Solar Power Plants in Oceania
Apolima Island
Location: Samoa
Operator: Electric Power Corp
Configuration: 14 kWp
Operation: 2007
System supplier: ??
EPC: Clay Engineering
Quick facts: Apolima is the smallest inhabited island in Samoa with about 120 villagers living in a volcanic caldera. The PV system has two arrays with 86 panels, battery banks, controllers and sealed inverters. The system design includes approximately 50% overcapacity and is designed to replace an existing diesel power plant. The Apolima scheme was built with support from the Organization for Sustainable Energy and UNDP and is considered the first PV-based, mini-grid system in any Pacific Island country.

Photograph courtesy of Electric Power Corp
Posted 26 Apr 2008

Funafuti Government Buildings
Location: Tuvalu
Operator: Tuvalu Electricity Corp
Configuration: 170 kW
Operation: 2015
System supplier: ??
EPC: Infratec Renewables, solarcity
Quick facts: In Sep 2015, this SPP of 648 panels on two government buildings was commissioned. New Zealand Aid funded the $780,000 installation.

Photograph courtesy of Infratec Renewables
Posted 23 Feb 2016

Mata 'o e La'a
Location: Tonga
Operator: Tonga Power Ltd
Configuration: 1 MW
Operation: 2015
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: This $15mn project was funed by Japan and includes 500-kW lithium-ion capacitor banks at Vainia and at Popua PS.

Photograph courtesy of Tonga Power Ltd
Posted 13 Apr 2016

Nanumea Island
Location: Tuvalu
Operator: Tuvalu Electricity Corp
Configuration: 200 kW
Operation: 2015
System supplier: ??
EPC: IT Power Group, Powersmart
Quick facts: In Aug 2015, this PV project was commissioned on Nanumea, the northwesternmost of the Tuvalu islands. The population is about 700 living on about 3.9 sq km of dry land. The SPP was built with New Zealand aid funds.

Photograph courtesy of IT Power Group
Posted 23 Feb 2016

Namdrik Atoll
Location: Marshall Islands
Operator: Marshalls Energy Co
Configuration: 9.2 kWp
Operation: 2004
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: The Namdrik system was originally deployed in 1996, but required extensive rehabilitation. This was funded by the Pacific Rural Renewable Energy France-Australia Common Endeavour (PREFACE), jointly funded by Australia and France, and implemented by the Secretariat for the Pacific Community (SPC).

Photograph courtesy of Marshalls Energy Co
Posted 4 July 2005

Pago Pago Airport
Location: American Samoa
Operator: American Samoa Power Authority
Configuration: 1.75 MWp
Operation: 2012
System supplier: Sharp
EPC: SunWize Technologies, ASMC Young
Quick facts: In Apr 2012, the largest PV installation in AS was commissioned at Pago Pagos airport. The new installation to replace 7% of electricity generation from diesel fuel. Special heavy-duty racking was used and the construction took about 5mos.

Photograph courtesy of SunWize
Posted 29 Jun 2013

Te Mana o Te Ra
Location: Cook Islands
Operator: Te Aponga Uira
Configuration: 960 kWp
Operation: 2014
System supplier: JA Solar
EPC: Infratec Renewables, SolarCity NZ, AECOM, Fliway International, Mike Rennie Builders Ltd, Andersons Electrical
Quick facts: In Apr 2014, Infratec Renewables was awarded a NZ$3.3mn contract by NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade to build this solar park at Rarotonga Airporta. On 15 Oct 2014, it was switched on by Cook Islands’ Prime Minister Henry Puna and New Zealand High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers. The solar farm will produce about 5% of Rarotonga's annual electricity demand.

Photograph courtesy of Infratec Renewables
Posted 25 Apr 2015


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Updated 13-Apr-2016