Solar Power Plants - other Asia
German Embassy Laos
Location: Laos
Operator: German Embassy
Configuration: 5.7 kWp
Operation: 2010
System supplier: CentroSolar AG
EPC: CentroSolar, Sunlabob Renwable Energy
Quick facts: This project was supported as part of the solar roof program of Deutsche Energie Agentur GmbH (dena). During normal operation, The system puts electricity into the grid.If there is an outage, the PV panels supply power supply for the embassy. The backup system was supplied by SMA.

Photograph courtesy of CentroSolar
Posted 19 Mar 2011

German European School Singapore (GESS)
Location: Singapore
Operator: GESS
Configuration: 15 kWp
Operation: 2006
System supplier: Sunset Energietechnik
Quick facts: This project was supported as part of the solar roof program of Deutsche Energie Agentur GmbH (dena). It was the first grid-connected PV system in Singapore with annual output estimated at 19 MWh/yr.

Photograph courtesy of GESS
Posted 19 Apr 2006

Location: Philippines
Operator: Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co Inc
Configuration: 1 MWp
Operation: 2004
System supplier: Sharp
EPC: Sumitomo
Quick facts: At completion on 26 Sep 2004, this was said to be the largest PV plant in the developing world. Installed cost was $5.3mn. The turnkey contractor was Sumitomo Corp and Sansha manufactured the inverters. The balance of system components were procured locally.

Photograph courtesy of Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co Inc
Posted 22 Dec 2010

Location: Indonesia
Operator: PT PLN Persero
Configuration: 600 kWp
Operation: 2012
System supplier: ??
EPC: Optimal Power Solutions, Solar Power Indonesia
Quick facts: At completion on 14 Apr 2012, this was the largest PV plant in Indonesia. The site is on Pulau Morotai in North Maluku. In addition to the PV panels, Morotai SPS had 2 x 300 kW grid tie inverters, 2 x 250 kW batterypPowered inverters, and one 4 MWh Everexceed OPzS deep cycle battery bank.

Photograph courtesy of Optimal Power Solutions
Posted 30 Sep 2012

Quaid-e-Azam Phase 1
Location: Pakistan
Operator: Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power (Pvt) Ltd
Configuration: 100 MW
Operation: 2015
System supplier: JA Solar
Quick facts: Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power was established by the Punjab State Government to build the first-ever utility scale solar power plant in the country. The project in Bahawalpur district was approved in Sep 2013. PM Nawaz Sharif laid the foundation stone in May 2014, and he inaugurated the project on 15 May 2015.

Photograph courtesy of Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power (Pvt) Ltd
Posted 17 Sep 2016

Sacasol-I A/B
Location: Philippines
Operator: San Carlos Solar Energy Inc
Configuration: 22 MW
Operation: 2014
System supplier: Conergy
EPC: Conergy
Quick facts: In May 2014, SaCaSol-I A/B was inaugurated by President Aquino when its first 13-MW phase commissioned. The second phase went online in Sep 2014 and the site is being extended. The project was built as a joint venture of ThomasLloyd Cleantech Infrastructure Fund and Bronzeoak Philippines Inc. In Nov 2015, San Carlos Solar Energy was aqquired by Philippine Investment Alliance for Infrastructure (PINAI), a partnership of the Government Service Insurance System, Macquarie Group and Asian Development Bank.

Photograph courtesy of Conergy
Posted 8 Nov 2014

Sandwip Solar
Location: Bangladesh
Operator: Purobi Green Energy Ltd
Configuration: 100 kWp
Operation: 2010
System supplier: ??
EPC: ABC Systems
Quick facts: This small solar project is on Sandwip Island, Chittagong division, and was the largest PV in Bangladesh at completion. The 50km long, 5.15km wide island has a population of about 400,000. The development company was formed by the World Bank and KfW to deploy this pilot installation. It went online in Feb 2010.

Photograph by Ahsanul Hoque (Panoramio)
Posted 13 Jul 2013

Location: South Korea
Operator: SunTechnics Solartechnik GmbH
Configuration: 23.95 MWp
Operation: 2007-2008
System supplier: Sharp
EPC: SPG Solar, Dongyang Engineering & Construction
Quick facts: The Sinan power station is in Jeollanam-do. SunTechnics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Conergy, installed 109,000 PV modules on the 600,000m² site. The project will sell about 27 GWh/yr on a fixed tariff for 15yrs. The total project cost about $150mn and was the largest PV plant in Asia at completion.

Photograph courtesy of Conergy
Posted 7 Nov 2010


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