Power Plants on Postage Stamp - USA
Grand Coulee Dam
This stamp was issued on 15 May 1952 to commemorate initial operations at the Grand Coulee hydroelectric plant. The 6,800-MW power station is the largest in the USA.

Image courtesy of www.whitmanbooks.com
Posted 21 Jun 2008

Hoover Dam
On 30 Sep 1935, President Franklin Roosevelt and Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes came to Black Canyon, Nevada, for the dedication of the Hoover Dam, previously known as Boulder Dam. That same day, this stamp was issued at the Boulder City post office.

Photograph and information courtesy of Boulder City Museum and Historical Association
Posted 2 Jan 2006

Hoover Dam
On 20 Jun 2008, the USPS issued this Hoover Dam Express Mail stamp. The stamp was designed by Carl T Herman of Carlsbad, CA, and artwork was by Dan Cosgrove, Chicago, IL.

Image courtesy of US Postal Service
Posted 21 Jun 2008

Updated 06-Feb-2016