Solar Power Plants in California - A to L
Adelanto Switching
Location: CA
Operator: Los Angeles Dept Water & Power
Configuration: 10 MWp PV
Operation: 2012
System supplier: Solar World
Quick facts: This project was built on a 42ac site at LADWP's Adelanto Switching Station. This serves as the southern terminus of LADWP's Southern Transmission System, which links Southern California with renewable wind energy and the Intermountain Power Plant. The $48mn Adelanto project has 46,322, 250W mono solar panels and 13 SMA inverters. Construction started in Nov 2011. The project benefitted from financing by federal Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds offered through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This will save LADWP customers about $12mn through subsidized loan interest costs.

Photograph courtesy of Los Angeles Dept Water & Power
Posted 30 May 2012

Location: CA
Operator: Grimmway Farms
Configuration: 250 kWp
Operation: 2010
System supplier: Conergy
EPC: Conergy
Quick facts: In 30yrs, Grimmway Farms has grown to become the largest grower, producer and shipper of carrots in the world. This installation has over 1,000 solar modules on a carrot farm nerar Arvin, Kern Co.

Photograph courtesy of Conergy
Posted 1 Aug 2012

Blythe Solar
Location: CA
Operator: NRG Energy
Configuration: 21 MWp PV
Operation: 2009
System supplier: First Solar
EPC: First Solar
Quick facts: This facility went commercial on 21 Dec 2009 as the largest PV power plant in California. Electricity is sold to Southern California Edison under a 20yr PPA. The site is in Riverside County about 200mi east of Los Angeles. Approximately 175 people worked on Blythe during its 3mo construction and commissioning period.

Photograph courtesy of First Solar Inc
Posted 30 Dec 2009

Bob Hope Airport
Location: CA
Operator: Avjet Corp
Configuration: 268 kWp PV
Operation: 2008
System supplier: Kyocera
EPC: Independence Power
Quick facts: This solar power system meets 100% of the requirements for the new Hangar 25 and attached office building at Burbank's Airport. The structure was built by Shangri-La Construction and Independence Power installed the PV system, which has 1,530 Kyocera 175W panels on a custom steel superstructure. Power conditioning is provided by a Xantrex GT-250 inverter. The roof design was complex as it has the solar power system, over 220 large skylights, and a number of evaporative coolers. The PV system is expected to produce over 450,000 kWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of Independence Power
Re-posted 20 Dec 2008

Location: CA
Operator: NRG Solar LLC
Configuration: 26 MWp PV
Operation: 2013
System supplier: GCL-Poly
Quick facts: This project is on 308ac of private land northeast of Borrego Springs. It went commercial on 5 Mar 2013. NRG has a 25yr PPA with San Diego Gas & Electric for plant ouput. 250 people worked to build the project and 5 employees will staff it.

Photograph courtesy of NRG Energy Inc
Posted 6 Mar 2013

Cache Creek Casino
Location: CA
Operator: Cache Creek Casino Resort
Configuration: 307 kWp PV
Operation: 2004
System supplier: RWE Schott

Photograph courtesy of RWE Schott Solar
Posted 14 Feb 2004

Cal Expo Solarport
Location: CA
Operator: Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Configuration: 540 kWp PV
Operation: 2000
System supplier: Siemens BP, Energy PhotoVoltaics
EPC: Kyocera
Quick facts: This was the largest solar parking lot installation in the world at completion. Each cantilevered structure has three rows of tracking panels. Each of the 20 arrays, made up of 685 modules, measures 130ft long, 42ft wide and 14ft high. The US Dept of Energy assisted with funding.

Photograph courtesy of Sacramento Municipal Utility Dist
Re-posted 26 May 2007

Cal State Hayward
Location: CA
Operator: Cal State Hayward
Configuration: 1,050 kWp PV
Operation: 2004
System supplier: PowerLight Corp
Quick facts: At completion, this four-building array was the largest university-based PV system in the USA. It supplies about 30% of the campus peak demand.

Photograph courtesy of RWE Schott Solar
Posted 14 Feb 2004

Cal State Northridge
Location: CA
Operator: Cal State Northridge
Configuration: 100 kWp PV
Operation: 2010
System supplier: Spectrolab
EPC: Boeing
Quick facts: This installation comprises 23 high-concentration XR700 PV panels on the campus of Cal State Northridge. Spectrolab is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing and the world's largest manufacturer of space solar cells.

Photograph courtesy of Boeing Corp
Posted 26 Jun 2010

California Valley Solar Ranch
Location: CA
Operator: NRG Solar LLC
Configuration: 250 MWp PV
Operation: 2013
System supplier: SunPower
EPC: Bechtel
Quick facts: California Valley Solar Ranch comprises 10 separate solar arrays on 1,500ac in San Luis Obispo County, 100mi northwest of Los Angeles. Ground-breaking was on 10 Nov 2011 and 22 MW came online in Oct 2012. The full project was completed on 31 Oct 2013. CVSR has two long-term PPAs with PG&E and connects to the PG&E Morro Bay-Midway transmission line.

Photograph courtesy of NRG Energy Inc
Re-posted 1 Nov 2013

Cascade Solar
Location: CA
Operator: SunEdison Inc
Configuration: 24 MWp PV
Operation: 2014
System supplier: SunEdison
EPC: SunEdison
Quick facts: Tis was the largest project completed to date under the California RAM program. Output is sold to San Diego Gas & Electric, financing was provided by Wells Fargo. The project completed in Mar 2014.

Photograph courtesy of SunEdison
Posted 26 Mar 201

Castle Rock Vineyards
Location: CA
Operator: Castle Rock Vineyards
Configuration: 1.134 MWp
Operation: 2010
System supplier: Kyocera
EPC: REC Solar
Quick facts: This solar electric generating system consists of 5,400 KD210GX-LPU high-output 210W modules.

Photograph courtesy of Kyocera Corp
Posted 5 Jan 2011

Centinela Solar
Location: CA
Operator: LS Power
Configuration: 170 MWp PV
Operation: 2013-14
System supplier: Yingli
EPC: Fluor
Quick facts: Centinela SEP is on a 1,600ac site in Calexico, Imperial County, 8mi southwest of El Centro. In May 2010, San Diego Gas & Electric signed a 20yr PPA for up to 130 MW from the project. Financing closed and notice to proceed was on 18 Sep 2012. Financing was structured with two tranches, a long term institutional financing led by Prudential Capital Group with a shorter term bank financing led by Sovereign Bank NA (Coordinating Bank and Joint Lead Arranger) and four other Joint Lead Arrangers: Union Bank NA, Rabobank Nederland, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and NordLB. The first 125 MW phase went into operation in the fall of 2013.

Photograph courtesy of San Diego Gas & Electric Co
Posted 4 Nov 2013

Cerro Coso Community College
Location: CA
Operator: Cerro Coso Community College
Configuration: 1 MWp PV
Operation: 2004
System supplier: Sharp, WorldWater & Power, Contra Costa Electric
Quick facts: This $8.9mn installation covers 6.5ac.

Photograph courtesy of WorldWater & Power Corp
Posted 3 Apr 2005

Coachella Feedlot
Location: CA
Operator: Independent Solar Developers
Configuration: 480 kWp CPV
Operation: 2012
System supplier: ??
EPC: Independent Solar Developers
Quick facts: This installaion was the first of its kind, providing electricity and shade for livestock.

Photograph courtesy of Independent Solar Developers
Posted 12 Aug 2012

Location: CA
Operator: NRG Solar LLC
Configuration: 6 MWp PV
Operation: 2014
System supplier: ??
EPC: Boeing
Quick facts: Community-1 was developed by Sol Orchard and the Center for Energy Sustainability on a 37ac plot at San Diego State University's Imperial Valley Campus.  Imperial Irrigation District has a 25yr PPA for 100% of the project output.

Photograph courtesy of NRG Energy Inc
Posted 19 Jun 2014

Desert Sunlight
Location: CA
Operator: NextEra Energy
Configuration: 550 MW PV
Operation: 2013-2014
System supplier: First Solar
EPC: First Solar
Quick facts: Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is co-owned by NextEra Energy Resources (50%), GE Energy Financial Services, and Sumitomo Corp. The site is on BLM land in Riverside Co, 6mi north of Desert Center. Construcion began in Sep 2011. The project has about 4,000ac of panels.  In 2011, U.S. DOE issued loan guarantees of $1.46bn for Desert Sunlight, one of the two larget PV projects in the world at completion.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 14 Feb 2015

Earth Island Foods
Location: CA
Operator: Earth Island Natural Foods
Configuration: 113 kWp PV
Operation: 2004
System supplier: RWE Schott, Permacity Corp

Photograph by David Lena and courtesy of RWE Schott Solar
Posted 14 Feb 2004

Far West Rice
Location: CA
Operator: Far West Solar LLC
Configuration: 1 MWp PV
Operation: 2008
System supplier: Mitsubishi Electric
EPC: Pacific Power Management
Quick facts: This 4ac array has over 5,500 modules and should supply about 1.4 GWh/yr. This would be 70-80% of the rice mill's annual electricity requirement. The installation took 12wks to build.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 28 Jan 2009

Location: CA
Operator: Google
Configuration: 1.6 MWp PV
Operation: 2007
System supplier: Sharp
EPC: EI Solutions
Quick facts: At completion, this system was said to be the largest on any corporate campus in the USA. Construction began in Oct 2006 and was completed on schedule and on budget in Jun 2007. The installation has 9,212 solar panels installed on rooftops with multiple architectures requiring four different mounting systems. Other panels were placed on new carports. Average annual output is expected to be 2.6 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of Google
Posted 22 Aug 2007

Ivanpah SEG
Location: CA
Operator: BrightSource Energy
Configuration: 3 X 125 MW
Operation: 2013
System supplier: BrightSource
Solar boiler supplier: Riley Power
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Becrtel
Quick facts: This aerial view of Ivanpah is from Apr 2013, the same month that steam-blows began on Unit-1. The site is in Ivanpah Dry lake in the Mojave Desert, 40mi southwest of Las Vegas This the world's largest solar thermal power project to date and has 173,500 heliostat mirrors installed in three circular arrays over approximately 3,500ac of federal land. These focus solar energy on the 459ft tall solar towers, each of which houses three solar boilers, piped to a single, air-cooled steam T/G set. Construction started in Oct 2010. The scheme is jointly-invested by NRG Solar, Google and BrightSource Energy. The total cost was estimated at $2.2bn with expected annual output of 1,079 GWh.

Photograph by Gilles Mingasson and courtesy of BrightSource Energy
Posted 15 Jun 2013

Kimberlina Solar Thermal
Location: CA
Operator: Ausra Inc
Configuration: 5 MW
Operation: 2008
System Supplier: Ausra
EPC: Ausra, TIC
Quick facts: Kimberlina near Bakersfield is the first solar thermal power plant to be built and enter operation in California in nearly 20yrs. It is also the first solar thermal power plant in North America to incorporate Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) technology, already in operation in Australia. The steam turbine is shared with Clean Energy Systems Inc which owns and operates an experimental gas-fired plant on adjacent property. Gross output of the Kimberlina solar thermal steam cycle is about 3.5 MW.

Photograph courtesy of Ausra Inc
Posted 15 Jul 2009

Kirscenman Cold Storage
Location: CA
Operator: Kirschenman Enterprises Inc
Configuration: 510 kWp ground mount, 510 kWp roof mount
Operation: 2012
System supplier: Conergy
EPC: Conergy
Quick facts: This installaion in Lamont, Kern Co, has Conergy's SunTop and SolarLinea II mounting systems. Conergy was EPC contractor and assisted in the financial arrangements.

Photograph courtesy of Conergy
Posted 17 Jun 2011

Lawrece Livermore Solar
Location: CA
Operator: PSEG Solar Source
Configuration: 3.9 MW
Operation: 2016
System supplier: ??
EPC: juwi
Quick facts: This SPP occupies 10ac of the Lawrence Livermoe National Lab site 40mi esat of San Francisco. PSEG has 20yr contract with WAPA for the plant output.

Photograph courtesy of PSEG Solar Source
Posted 30 May 2016


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

Updated 30-May-2016