Pumped-Storage Plants in Belgium & France
Location: France
Operator: Electricite de France
Configuration: 3 X 25 MW, 1 X 150 MW, conventional Pelton, 4 X 150 MW FPT
Operation: 1936-1986
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, Alsthom-Jeumont
EPC: Vigliano, Compagnie Enterprises Reunies, Verdier
Quick facts: The dam of the Bissorte complex near Le Prec in Savoie department was built between 1930 and 1935 at 2,082m elevation. Bissorte-I has three 25-MW conventional sets and Super Bissorte consists of four reversible groups and a single 150-MW machine. Super Bissorte was fully commissioned in 1986.

Photograph by dwg (Panoramio)
Posted 17 Jul 2010

Coo-Trois Ponts
Location: Belgium
Operator: Electrabel SA
Configuration: 3 X 145 MW, 3 X 210 MW FPT
Operation: 1969-1978
T/G supplier: Allis Chalmers, Voith, Cockerill, Alsthom
EPC: Coyne et Bellier
Quick facts: This plant near Ambleve utilizes two upper basins on Mont de Brume and a lower reservoir built on the Coo giving an effective heed of about 275m. The four first-phase units use one upper reservoir and a second phase was added when the second upper basin was built.

Photograph courtesy of Electrabel
Re-posted 15 Mar 2013

Location: France
Operator: Electricite de France
Configuration: 4 X 20 MW FPT
Operation: 1933
T/G supplier: Sulzer Escher Wyss, Alsthom
Quick facts: This was the first pumped-storage plant in France and uses two natural lakes. Lac-Noir is the lower basin and the plant uses Lac-Blanc as the upper reservoir, giving a head of just over 100m. The scheme was designed by René Koechlin and was taken over by EDF in 1946. Lac-Noir was modernized over a 10yr period beginning in 1990.

Photograph by Lionel Rich (wikimedia)
Posted 20 Apr 2008

La Plate Taille
Location: Belgium
Operator: Service Public de Wallonie
Configuration: 4 X 36 MW FPT
Operation: 1981
T/G supplier: Sulzer Escher Wyss, Alsthom
Quick facts: The regional Direction générale des Voies hydrauliques began development of the dams forming Lac de la Plate Taille (dam shown) and Lac de l'Eae d'Heure in 1964 as part of a large-scale effort enhance the supply of potable and industrial water The projects were approved 5yrs later. In 1973, a contract was signed between the Ministry of Public Works and the Société pour la Coordination de la Production et du Transport de l'Electricité (CPTE) to build a PSP on the two lakes that would be available as a reserve unit. Full capacity of the power station was reached on 4 Feb 1980. The T/G sets and control systems.were progressively modernized from 1997-2000. The 107m observation tower is a unique feature giving an overview of the complex.

Photograph courtesy of www.lechemindeleaudheure.be
Posted 15 Mar 2013

Location: France
Operator: Electricite de France
Configuration: 4 X 200 MW FPT
Operation: 1974
T/G supplier: Neyrpic, Alsthom-Jeumont
Quick facts: This was the first major PSP in France and is in the Ardennes 180km north of Paris. The average head is 230m and water is delivered from the upper reservoir via a 9m tunnel bifucating into two 7m tunnels and then to four 3.5m tunnels leading to the turbine sets. The lower reservoir was formed by a 35m embankment dam across the La Faux River, a tributary of the Meuse. Revin is controlled from the EDF station at Nancy.

Photograph courtesy of Electricite de France
Posted 21 Apr 2010


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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