Nuclear Power Plants in Austria, Italy & Switzerland
Location: Switzerland
Operator: NOK
Configuration: 2 X 380 MW PWR
Operation: 1969-1971
Reactor supplier: Westinghouse
T/G supplier: BBC
EPC: Westinghouse
Quick facts: Construction at Beznau begain on 1 Sep 1965. The two-loop units went commercial on 1 Sep 1969 and 1 Dec 1971, respectively. In Mar 2015, Unit-1, by then the oldest operating NPP in the world, was taken offline for renovation and testing. Over 900 cracks or inclusions were found in the RPV and this made a unit re-start much more costly and less likely according to press reports late in 2015.

Photograph courtesy of Axpo
Re-posted 8 Jul 2006

Location: Italy
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 1 X 885 MW BWR
Operation: 1981 (ret 1990)
Reactor supplier: General Electric, Ansaldo
T/G supplier: Ansaldo
EPC: Gibbs & Hill, SOGENE
Quick facts: This BWR 4, Mark II, was the only full-scale nuclear unit ever completed in Italy. Construction started in Jan 1970 and criticality was achieved on 31 Dec 1977. Commercial operation was on 12 Jan 1981. Caorso was closed following a national referendum in 1987. Lifetime generation was 27.7 TWh.

Photograph by Simone Ramella (flickr)
Posted 23 Feb 2008

Location: Italy
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 1 X 160 MW BWR
Operation: 1964 (ret 1982)
Reactor supplier: GE
T/G supplier: ??
Quick facts: On 16 Sep 1959, the World Bank made a loan equivalent to $40mn for the construction of Italy's first nuclear power plant. This financed almost two-thirds of the cost of construction, including civil works, a substation and 100km of transmission line. Societa Elettronucleare Nazionale (SENN) was designated by the Italian government as plant owner and operator. The site is on the Garigliano River, between Rome and Naples. Internuclear Company and Kennedy & Donkin were engineering consultants and GE was the general contractor through its Swiss offices. The 160ft diameter steel sphere served as the pressure vessel. Construction started in Nov 1959 and the unit started-up in Jan 1964. The plant was transferred to Enel in 1966 and operated until 1978 when damage to one of the secondary steam generators forced it offline. Garigliano never restarted.

Photograph courtesy of World Bank
Posted 3 Aug 2008

Location: Switzerland
Operator: Kernkraftwerk Goesgen-Daeniken AG
Configuration: 1 X 1,020 MW PWR
Operation: 1979
Reactor supplier: Siemens
T/G supplier: Siemens
EPC: Siemens, Heitkamp
Quick facts: The final construction permit for Gösgen was issued on 31 October 1972 and construction started the following summer After some last-minute delays, commissioning was authorized on 29 Sep 1979 and the unit went commercial on 1 Nov 1979. The plant has been substantially uprated from its original 970 MW capacity. The site in in Däniken, Solothurn,on the Aar River. KKG is owned by Alpiq (40%), Axpo (25%), the city of Zurich (15%), Centralschweizerischen Kraftwerke (12.5%), and Energie Wasser Bern (7.5%).

Photograph courtesy of Kernkraftwerk Goesgen-Daeniken AG
Posted 19 Mar 2004

Location: Italy
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 1 X 160 MW Magnox
Operation: 1963 (ret 1990)
Reactor supplier: TNPG
T/G supplier: Parsons
EPC: TNPG, Groupe Torno
Quick facts: This shows Eni Director General Enrico Mattei and other officials visiting the Latina site in 1962. The plant was one of two Magnox reactors exported from the UK. Construction started in Oct 1958 and the unit was connected to the grid in May 1963. It was ordered by SIMEA, an ENI subsidiary. The UK Atomic Energy Authority consulted on safety features. Latina was shutdown in Dec 1987 and is being decommissioned by British Nuclear Group and Sogin, the former nuclear division of Enel.

Photograph courtesy of Eni
Posted 3 Aug 2008

Location: Switzerland
Operator: Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
Configuration: 1 X 1,245 MW BWR
Operation: 1984
Reactor supplier: GE
T/G supplier: Stal, BBC
EPC: GE Technical Services Co
Quick facts: KKL has a 24ha site on the Rhine in Leibstadt, canton Aargau. It is the largest generating unit in Switzerland. The plant is owned by AEW Energie (5.4%), Alpiq (27.4%), Alpiq Suisse (5.0%), Axpo Power (22.8%), BKW FMB (9.5%), Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke (13.6%), and Axpo Trading (16.3%).
Production in 2011 was 9,481 GWh. The cooling tower is 144m tall and 120m in diameter at the base. KKL was initially planned in 1973 to be 600 MW but came online at 960 MW. The total investment was SF 4.8bn.

Photograph courtesy of Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
Posted 22 May 2004

Montalto di Castro
Location: Italy
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 2 X 1,020 MW BWR
Operation: n/a
Reactor supplier: Ansaldo, GE
T/G supplier: Tosi
EPC: Gibbs & Hill
Quick facts: These are the uncompleted works for a pair of BWR/6 Mark III reactors. They were developed starting in 1970, the site was selected in 1976, constuction began ca Jul 1982, work stopped in Dec 1987, and the project was terminated at about 70% completion in Jun 1988.

Photograph courtesy of Enel
Posted 18 Jun 2016

Location: Switzerland
Operator: BKW Energie AG
Configuration: 1 X 373 MW BWR
Operation: 1972
Reactor supplier: GE
T/G supplier: BBC
EPC: Brown Boveri, Emch + Berger, General Electric Technical Services Co
Quick facts: This site in Canton Berne was appoved by SFOE on 21 Jul 1965.A partial CP was issued on 21 Mar 1967 and the final CP was received on 7 Mar 1968. Cirticallity was in Mar 1971 but the COD was delayed until 6 Nov 1972 by a fire in the turbine housing. The Type 4 BWR drives two BBC turbosets. Electric output was uprated in 1990. In 2008, KKM set a new production record of 3,088 GWh. In 2016, the plant was connected for 340 days and produced 2,964 .GWhThe plant typically provides about 5% of Swiss electricity. BKW plans to retire the plnt in 2019. In Dec 2016, BKW released a new cost estimate for decomissiong and waste disposal for this NPP. The overall estimated cost now stand at CHF 3.06bn, up 9% from the previous estimate.

Photograph courtesy of BKW AG
Re-posted 15 Aug 2017

Trino Vercellese
Location: Italy
Operator: Enel SpA
Configuration: 1 X 186 MW, 1 X 71 MW PWR
Operation: 1965 (ret 1990)
Reactor supplier: WH
T/G supplier: Tosi, Marelli
EPC: Gibbs & Hill, Italstrade-Recchi
Quick facts: This plant had a four-loop PWR and two T/G sets. It was ordered and installed by Selni (Societa Elettro Nucleare Italiana), a subsidiary of the Edison group. Construction began in Aug 1961 and the plant went online Oct 1964. It was transfered to Enel in 1966. Trino is being decommissioned by Sogin, the former nuclear division of Enel. The 12yr, €234mn process got underway in Oct 2012. About €86mn of preparatory work has already been completed.

Photograph by Al-Pin (flickr)
Posted 3 Aug 2008


Location: Austria
Operator: GKW Tullnerfeld GmbH
Configuration: 1 X 765 MW BWR
Completed: 1978
Reactor supplier: Siemens
T/G supplier: Siemens, Elin
EPC: Siemens, Heitkamp
Quick facts: This plant was completed but never went into operation. Planning started in 1967 and construction began in 1972. The operating company was led by Verbund with a 50% stake and seven Austrian provinces owned shares. Fuel assemblies were delivered in Jan 1978 but a national referendum in Nov 1978 halted commissioning activities. The project, which cost about $1bn, was terminated in 1985.

Photograph courtesy of EVN AG
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