Solar Power Plants in China
Shandong Polytechnic
Location: Shandong
Operator: Realforce Solar Co Ltd
Configuration: 3.2 MW
Operation: 2011
System supplier: Realforce
EPC: Shandong Electric Power Design Institute, Realforce
Quick facts: This Rmb 135mn project was installed on 66,000m² of rooftop on the new campus teaching building and other structures at Shandong Polytechnic College. It was one of the largest such installations in China at the time. Construction began on 5 Nov 2010 and completed on 17 Mar 2011.

Photograph courtesy of Realforce Solar Co Ltd
Posted 28 Dec 2011

Location: Qinghai
Operator: Huanghe Hydropower Development Co Ltd
Configuration: 20 MW
Operation: 2013
System supplier: ??
EPC: Hydrochina Huadong
Quick facts: Wulan-2 commissioned on 3 Sep 2013. This was the fist PV plan designed by Hydrochina Huadong. The site is at elevation 3,150m in Wulan County. 85,120 modules are installed and the project connects to the grid at 110kv.

Photograph courtesy of Hydrochina
Posted 8 Feb 2014

Location: Tibet
Operator: Linuo Power Group
Configuration: 30 MW
Operation: 2011
System supplier: Linuo Power Group
EPC: Linuo Power Group
Quick facts: This PV plant is 3km northwest of Tibet's second largest city Xigaze, at 3,895m elevation. It cost Rmb 800mn and covers 30ha.

Photograph courtesy of
Posted 15 Jun 2011

Location: JIangsu
Operator: Xuzhou GCL Solar Energy
Configuration: 20 MW
Operation: 2009
System supplier: GCL-Poly
Quick facts: This project in Xuzhou City cost Rmb 420mn and has a mix of fixed panels and tracking systems. It was declared commercial on 30 Dec 2009.

Photograph courtesy of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Ltd
Posted 18 Jan 2010

Location: Ningxia Hui
Operator: China Minsheng Investment Corp
Configuration: 800 MW
Operation: 2016
System supplier: Lerri Solar
Quick facts: The first phase at this SPP in Yanchi County, Wuzhong City, completed in Jun 2016 as the largest single PV installation in the world. Huawei supplied controlers and the wireless transmission management systems. Full-build out is to be 2 GW.

Photograph courtesy of Huawei
Posted 21 Sep 2016

Location: Shanxi
Operator: Shanxi International Electricity Group Co Ltd
Configuration: 10 MW
Operation: 2011
System supplier: GCL-Poly
Quick facts: This project and a 5-MW installation at Pinblu went commerical on 22 Dec 2011 and are adjacent to large-scale wind plants. Youyu cost Rmb 239mn and is expectd to produce about 14 GWh/yr. The solar projects were approved by the Provincial D&R Committee in Nov 2009 and are among the first large-scale solar plants in the province.

Photograph courtesy of Shanxi International Electricity Group Co Ltd
Posted 12 May 2012


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Updated 21-Sep-2016