Pumped-Storage Plants in Portugal and Spain
Location: Spain
Operator: Enel Viesgo
Configuration: 4 X 85 MW FPT
Operation: 1982-1983
T/G supplier: Voith, Mecanica de la Pena, ABB

Photograph courtesy of Enel Viesgo
Posted 26 Jun 2005

Location: Portugal
Operator: EDP– Gestão da Produção de Energia SA
Configuration: 4 X 130 MW
Operation: 2003-2012
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Hidrorumo, EFACEC Engenharia, SMM
Quick facts: Development started in 1957 for this $1.7bn multiuse project on the Guadiana River in south central Portugal. The 96m dam created Europe’s biggest man-made reservoir measuring about 80km long. In Sep 1995, EDP signed a protocol agreement with state-owned Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva SA (EDIA) to complete the development. In 2001, the EIB made a €65mn loan for the plant and the dam floodgates were closed in Feb 2002 despite continuing protests from environmentalists concerned that the new reservoir would have detrimental effects on the regional environment. The scheme includes the construction of nine small dams and about 5,000km of canals and pipelines to irrigate 110,000ha. The Pedrogao Dam was built 23km downstream to create a regulating reservoir. In 2008, EDP signed a contract worth about €95mn to add two more units to supply additional storage capacity for new wind plant. On 23 Jan 2013, the second phase was inaugurated with two more 130-MW PSP sets.

Photograph courtesy of Alstom
Re-posted 30 Jan 2013

Location: Spain
Operator: Unión Fenosa
Configuration: 2 X 14 MW Francis, 4 X 52 MW FPT
Operation: 1954-1973
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, Escher Wyss, BBC

Photograph courtesy of Unión Fenosa
Posted 21 Aug 2008

Cortes - La Muela
Location: Spain
Operator: Iberdrola
Configuration: 3 X 210 MW FPT (La Muela),
2 X 140 MW Francis (Cortes)
Operation: 1988-1989
T/G supplier: Voith, Mecanica de la Pena, ABB, Neyrpic, GE
EPC: Agroman, Hernando, Entrecanales
Quick facts: In Jul 2008, four 213-MW FPT turbines were ordered from Voith to extend the PSP.

Photograph courtesy of Iberdrola
Posted 27 Feb 2005

Location: Portugal
Operator: EDP Group
Configuration: 1 X 220 MW FPT
Operation: 2015
T/G supplier: Alstom
EPC: Ensulmeci, COBA
Quick facts: This extension to the Salamonde-I HPP is on the right bank of the Rio Cavado in Vieira do Minho, Braga. Work started at the end of 2010. and the equipment supply contract was signed in May 2001 with a consortium of Alsom and Ensulmeci. This included the T/G set, auxiliary equipment and controls, a 250-MVA transformer, and a 500t-capacity crane. Salamonde-II cost €205mn and went online to schedule in 2015

Photograph courtesy of EDP Group
Posted 23 Apr 2016

Location: Lerida (ES)
Operator: Endesa SA
Configuration: 4 X 113 MW FPT
Operation: 1985-1986
T/G supplier: Voith, Mecanica de la Pena, ABB

Photograph by Xavi Larrosa
Posted 6 Oct 2010


Location: Asturias
Operator: EDP HC Energia
Configuration: 2 X 66.5 MW FPT
Operation: 1978
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, BBC
Quick facts: The Tanes PSP is on the upper reaches of the Rio Nalon. Construction began in 1970. . The system is a key component of the provincial potable water system.

Photograph courtesy of EDP HC Energia
Posted 3 Dec 2016

Location: Portugal
Operator: EDP Group
Configuration: 2 X 73 MW FPT
Operation: 1988-1989
T/G supplier: Sorefame

Photograph courtesy of EDP Group
Posted 27 Feb 2005


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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