Solar Power Plants in the USA - Midwest
City Solar
Location: IL
Operator: Exelon Corp
Configuration: 10 MW PV
Operation: 2009
System supplier: SunPower
EPC: SunPower
Quick facts: Exelon City Solar is on a 41ac brownfield site in Chicago’s West Pullman neighborhood. It is the largest urban solar power plant in the USA with 32,292 PV panels using SunPower tracking systems. The project cost $60mn.

Photograph courtesy of Exelon
Posted 24 Oct 2010

DG AMP Solar
Location: OH
Operator: DG AMP Solar
Configuration: 20 MW PV
Operation: 2017
System supplier: Hanwha
EPC: Blattner
Quick facts: This SPP in Bowling Green has 85,000 modules on a 165ac site. It started construction in Jul 2016 and went commercial in Jan 2017. It was built and is operated by NextEra and commissioned as the largest solar plant in the state. The assocataed 69kV substation connects to a 1.75mi line to the city electric system and 22 AMP members share in the output. The scheme benefitted from a $43mn, 30yr tax abatement package from Wood Co.

Photograph courtesy of American Municipal Power Inc
Posted 14 Mar 2017

Ferguson Data Center
Location: MO
Operator: Emerson Electric Co
Configuration: 100 kWp PV
Operation: 2009
System supplier: ??
EPC: Fox Architects, Emerson, Musick Construction, Clive Samuels & Associates, Technology Site Planners
Quick facts: At completion, this PV system was considered the world's largest of its kind. The solar system is on a new $50mn, 35,000ft² data center that supports 250 manufacturing and engineering sites worldwide. Principal construction was completed in Jul 2009 and the facility was awarded LEED Gold certification in 2010.

Photograph courtesy of Emerson Electric Co
Posted 28 Jul 2010

Fujifilm North KC
Location: MO
Operator: Fujifilm North America Corp
Configuration: 60 kW PV
Operation: 2012
System supplier: Conergy
EPC: Brightenergy
Quick facts: This installation at Fujifilm's Graphic Systems Division in North Kansas City has 216 modules with PH 235P panels. Annual production wll be about 60,000 kWh.

Photograph courtesy of Conergy
Posted 21 Apr 2012

Indianapolis Airport Solar
Location: IN
Operator: General Energy Solutions
Configuration: 25.5 MW
Operation: 2013-2015
System supplier: Sharp, Sanyo
EPC: Cenergy Power
Quick facts: This was the largest, airport-based SPP in the world at completion.. The 162ac array has 76,228 panels and produces about 17.5 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of General Energy Solutions
Posted 8 Jul 2017

Lexington Pump
Location: IL
Operator: Chicago Department of Water Management
Configuration: 706 kWp PV
Operation: 2011
System supplier: ??
EPC: Greeley and Hansen, McDonough Associates
Quick facts: Lexington Pump Station has a 180 MGD pumping facility and a 30mn gal underground reservoir on a 4.2acsite in Dupage Co. In a recent upgrade, four 2.5-MW Cat gensets and a new PV installation were added to increase energy efficiency and usage flexibility. The PV installation comprises 4,470, 200W, 15 modules/sub-array (3.0 kW), 149 PV modules/inverter (447 kW), and 2 DC inverters (894 kW). An 18yr payback is anticipated.

Photograph courtesy of Greeley and Hansen
Posted 12 Aug 2012

Location: MI
Operator: Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center
Configuration: 30 kWp PV
Operation: 2004
System supplier: Unisolar
Quick facts: The 25,000 sq ft MAREC facility is believed to be the first commercial project in the world to integrate fuel cell technology, a heat recovery system for heating and air conditioning, photovoltaics and a nickel metal hydride battery storage system to store excess energy.

Photograph courtesy of MAREC
Posted 15 Mar 2006

Michigan Assembly
Location: MI
Operator: Ford Motor Co
Configuration: 500 kWp PV
Operation: 2010
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: This system at the Michigan Assembly Plant will help offset the energy consumed when producing the Ford Focus as well as PHEVs. The nstallation is the result of a collaboration between Ford, DTE Energy, Xtreme Power, the city of Wayne and the state of Michigan. The system will be integrated with a 750-kW energy storage facility that can store 2mn watt-hours using batteries. The project will also include a 50-kW facility to demonstrate the potential reuse of vehicle electric batteries for stationary energy storage. Xtreme Power is supplying its Dynamic Power Resource on-site energy storage and power management system.

Photograph courtesy of Ford Motor Corp
Posted 4 Jun 2011

Oberlin College
Location: OH
Operator: Oberlin College
Configuration: 140 kWp PV
Operation: 2001-2006
System supplier: RWE Schott
EPC: Solar Design Associates
Quick facts: This 100.8-kWp parking pavilion system is part of a PV system at the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies. The 8,800sq² parking array has 336 panels. System operation was evaluated by National Renewable Energy Laboratory. At the time of completion, the Oberlin PV installation was the largest in Ohio.

Photograph courtesy of Green Energy Ohio
Posted 31 Jul 2008

University of Toledo
Location: OH
Operator: Constellation Energy
Configuration: 1.1 MWp PV
Operation: 2010
System supplier: First Solar
EPC: Constellation Energy
Quick facts: This ground-mounted system was built by and is operated by Constellation Energy at UT's Scott Park Campus of Energy and Innovation. Partners were Advanced Distribution Generation LLC and Plug Smart Solutions. Inverters were supplied by PV Powered.

Photograph courtesy of University of Toledo
Posted 1 May 2010

Location: OH
Operator: PSEG Solar
Configuration: 12 MWp PV
Operation: 2010
System supplier: First Solar
EPC: juwi
Quick facts: When dedicated by Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and other guests in Aug 2010, this was the largest solar installation the state. It has 159,000 panels on an 80ac site. AEP subsidiaries, Columbus Southern Power and Ohio Power have a long-term agreement with PSEG Solar Source to purchase the electricity generated at the farm. The plant links to the grid at the Upper Sandusky Substation via a 4mi tie-line.

Photograph courtesy of PSEG
Posted 21 Aug 2010


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