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Location: Bulgaria
Operator: EVN Naturkraft Erveugungs und Verteilungs GmbH
Configuration: 837 kWp
Operation: 2009-2010
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: Blatets was built out on a 2km² site in Sliven region with three different types of PV systems. Annual output is about 1 GWh.

Photograph courtesy of EVN
Posted 5 Oct 2011

CIS Nordhavn
Location: Denmark
Operator: Copenhagen International School
Configuration: 720 kW
Operation: 2017
System supplier: Solvis, Enirates Insolaire
EPC: Solar Lab
Quick facts: This decorative solar facade has 12,000 colored panels and is said to be the largst of its type yet installed. Output is expected tpo be abpu 300 MWh/yr. It was put in at CIS Nordhavn, the Copenhagen International School's new campus in Copenhagen's Nordhavn district. The panels are a recently commercialized high-tech fabrication design now being produced by Enirates Insolaire, a JV of SwissINSO, an EPFL spin-off, and Emirates Glass. The campus building was designed by C F Moller Architects.

Photograph courtesy of EPFL
Posted 8 Mar 2017

Eigg PV
Location: Scotland
Operator: Eigg Electric Ltd
Configuration: 10 kWp
Operation: 2008
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: When the Isle of Eigg's renewable energy system was fully commissioned, it served 37 households and 5 commercial properties. The scheme has a 10-kW solar array, three small hydro turbines, 4 X 6-kW wind turbines, and a control system and battery set-up that can supply up to 24hr of renewable energy if circumstances dictate. Two 80-kW diesel gensets were added for for backup. The final cost of the project was £1.664mn provided by 7 different national and community-based authorities. Eigg Electric is a subsidiary of Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust.

Photograph courtesy of Eigg Electric
Posted 25 Feb 2009

Location: Netherlands
Operator: Nuon
Configuration: 2.3 MWp
Operation: 2002
System supplier: Siemens
Quick facts: In April 2001, Siemens Solar was awarded a €16mn contract for this installation at the Floriade international horticulture center in Amsterdam. The turnkey contract resulted in the installation of about 19,000 panels on 25,000 sq m of semi-open greenhouse, making the installation the largest PV roof in the world when completed.

Photograph courtesy of Holland Solar
Posted 26 Jan 2006

Gora Zar
Location: Poland
Operator: PGE Energia Odnawialna
Configuration: 600 kW
Operation: 2015
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: This PV plant is at 740m altitude at Gora Zar in the Carpathaian mountains near the Slovak border and not far from the Porbaka-Zar PSP. The PV plant was opened on 14 Oct 2015. The Zl 2.8mn project was co-funded by the Wojewodzki Fundusz Ochrony Srodowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej in Katowice.

Photograph courtesy of PGE
Posted 18 Oct 2015

Mavcice Solar
Location: Slovenia
Operator: Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana
Configuration: 71 kW
Operation: 2007
System supplier: Schott
Quick facts: Installed on the 38-MW Mavcice HPP.

Photograph courtesy of Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana
Posted 2 Aug 2015

Location: Belgium
Operator: Electrawinds SA
Configuration: 1.3 MWp
Operation: 2007
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: At completion in Jun 2007, the €6mn Middelkerke facility was the largest PV plant in Belgium. This 6ha site has 7,695 solar panels.

Photograph courtesy of Electrawinds SA
Posted 20 Sep 2008

Nieuwland Amersfoot
Location: Netherlands
Operator: Eneco Holdings, Amersfoot SCW
Configuration: 1.62 MWp
Operation: 2002
System supplier: Shell Solar, BP Solar, Colt
EPC: Ecotec Systems
Quick facts: At completion, this was the world's largest residential PV installation. It includes rooftop panels mounted on homes, a sports complex, and schools. Planning started in 1995 and most construction was finished in 2002. Phased development was by several utility, municipal, and cooperative entities with individual homeowners also participating. The main players were Regionale Energiemaatschappij Utrecht NV (REMU, later Eneco), Ecofys, Amersfoot SCW, HBG Vastgoed, and Novem. Some funding was provided by the EU Thermie program. Costs are somewhat indeterminant due to the number of participants but were estimated to be €9.23mn.

Photograph courtesy of Eneco Holdings
Posted 7 Jun 2008

Oceanium Blijdorp Zoo
Location: Netherlands
Operator: Eneco Holdings
Configuration: 510 kWp
Operation: 2004
System supplier: Shell Solar
EPC: Siemens Nederland
Quick facts: In Jan 2004, Rotterdam Mayor Ivo Opstelten activated the Sunport generator installed on the roof of the Oceanium in Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo. At the time, it was the largest urban rooftop solar energy system in the Netherlands. The 5,000m² roof has 3,000 panels expected to produce about 325,000 kWh/yr. The €3.9mn project was supported by Eneco (47%), Novem (33%), Rotterdam municipality (12%), Zuid Holland province (6%), and Blijdorp Zoo (2%).

Photograph courtesy of Eneco Holdings
Posted 7 Jun 2008

Solarpayerne - La Boverie
Location: Switzerland
Operator: Groupe E Greenwatt SA
Configuration: 6.032 MW
Operation: 2015
Quick facts: This was the largest PV plant in Switzerland at completion. It was invested by a JV of Commune de Payerne and Groupe E Greenwatt. It has 23,000 panels in La Boverie ground-mount in the town's industrial zone plus a series of roof mounts. The gound-mount PV took 5mos to build. The toal cost of the Solarpayerne project was about CHF 30mn.

Photograph courtesy of Groupe E
Posted 29 Apr 2017

Sunport Delfzijl
Location: Netherlands
Operator: WIRSOL
Configuration: 30 MW
Operation: 2017
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: In Jul 2017, Google 10yr PPA wih Eneco to become the sole off-taker of the electricity generated at the Sunport Delfzijl solar park in the southwest corner of the Delfzijl harbour area of Groningen Sea Ports. The SPP has 123,000 panels on a 30ha site and should produce about 27 GWh a year. It was the largest solar park in the country at completion. Google’s €600mn Eemshaven data center is not far from the solar plant and was opened in 2016.

Photograph courtesy of Eneco Holdings
Posted 16 Jul 2017

Vrhovo Solar
Location: Slovenia
Operator: Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana
Configuration: 77 kW, 224 kW
Operation: 2008-2010
System supplier: Sanyo, Bisol
Quick facts: Installed at the stie of the 43-MW Mavcice HPP.

Photograph courtesy of Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana
Posted 2 Aug 2015

Location: Bulgaria
Operator: Solarpro
Configuration: 2.404 MWp
Operation: 2009-2010
System supplier: Solarpro
EPC: Solarpro
Quick facts: The first phase of this plant in Shumen region went online on 29 Aug 2009. At completion, it became the largest PV plant in Bulgaria. Solarpro is majority-owned by Bulgarian mining company Kaolin SA. The thin-film amorphous-silicon PV modules were manufactured in a new plant in Silistra.

Photograph courtesy of Solarpro
Posted 6 Feb 2011



Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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