980
Boiler supplier: Podoloski
T/G supplier: LMZ

Photograph courtesy of Maritza East III Power Co
Posted 24 Jun 2006

Location: Pernik
Operator: Toplofikacia Pernik EAD
Configuration: 2 X 25 MW, 1 X 55 MW CHP
Fuel: lignite
Operation: 1951-1975
Boiler supplier: Brno
T/G supplier: Skoda
Quick facts: Republika is in Pernik in western Bulgaria. Unit-5 is being overhauled in a €6.5mn project funded by the EBRD.

Photograph from wikipedia
Posted 17 Jan 2009

Ruse Iztok
Location: Ruse
Operator: Toplofikacia Ruse EAD
Configuration: 2 X 30 MW, 2 X 110 MW, 2 X 60 MW CHP
Fuel: bituminous coal
Operation: 1964-1985
Boiler supplier: Brno, Barnaul
T/G supplier: Skoda, LMZ, Electrosila
EPC: Energoproekt
Quick facts: This power company was formed in 2000 from the Ruse TPP and the local heating company. First-phase plant construction began on 12 Oct 1961 and Unit-1 was synchronized in Oct 1964. Work on Phase-2 began in 1966 and two 110-MW condensing unts were added. The plant connects to the 110kV grid. Design fuel is Mark T coal, semi-anthracite.

Photograph from Toplofikacia Ruse EAD
Posted 30 May 2015

Location: Varna
Operator: TPP Varna ead
Configuration: 6 X 210 MW CHP
Fuel: bituminous coal, natural gas
Operation: 1968-1979
Boiler supplier: Taganrog
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: At the beginning of Oct 2006 ČEZ completed the acquisition of Varna power plant in northeastern Bulgaria close to the Black Sea port of the same name. This is the second largest thermal plant in Bulgaria and uses imported hard coal.

Photograph courtesy of CEZ as
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Updated 30-May-2015