Solar Power Plants in the Persian Gulf
Dubai Sunbox
Location: Dubai
Operator: Al Futtaim Carillion
Configuration: 10 X 11 kW Sunbox
Operation: 2015
System supplier: Cleanergy
EPC: Cleanergy, Al Futtaim Carillion
Quick facts: This pilot solar project uses ten, 8.85m diameter mirrored dishes, each driving a Cleanergy stirling engine Sunbox system.

Photograph courtesy of Cleanergy
Posted 22 Nov 2015

Location: Saudi Arabia
Operator: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Configuration: 2 MW
Operation: 2010
System supplier: Conergy
EPC: Conergy, National Solar Systems
Quick facts: In May 2010, Conergy and NSS completed a 2-MW solar rooftop installation at KAUST at Thuwal, near Jeddah. The installation includes two 1-MW arrays, one each on the north and south laboratories of the university. The power system has 9,300 solar modules with Conergy Suntop III mounting systems andd Conergy 280K central inverters. The photovoltaic plant occupies 11,577m². The university was established by Saudi Aramco and the new KAUST campus is Saudi Arabia's first LEED-certified complex.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 29 Sep 2010

Masdar City
Location: United Arab Emirates
Operator: Masdar Clean Energy
Configuration: 10 MW
Operation: 2009
System supplier: First Solar, Suntech China
EPC: Enviromena Power Systems
Quick facts: This SPP was inaugurated in Jun 2009 as the largest PV plant in the Middle East. The facility produces around 17,500 MWh/yr and provides electricity for Masdar City. Excess power is fed to the Abu Dhabi. The Masdar City PV has 87,780 multicrystalline and thin film modules erected on a surface area of 210,000m².

Photograph courtesy of Masdar
Posted 23 Feb 2014

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Location: Dubai
Operator: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
Configuration: 13 MW
Operation: 2013
System supplier: First Solar
EPC: First Solar
Quick facts: This SPP is in Seih al Dahl and was completed on schedule in less than 30wks from groundbreaking to grid-connection in Sep 2013. The project had a workforce of 1,280 personnel at its peak and required more than 1.4mn man-hours to complete, all of which were accident-free. First Solar spent 50% of the project's cost in the UAE. The project has 152,880 modules and will supply about 24 GWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of First Solar
Posted 23 Feb 2014

Location: United Arab Emirates
Operator: Shams Power Co
Configuration: 125 MW
Operation: 2013
Solar boiler system: Foster Wheeler
T/G supplier: MAN Diesel & Turbo
EPC: Abener, Teyma
Quick facts: Shams-1 was commissioned in Mar 2013 as the world's largest solar steam-electric generating unit. The developer is a JV of Masdar, Total and Abengoa Solar. The 220t turbine was built in Oberhausen, Germany, and arrived on-site in Abu Dhabi in May 2011. The air-cooled facility has over 258,000 mirrors mounted on 768 tracking parabolic trough collectors covering an area of 2.5 km².

Photograph courtesy of MAN Diesel & Turbo
Posted 17 Apr 2013


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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