Coal-Fired Power Plants in Africa - other countries
Belle Vue
Location: Mauritius
Operator: Compagnie Thermique de Belle Vue Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 35 MW
Operation: 2000
Fuel: coal, bagasse
Boiler supplier: CNIM
T/G supplier: Thermodyn
EPC: Duke Engineering & Services, Sotramon Ltee, SIDEC
Quick facts: This is the first IPP in Mauritius and was developed by a special-purpose company consisting of SIDEC (27%), Harel Frères (51%), the Sugar Investment Trust (14%), and the State Investment Corp (8%). Financing was by a syndicate of international banks led by Sumitomo and with risk coverage from Coface. Bagasse accounts for about a third of heat input.

Photograph courtesy of Sechilienne-Sidec
Posted 1 Apr 2006

Location: Zimbabwe
Operator: Zesa Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 15 MW, 3 X 30 MW
Operation: 1948-1957
Fuel: coal,
Boiler supplier: Babcock Power
T/G supplier: Parsons
EPC: Knight Piesold
Quick facts: Zesa and Botswana Power are jointly planning to rehabilitate this TPP, which is not in regular operation.

Photograph courtesy of Lahmeyer Group
Posted 28 May 2014

Location: Mauritius
Operator: Compagnie Thermique du Sud Ltd
Configuration: 1 X 35 MW
Operation: 2005
Fuel: coal, bagasse
Boiler supplier: Stein
T/G supplier: Thermodyn, Jeumont
EPC: Sotramon Ltee
Quick facts: This is the second limited recourse project financing undertaken in Mauritius and was developed in response to a competitive tendering process initiated by the Central Electricity Board (CEB) in Jan 2003. CTDS, a consortium of Cie Energie Sud Ltée (65%), Séchilienne-SIDEC (25%), and the Sugar Investment Trust (15%), was chosen as the power supplier for PPA negotiations in May 2003. The PPA was signed in Oct 2005 and is guaranteed by the government. Lenders were Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd and Barclays Bank with Freehills and De Comarmond & Koenig acting as legal consultants for the sponsors and lenders, respectively.

Photograph courtesy of Sechilienne-Sidec
Posted 1 Apr 2006

Location: Zimbabwe
Operator: Zesa Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
Configuration: 4 X 120 MW, 2 X 220 MW
Operation: 1984-1987
Fuel: bituminous coal, COG
Boiler supplier: ICAL, Babcock Power
T/G supplier: MAN, Alsthom, Ansaldo
EPC: Merz and McLellan, Watermeyer Legge Piesold & Uhlman, Griniker Roberts JV
Quick facts: This is Zimbabwe's largest thermal power plant and was built on a greenfield site 5km from Hwange town. Cooling water makeup comes through a 44km, 1m-diameter pipeline built from a lift station on the Zambezi River at the Deka River mouth. Coal is supplied via a 3.5km conveyor from Hwange Colliery's surface mine. The plant boilers are designed to operated on coal with up to 25% ash which heretofore had been mostly discarded. Coal burn is around 180,000t/month. When available, the plant also burns coke-oven gas from Zimbabwe Iron & Steel's coke works at Redcliff. The plant is being rehabilitated in a phased manner with financial assistance from NamPower, which has entered into a PPA with ZESA.

Photograph courtesy of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority
Posted 11 Feb 2009

Location: Morocco
Operator: ONE
Configuration: 3 X 55 MW
Operation: 1971-1972
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Teploenergo
T/G supplier: LMZ, Electrosila
Quick facts: The Jerada coal field in northeast Morocco was discovered in 1927 and put into production in 1932 by the local coal company Charbonnages du Maroc. This 1,000m deep mine worked a difficult and complex deposit of high-quality anthracite and in the early 1990s was producing 600,000 tpy. It was the only coal mine in the country until the main works finally closed in 2001/02 after years of declining output. The Jerada power station is being overhauled. Work on the first unit was completed in 2010. A new 350-MW set is planned at the site.

Photograph courtesy of ONE
Posted 12 Dec 2004

Jorf Lasfar
Location: Morocco
Operator: Jorf Lasfar Energy Co
Configuration: 2 X 330 MW, 2 X 348 MW
Operation: 1994-2001
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Stein, Alstom
T/G supplier: GEC-Alstom, Alstom
EPC: Ansaldo, ABB
Quick facts: The successful sale of Jorf Lasfar was the most important such development in Africa in the first half of the 1990s. Equipment for Units 1&2 w as ordered in 1988 and the sets were put online in July and December 1994, respectively, at a coastal site 110km southwest of Casablanca. A consortium of ABB and CMS Generation was selected in Feb 1995 to take over operations for a period of 30yrs and to add two additional units. This $1.5bn transaction was finalized in Apr 1996 and completed in Sep 1997. The joint venture invested $395mn in equity plus $190mn from ongoing cash flow and obtained $920mn in debt financing from ABN Amro, Banque Nationale de Paris, and Credit Suisse. The U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corp provided CMS with $200mn of political risk insurance.

Photograph courtesy of CMS Energy
Posted 17 Mar 2001

Le Gol
Location: Reunion
Operator: Compagnie Thermique du Gol
Configuration: 2 X 28 MW
Operation: 1995
Fuel: coal, bagasse
Boiler supplier: Babcock-Enterprise
T/G supplier: Thermodyn, GEC-Alstom
Quick facts: This plant burns all of the bagasse produced by the adjacent sugar mill during the growing season (about 300,000 tpy) and uses imported coal for the rest of the year (about 135,000 tpy). About 46 MW is available to the grid on average. Le Gol has a 35yr PPA with EDF-Reunion and financing was arranged by BNP. The plant cost ECU 101mn.

Photograph courtesy of Sechilienne-Sidec
Posted 8 Apr 2006

Location: Morocco
Operator: ONE
Configuration: 4 X 150 MW
Operation: 1980-1986
Fuel: bituminous coal, heavy oil
Boiler supplier: Ansaldo
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Ansaldo
Quick facts: This power station anchors economic activities in one of Morocco's most important industrial areas with a petrochem plant and two refineries. A €40mn plant modernization program is being developed with a consortium of European lenders. The first two units are oil-fired.

Photograph courtesy of ONE
Posted 14 Nov 2001

Location: Botswana
Operator: Botswana Power
Configuration: 4 X 33 MW
Operation: 1986-1989
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Lentjes
T/G supplier: Parsons, Toshiba
EPC: Knight Sinclair
Quick facts: Botswana’s main indigenous fossil fuel resource is a large bituminous coal field at Morupule west of Palapye. It was discovered following an exploration program carried out by the Department of Geological Survey between 1952 and 1962. In 1973, Morupule Colliery Ltd (93% owned by Anglo American) began development in order to supply power to the Selebi Phikwe mining complex. Procution is about 1mn tpy. The Morupule power plant was built later and is now the country's main domestic electricity source.

Photograph courtesy of Merz and McLellan (Pty) Ltd
Posted 1 Jan 2004

Location: Zambia
Operator: Maamba Collieries Ltd
Configuration: 2 X 150 MW
Operation: 2016-2017
Fuel: coal
Boiler supplier: Dongfang
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: Sepco No 2
Quick facts: In April 2012, MCL began construction of this minemouth, CFB power sttion at Maamba, Sinazongwe district. This was the first IPP of this size in the sub-Saharan region to close, but it required that sponsors committed their entire equity and construction was also about 80% complete at the time. Cooling and process water is obtained from Kariba Lake via a 21km-long pipeline and a 48km, 330kV double-circuit transmission tie-line line was built to Muzuma Substation. Unit-1 was synchronized with the grid on 24 July 2016 and President Edgar Lungu commissioned the unit the following month.

Photograph courtesy of Maamba Collieries Ltd
Posted 23 Jan 2016

Location: Botswana
Operator: Botswana Power
Configuration: 4 X 150 MW
Operation: 2012-2014
Fuel: bituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Wuxi Huaguang
T/G supplier: Dongfang
EPC: China National Electric Engineering Co, Central Southern China Electric Power Design Inst, Northeast No 2 Electric Power Construction Co
Quick facts: Unit-1 at the B plant began testing in early 2012 and passed its 15-day reliability run on 29 Mar 2012. The B plant has CFB boilers and a 400kV switchyard. The project EPC cost was about $1.5bn. In April 2010, Fluor Daniel Holdings Botswana was selected as EPC manager for a concomittant expansion of Morupule colliery output from 1.2mn tpy to 2.8mn tpy

Photograph courtesy of China National Electric Engineering Corp
Posted 8 Sep 2012

Location: Niger
Operator: Societe Nigerienne du Charbon
Configuration: 2 X 19 MW
Operation: 1981-1982
Fuel: subbituminous coal
Boiler supplier: Fives
T/G supplier: ABBT, CEM
EPC: Foster Wheeler
Quick facts: This is the largest PS in Niger. It is a minemouth installation at the Anou Araren coal field, 180km south of Arlit in Agadez region. This deposit was first discovered ca 1968. Sonichar is majority-owned by the national government (69.3%). The IDB (10.1%), SOMAIR (7.9%), and COMINAK (7.9%) have minority stakes with several local companies holding the balance.Output is used for uranium mining and by regional electricity customers.

Photograph courtesy of Societe Nigerienne du Charbon
Posted 5 Jul 2016


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