Diesel and Gas-Engine Power Plants in USA - Midwestern
Clark-Floyd Landfill
Location: IN
Operator: Hoosier Energy REC
Configuration: 1 X 1.059-MW engines
Operation: 2007-2009
Fuel: landfill gas
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
Quick facts: This plant is at a 400ac landfill in Clark Co jointly owned by Clark and Floyd counties, which authorized the sale of the landfill gas for the power project. Construction of the plant began in early 2007 and the first two gensets were dedicated on 15 Oct 2007. The project received a $100,000 Alternative Power and Energy Program grant from the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development. The project also received financing from Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREB) under a program authorized by the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

Photograph courtesy of Hoosier Energy REC
Posted 17 Jan 2011

Crave Brothers Farm
Location: WI
Operator: Clear Horizons
Configuration: 1 X 633-kW J312 engine
Operation: 2009
Fuel: biogas
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Clear Horizons
Quick facts: This new installation replaces an older biogas system at a family-run dairy farm and cheese plant. Fuel is produce from an anaerobic digestion facility fed by manure from about 1,000 milk cows and 700 heifers. Electricity is sold to WE Energies.

Photograph courtesy of GE Energy
Posted 26 Jul 2009

DeWitt Energy
Location: IL
Operator: Wabash Valley Power
Configuration: 2 X 1.6-MW 3520C engines
Operation: 2008
Fuel: LFG
T/G supplier: Cat
Quick facts: This project is at the Clinton Landfill. It cost about $4mn. It was developed by Greenfield Energy and sold to Wabash Valley Power in Oct 2014.

Photograph courtesy of Greenfield Energy LLC
Posted 30 Nov 2014

Elk City
Location: NE
Operator: Waste Management Inc
Configuration: 8 X 800-kW G3516 engines
Operation: 2002-2006
Fuel: landfill gas
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: LFG Technologies
Quick facts: This plant is owned by Omaha Public Power District. Gov Mike Johanns dedicated the first $4mn phase in May 2002.

Photograph courtesy of Omaha Public Power District
Posted 20 Feb 2011

Location: IL
Operator: Geneva Electric Dept
Configuration: 5 X 5.9-MW G16CM34 engines
Operation: 2005
Fuel: natural gas, oil
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: Caterpillar, Industrial Technology Group Inc
Quick facts: HWS Energy Partners LLC developed the project with the City of Geneva. Use of these new medium-speed engines is expected to save the City of Geneva as much as $200mn over the next 40yrs. Caterpillar also provided generator paralleling switchgear, power distribution switchgear, power plant control systems, and a PowerLynx generation management system.

Photograph courtesy of Caterpillar
Re-posted 1 Sep 2014

Goodman Enegy Center
Location: KS
Operator: Midwest Energy Inc
Configuration: 9 X 8.4 MW 20V34SG engines
Operation: 2008
Fuel: natural gas
E/G supplier: Wartsila
EPC: Burns & McDonnell
Quick Facts: On 28 Mar 2007, Midwest Energy selected Burns & McDonnell as EPC contractor for this gas-fired peaking plant and the first 6 gensets entered commercial service on 3 June, 2008 after 15mos of construction. The $62mn plan is on a 4.2ac site adjacent to the Knoll Substation. The plant is named for Jack Goodman, general manager of Midwest Energy and its predecessor company, Central Kansas Electric Cooperative, from 1951 to 1992.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 20 Sep 2009

Location: KY
Operator: Jackson Energy Coop
Configuration: 1 X 380-kW engines
Operation: 2011
Fuel: natural gas
E/G supplier: Waukesha
EPC: Wellhead Energy Systems
Quick Facts: This is the launch installation of a new-design gas engine package designed to take advantage of stranded natrual gas assets while at the same time providing distributed grid power. The first GridFox™ station became operational in May 2011 and supplies the Jackson Energyservice territory in Estill, Jackson, Rockcastle, Laurel, Clay, Owsley and Lee counties. The package includes gas cleaning and compression equipment. as wwell as the genset.

Photograph courtesy of Wellhead Energy Systems
Posted 9 Oct 2011

Riley Street
Location: MI
Operator: Zeeland Board of Public Works
Configuration: 5 X 2.4 MW 3520 engines
Operation: 2006
Fuel: natural gas
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: Elzinga & Volker
Quick Facts: This new facility cost $4.45mn and will provide standby, peak shaving, and emergency back-up power supply to the northern portion of the ZPW service area.

Photograph courtesy of Zeeland Board of Public Works
Posted 22 Nov 2006

Rolling Meadows
Location: KS
Operator: Waste Management Inc
Configuration: 7 X 860-kW 3516 engines
Operation: 2010
Fuel: LFG
T/G supplier: Cat
Quick facts: This plant is at the Rolling Meadows Landfil in North Topeka. Westar has a PPA with WM for plant output.

Photograph courtesy of Westar Energy Inc
Posted 1 Sep 2014

South Plant
Location: IA
Operator: Waverly Light & Power
Configuration: 6 X 1-MW 3516B engines
Operation: 2000
Fuel: oil
E/G supplier: Caterpillar, Kato

Photograph courtesy of Waverly Light & Power
Posted 2 Jun 2001

University of Iowa Research Park
Location: IA
Operator: University of Iowa
Configuration: 2 X 1.4-MW J420 engines CHP
Operation: 2012
Fuel: landfill gas, natural gas
E/G supplier: Jenbacher
EPC: Stanley Consultants, Tricon Construction
Quick facts: This campus power plant can apable of powering all the campus facilities at peak output. The gensets are designed to operate primarily on landfill gas when a 6mi pipeline from the Iowa City Landfill is completed. They can automatically switch to pipeline gas if the amount of LFG is insufficient.

Photograph courtesy of Power
Posted 13 Oct 2012

Valley Queen
Location: SD
Operator: Valley Queen Cheese Factory Inc
Configuration: 3 X 1.5 MW
Operation: 2002
Fuel: oil
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
Quick facts: Valley Cheese was founded in 1929. DTS supplied the custom enclosures for the gensets.

Photograph courtesy of DTS Inc
Posted 28 Feb 2007

Winona State
Location: MN
Operator: Winona State University
Configuration: 3 X 1.825 MW 3516 engines
Operation: 2002
Fuel: diesel oil
E/G supplier: Caterpillar
EPC: Sebesta Blomberg
Quick facts: This installation was completed after an evaluation of various prime power and backup power options for this campus located on an island between the Mississippi River and Lake Winona.

Photograph courtesy of DTS Inc
Posted 3 Mar 2007


Data: industcards, Platts UDI World Electric Power Plants Data Base

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