Solar Power Plants in Austria
Location: Austria
Operator: Energie AG Oberosterreich
Configuration: 1 MWp
Operation: 2010
System supplier: ??
EPC: Energie AG
Quick facts: When this plant went online in Jun 2010 after 8wks of construction, it became Austria's largest solar power plant. The 6ac site in Wels-Land has 4,638 solar panels using equipment from various Austrian and EU suppliers.

Photograph courtesy of Energie AG Oberosterreich
Posted 13 Jun 2010

Location: OOE
Operator: Energie AG Oberosterreich
Configuration: 3 kWp
Operation: 1989
System supplier: ??

Photograph courtesy of Energie AG Oberosterreich
Posted 5 Jul 2006


Ludesch Civic Center
Location: VBG
Operator: City of Ludesch
Configuration: 17.5 kWp
Operation: 2006
System supplier: Ertex Solar
Quick facts: Translucent Sunways cells in Ertex modules provide the top of this canopy covering the square in front of a municipal building.

Photograph copyright by and courtesy of Ertex Solar
Posted 18 Jul 2007


Location: OOE
Operator: Fronius Inernationl GmbH
Configuration: 608 kWp
Operation: 2007
System supplier: Sanyo, Ertex
Quick facts: This PV installation is at a a new production and logistic center for Fronius and was one of the largest Austrian PV plants at completion. There are three units, three trackers, a facade integrated portion, and a flat-roof mounted installation giving a total of 3,600m˛ of modules. At peak times, the PV plant supplies approximately 75% of the facility’s needed electricity using Fronius inverters.

Photograph courtesy of Fronius International GmbH
Posted 26 Jul 2008

Location: NOE
oekstrom AG
Configuration: 3.3 kWp
Operation: 2003
System supplier: ??
Quick facts: This facility is at Nationalpark Thaytal.

Photograph courtesy of oekstrom AG
Posted 16 Feb 2008


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Updated 06/13/10